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  • Our local police chief does a talk on heroine. So no one understands a word of it.
  • If @kathy was here she'd accuse me of stealing the crown.They said the same about Charles.
  • I would go "wow" if that was a football score. I haven't got a clue about RL. To me, Wigan means George Orwell and Northern Soul. Leeds means the hateful Don Revie.
    Come on, I waited a week. And I liked the queen.
  • Not hated by Leeds fans of course as all but one of their major trophies were won under his stewardship including the only wins in FA and league cups. Bringing back bad memories for @desperatedan. Yes it was 1-0,but not to the Arsenal. Goals by Cooper and Clarke. Alas not John.
  • @DesperateDan loads of ads just to hear The Smiths
    Luckily I wasn’t feeling too suicidal
  • Stop me if you've heard this one before.
  • I would put up with any amount of ads to hear The Smiths @hunnybunny. What's wrong with you?
  • I was tempted to play God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols but I think she's beyond that now.
  • I'm off to bed but before I go this is for you Dan.
  • Well, if you like The Smiths, you must like The Cure

  • Oops, I upset someone today
    My lovely French Boy, who manages our local pub, is 27 years younger than me.
    We outrageously flirt, and hug, and kiss.
    Nothing naughty, unfortunately
    Just got caught by his wife.
    They got married exactly 30 days ago…
  • Yep and I love cats as well, though not a fan of those poor stuffed moggies in the video. Seems like you're a bit of a cougar yourself @hunnybunny.
  • Hey @karen68 still beavering away on SP-10.Your score proving elusive, only @asher is close. Noticed on your high score screenshot that your previous high was 148k(which I'm in touch with). Can you recall anything about your super duper score?Think technically your strat is best but keeps bringing the glitch into play. Have also tried @angrychicken suggestions. Mid 140's so far. If I concede 20k to you on this one I shall be conceding 2nd place. Noticed you're also top dog on 11.Gulp!
  • @hunnybunny what sad news, your beloved French boy is married!

    @BrianN SP 1-10 was a long time ago! I remember it was one of those levels I played to death to get that score, it was one of those that I was unfortunately obsessed with.
    I wish I could help more beyond what I posted but my memory is giving me nothing.
    There were several levels in SP that started giving more points way back & I played them a lot.
    Good luck! :)
  • Merci beaucoup madame as they say in Quebec. I think I've worked out the broader problem @karen68... You're much better than me.
  • Apparently 23% of all people surveyed said they won't be putting the heating on this winter. Not sure their wives will allow that.
  • Ah well pointless is now pointless. More like a struggling pub quiz. Bet @BrianN would bring higher ratings. First pointless question please Brian
  • Well @ixan57 if I gave you a pointless question it certainly wouldn't be my first.
  • @ixan57 House of Games is still good fun
    @BrianN @Karen68 is better than all of us…
  • @HunnyBunny a get out for your French boy: YOU STUPID WOMAN can't you see i was only trying to get the recipe for a Welsh rarebit from this poor girl.
    I shall piss ouf noo
  • A euphemism if I ever heard one.
  • Anyway, I'm sure you would rather hear about my exploits in ABO. There I am, minding my own business, slowly chugging up to third place when what should happen, just as I was about to overtake @dfish, @hallieginSB comes flying past on the back of a load of Classic scores. So I am (temporarily) back to 5th place. I'm actually not too bothered as I think there is a limit on how much further they can improve which I will be able to eventually reach. We have been conversing about it and it's all fine. I'm interested to see how much benefit Classic can give. Looks like it could be as much as 400k for a top flinger.
  • But slow going now as I am having to resort to airplane mode to get into Piggy Farm and the hated Jurassic Pork.
  • Yes I had the Sheriff call this morning courtesy of @hallieginsb in Ham 'em High. If Classic scores are allowed on the leaderboard then as you say, it's all fine.

    Seasons has started disappearing now a la ABO. Wonder if Rovio are planning a Seasons Classic?
  • @Karen68 my lovely French Toyboy was married in Poland - the Bride is Polish - last night they had their home coming wedding party
    Kasia, the wife, introduced me to her sister “This is my husband’s other wife”
    What a sense of humour!
  • Are you sure it's not just a ruse conjured up by Frenchy to stop you pouncing on him @hunnybunny?

