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  • I stole the Crown; again
    @kathy is going to hate me
  • Anyway, reports from the Penarth Times are incorrect
    The Bunnyman is alive and well (ish) having booked Tenerife, Amsterdam and Calpe
    If you love Spain, just book Calpe
    It’s excellent
    The further you walk, up the hill, along the front to the fishing harbour, the drinks get cheaper, the food better
  • If it hits 40°c again this summer I'll book a family holiday in Antarctica. (Making sure frying pans are safely locked away.)
  • Glad I've cheered the Bunnies.
    Get well soon and enjoy
  • Hey @hunnybunny I'm sending this in the post to Mr Bunnyman.
  • So big it needed it's own post. Thing about covid is you get to watch a lot of telly. Recommend The Duke, Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren excellent. Set in Benwell, God's own country.
    Just for you @desperatedan Mayflies great story but the soundtrack is a killer, 80's Manchester need I say more?
  • "You'd lose ya balls if they weren't in a bag!"
  • Tearing her tights off with my teeth..
  • One of life's little pleasures.
  • Forced to watch Top Gun followed by Maverick with my fellow covidee wife. To be fair Tom's teeth have improved and he looks younger now. Also to be fair my wife's symptoms are worse than mine. Think she might have man flu.
  • Hey @desperatedan you fallen asleep in the lounge again? Putting this on the jukebox to wake you up.
  • Not happy. Monster score on today's Challenge and I can't upload proof to get puppy, the website just says it is unable to process request. I have tried on both phone and PC. Is it just me or is there a problem?
  • Also, what's going on with the Challenge awards? Last updated in November. I was hoping for my Hollydog sometime. Or am I just impatient?
  • Gah, as @brianN would no doubt say.
  • I think you mean Gaaaaaahhhhhh! Anyways how on earth did you break 54k twice on this level. Been squeezing the pips out of it and can't get 53k.

    Managed a puppy the other day and album link was working fine. I think you get quite a bit of leeway as to posting proof because issues like those do crop up.

    As for your Holly dog I find asking the amazingly talented owlish one very nicely works. She gets things done.
  • Yes, it's odd. I couldn't get 53k either. My best score after the two high ones was 52k something. I haven't a clue where 54k came from. Twice in 5 minutes.
  • @DesperateDan I requested your Hollydog badge.
    The Underdog spreadsheet doesn't get updated with the Hollydogs but I've added the most recent ones.

    Did you try messaging @sweetp directly about the photo you can't upload? Maybe you can email it to her or something?
  • Take a photo of ur screenshot and send it through the post(hoping they're not on strike) adressed @sweetp, Wyoming. I'm sure it'll get there.

    After an all inclusive holiday followed by the festive season I need to on a diet. Think I'll try the Butterfield diet plan. @karen68 look away now, hoisin crispy owl is on the menu.
  • Any petrol heads?
    Just sold two Mercs (mine old, fab, beloved. His new, poor quality build, unloved)
    And bought a Porsche
  • I’m on that Butterfield diet immediately
    In between dinner mints…
  • @desperatedan I’ve just had the notification
    You have your missing Hollydog!
  • Awesome diet, minus the owl. Like the sound of the bonbonbonbons.

    @hunnybunny you sold your car! I thought you loved it. Or just time to upgrade!
  • Must admit the Lambo looks out of place in Brechin. Can't get a roof rack for it either.