    Anyways did I ever mention that I hate working on Saturday? Has it's perks just saw the first of the season's geese flying over as they head to Montrose basin. Think they arrived from Canada as I heard one of them say they knew an owl who smashed it in Summer Pignic.

    Speaking of which, never mind @hallieginsb nicking my trophy the other day just nicked one off @asher tonight. Still way behind @karen68. However...
  • Did we decide whether @hallieginSB was he or she? It's a bit awkward asking.
  • Crawled over the line into 4th (3rd really) place in ABO. I am hoping @dfish hasn't noticed.
  • @DesperateDan Go to community, all members and hallieginSB and you’ll discover a female flinger who lives in Santa Barbara! (Coincidentally my first name! No, not Santa.)
  • Hey up Babs how's it going? Is your middle name Santa? Or Satan? Nice to see you dragged out of the lounge. Yes @desperatedan I can confirm @hallieginsb is a she, we had some back and forth on a forum about Seasonstraum a while back. All round good egg.
  • Thanks @catsnbirds. I can't access the part of the site you suggest. The links don't work. But not to worry.
  • @desparatedan if you want to make full use of the drop down menus for this site using android go to the 3 vertical dots top right of screen and scroll down until you see desktop, tick this and refresh the nest site and you should be able to access the menus.
    Then only use this tab for the nest.
    Open another tab for your other business as this will not be on desktop.
    Switch between both tabs for your requirements
  • @BrianN Hey! How did you know my nickname from my 20’s!?!
  • @catsnbirds was that Babs or Satan?
  • Almost October. Sigh. B****y supermarket already stacked high with Xmas produce. Might as well start the Hollydogs now.
  • Hey @catsnbirds you're into sci-fi fantasy have you been watching Lord of the Rings prequel on Amazon Prime? Said to be the most expensive tv show ever made. Must admit I'm hooked. Very rude of @desperatedan to interrupt our scintillating and fast moving conversation.

    @desperatedan if that supermarket was in Penarth I think that's last year's Xmas stock.
  • @BrianN I’ve watched the first episode (after rereading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, of course). Decided I should try to crack The Silmarillion to get background on the settings and characters. Well, I made it through some of the appendices, but then gave up. Do intend to start over and get into some binge watching. (Aren’t you glad you asked!)
  • @catsnbirds, I like the throwaway comment about rereading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings just to watch that episode. Like that's a couple of hour's job. But perhaps you are a speed reader. Perhaps there are many things we don't know about you...
  • I read those books when I was younger and it did take more than a few hours. I also remember that awful band from the 80's Marillion. What have they got to do withTolkien? Though their lead singer does look a bit like an Orc. Very Fishy.
  • Yes, I read. A lot. Always have. Some people read to help them fall asleep. It works the opposite for me. Just last week I was going to read one more chapter before putting the book aside and going to bed. Next thing I knew I was finished with the book and it was 4:30 am. Hurray for the freedom of retirement!
  • @BrianN I had to google to find out what Marillion is. Guess they started out as Silmarillion and deleted a syllable when one of the members left. And they are still together and active! Must have been a serious Tolkien fan involved. Wonder if they had any trademark issues…
  • Marillion were always the poor man's Genesis as far as I remember. Prog Genesis, not pop Genesis that is.
  • Beware any band that comes up with an 8 min single and has an album called 'Script for a jester's tear.'
  • Well @karen68 I must admit I found Summer Pignic a real slog but did finally crawl past your score by a few k into second place. Quite sure you could easily take it back. Much more pleasing was nicking 3 of @asher 's trophies. He'll be hopping mad as 3 sheriffs have been knocking on his underground bunker door. Also got one of @meanguy. Think I'll post that one at 2:57 am.
  • @BrianN your deputy here well done. Watch out asher last seen heading north.
  • @BrianN haha is that a challenge? :)
    Haven't played SP in quite a while, maybe I'll revisit...
    Congrats on the great scores!
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