    It's not just a dog @desperatedan, it's years of blood, sweat and tears. Congratulations
  • So woke up this morning and checked the phone as you do and 2 notifications fron the nest. 1 to say @juangim scored over 68k on yesterday's challenge. Must have been a literal roll over jackpot. Don't mind that, good on him, he beat Asher.
    Not so happy with notification no. 2.Someone called Mr Strats has nicked one of my few trophies Arctic Eggspedition 1-19 to be specific. Ironically he hasn't left his stategy.
  • @BrianN can get you one for £599. Ok £100 up on ebay but a swift delivery to the trossachs can be painfully sore.
  • Mine's a coupe.
  • Had your problem in reverse today @desperatedan. Nice little puppy score.Loaded the screenshot to the walk through page successfully but the leaderboard won't let me upload my score. Left a note for admin. Maybe you can take a look @karen68 if you're swooping by!
    The NFL playoffs begin next weekend, is it too early to get excited about The Superb Owl?
  • Thanks to all for sorting and congratulating on Hollydog
    Finally uploaded my proof of Cosmic Crystals puppy. Took a screen shot of a PNG which was itself a screenshot. Bit weird.
  • Would have bought the Lamborghini, but The Bunnyman has no chance whatsoever of getting in and out it!
    Currently ploughing my way thru Space Mirror Worlds, which is fun and excruciating at the same time
  • In space on one hears you scream.
  • Hey @sweetp thanks again for your helpful suggestions re Easter Eggs 1-6.Did you notice someone who apparently hasn't been active for years put in a score 2k above mine without any verification? (@tburnside)Did suggest he put in score screenshot and strategy in walk through comments but no word yet. Is it worth checking out? I must declare self interest as but for his score I'd be holding the trophy.
    While on the subject are you aware of @stratto52? He beat my top score on Arctic Eggspedition 1-19 a few days ago only by a few hundred points so probably legit. Again asked for proof of score but no reply as yet. Just wondered if any of you guys know these flingers?
  • @comex666 has gone 8 weeks without a puppy. Not sure it's safe to go out.
  • Wonder if he's disabled the Challenge page in a fit of pique? Or can you guys access daily challenge? Mind you with 500 of the little beggars he can afford to be magnanimous.
  • Yes, the Challenge page seems to be on a trip to Rio again.
  • Watched Spike Island earlier t'was a canny little film. Basically a coming of age movie about 5 teenage schoolboys set against the backdrop of the iconic Stone Roses gig at Spike Island.
    Funny and sad at the same time. They used to play together as a band and after one shambolic rehearsal one of them said:"That was shite, we sounded like the effin' Fall".
    Made me laugh having seen some shambolic Fall live performances. However.. FYI... No one sounds like The effin' Fall.. except The Fall...
  • Thanks for the bread crumbs @BrianN! Scores will be removed.
  • Sorry @sweetp was that all a little bit vague? Left you a large slice of French toast on AE-1-9 as stratto has put his score back. x
  • Great flinging today @hunnybunny, @catsnbirds. Have to admit Marie Hamtoinette is my bete noire (aren't the French racist.?) nemesis... kryptonite... anathema... my Jurassic Pork... bugaboooooo... Yeah alright I have a hate hate relationship with it. Stinking poopy French aristocracy.
  • Glad she got her head chopped off. Now I've got that out of my system have you heard from ur old pal @tompuss lately CnB? I remember you saying she was like a ferral cat turning up when she feels like it.Missing her wild dance videos.
    Speaking of ferral cats how are you @kathy. Hopefully you're out of hospital now and back in your bijou Hull appartment. Hope you are well.
  • Hey @ixan57 with all these hedges you must be brill at M Hamtoinette.
  • Devastated
    Ken Bruce to leave BBC Radio2
    Might have to do something worthwhile in the mornings now…
  • Woman's Hour, Radio 4? Know your place!
    (ducks behind sofa)
    I'm surprised they're allowed to still call it that.
  • @briann, @desperatedan, @hunnybunny and anyone else
    I guess I'm really losing my patience. I just deleted a couple of profiles that weren't following the rules for top scores. Can't deal with such nonsense any longer.
    If you come across more troublesome people just send me a PM and I'll take care of it. Thank you!
  • @desperatedan Mr Bunny never ducks behind the sofa, but runs like F**k when I start sharpening knives
  • @hunnybunny I think you scared the BP regulars away when you talked about sharpening the knives…
  • @carsnbirds?
    Sounds like a boy racer.
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