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  • Had an excellent minibreak visiting the folks. Spoilt in the end by a 3hour visit to IKEA. It's a grim maze that has furniture in it and you can't escape.
  • I did eventually stagger into the oasis that is the café (centre of the maze). Meatballs and Klingonberry sauce everywhere. Live long and prosper my friends. Though I feel my lifespan has shortened.
  • @tompuss I got it, but was too late to the party!
  • Ikea. People go there just to have breakfast. They probably don't know it sells furniture.
  • And Wetherspoons
    If you are over eighty you just sit there having free tea
    All day
    No idea they sell cheap beer
  • I see the last original cast member of The Archers is retiring at 103.I don't know, it us3d to be a job for life.
  • So what do you call a jazz loving religionist with a criminal record?
  • My parents got married on the day in 1955 when Grace Archer perished in a fire. 20 million tuned in, it was massive, even bigger than ITV launching. No need to Google, just trust me. Over 50 years later it was still voted one of the most dramatic scenes ever.
  • [email protected] enjoying The Hundred? It's Snaktastic© Lidl.
    KP v McCoy's
    Pop-chips v Tyrells
    Pom-bears v Hula Hoops
    If Hanse Cronje was still with us he'd surely captain the Cheetos.
    I'm compiling a crisp based snack eleven mainly for my own amusement but feel free to plug any gaps.
    1 Phil Salt
    3 KP(Kevin Peterson of course)
    4 Alan Lamb
    6 Beefy (no introduction required)
    7 Phil Mustard (wk)
    8 Derek Pringle
    9 Graeme Onions
    10 Alex Tudor (remember Tudor crisps? Why aye man!)

    All matches played at Worcestershire County Ground.
  • Missed someone really obvious to open the batting with Phil Salt-
    Michael Pepper! (he does normally come in at 3 but that's being picky)
  • Max Walker at 11 surely
  • Graeme Smith could open. It would be Salt and Shake.
  • Obed McCoy!
  • My friend had a dog called Obed.
  • Good shouts @desperatedan, I did think of Walker and McCoy but not one of the greatest openers of all time Smith. I do like Salt and Pepper tho.
    Twelfth man the South African Bob Crisp.

    Skips v Butterkist!? Now I'm confused.
  • For all the oldies and getting there. Only 3 shops you need visit. Specsavers, boots and Greggs.

    Specs, drugs and sausage roll
  • You wake up from a coma and that's the first thing you say?

    Actually we visited Newcastle city last week and Primark were promoting a clothes promotion with Greggs. My daughter was spitting feathers when we didn't have time to wait in the queue. It was my turn the next day when she showed me said items being sold for 5 times the value on ebay. Beanie anyone?
  • Felonious Monk in case anyone's interested.
    Bit niche that one.
  • Can of Kestrel lager for anyone who can name either of the 2 players to have scored a hundred and taken 5 wickets in an innings in the same one day international. (It has been done by a lower tier player and a woman. Obviously neither of those count.)
  • @hunnybunny Haha I knew you’d get it! One of your two favourite books and films!

    @BrianN 3 hours in Ikea, what are you, a masochist?
    As for assembling those flat-packs at home, nightmare.

    TV series question: What is Columbo’s first name?

  • No my wife's a sadist.

    You wouldn't want to play poker with that guy.
  • I seem to remember Columbo's first name was Lieutenant.
  • Was it Christopher?
  • @BrianN I read somewhere that in an early episode Columbo shows his police ID card and his first name is visible for a split second.

    It is Frank.

    And of course his dog’s name is Dog!
  • Frank Columbo, Frank Cannon, Frank Burnside...could we get a detective 11 all called Frank?

    Frankly, no!
  • The wonderful Frank Drebin... "Strrrrrriiiikkkeeee!!"

    Anyone remember Frank Marker?

    Think we've got a five-a-side team @desperatedan.
  • Frank Cannon in goal obviously. Can't get the Public Eye theme tune out of my head(your fault @desperatedan).

    Most famous Frank? Never mind Sinatra it's clearly Sidebottom. Quintessentially English.
  • Hey @tompuss in a couple of days time I reckon @hunnybunny will turn up and say "I knew Colombo's first name was Frank."

    Posts not involving the name Frank are acceptable.
  • What's the connection between Chris Sievey and Michael Fassbender?
  • Still a can of Kestrel lager on offer for anyone guessing my cricket teaser(no expense spared). One was an England all rounder the other a Windies batsman who bowled a bit. I think this is mainly for you @desperatedan. If you don't like lager a pint of Watney's Red Barrel awaits.
  • Hi @hunnybunny so apart from Day of the Jackel what's the other book you've read?
  • How good are you guys at Rubick’s Cube?
  • @brianN guessing Ian Botham and Viv Richards
  • Mr Bunny will take the Watneys red barrel, he’s shit at drinking…
  • Ben Mee stretch me anyway you want me. I do love it when Man Utd get a tonking. Schadenfreude all round OB.

    Except for Mr Bunny, he's on half a Watney's Red. You're still missing one Mrs H. Sir Viv was correct.
  • There are obvious guesses like Flintoff. And then everybody else. But I don't want the Kestral or the Red Barrel. How about a Double Diamond? Or a Party Seven? The nadir of brewing. Fun fact: CAMRA was founded in pub just next to my school in the 1970s.
  • Oh well, that's not quite what Wikipedia says. Its first headquarters were near my school.
  • Another fun fact: My school was founded in 948. One of the cross-country reports in the school magazine started off somewhat presumptuously with the words "boys have been running at St Albans School for over one thousand years..."
  • Always knew you were old school @desperatedan.

    Surprisingly Paul Collingwood. Very old school.
  • Ah, The Party Seven!
    My mother bought us one for Christmas many years ago
    It sat in the cupboard for years
    Decided to chuck it
    Mr HB thought it was a good idea to empty it first. It exploded, cheap crappy beer everywhere…
  • Anybody want water, come to the west of Scotland
  • Say it quietly @ixan57, we don't want the English nicking it.
  • You have to go some way to beat supermarket own brand beers for vileness. Brewed in urinals I believe.
  • Plenty of rain here in Bangor. Anyway, @ixan57, I thought Scottish water was whisky.
  • Raining here at last! What a relief!

    Czech and Belgian beers are great too! Visited an abbey in Belgium, tasted many, a grand day out. Ditto in Prague. Pilsen is a Czech town.
    And love Kriek cherry beer. Don’t miss the Mort Subite pub in Brussels!
  • Mort Subite sounds like something to do with dying @tompuss.
  • And quickly. Presumably with a glass of top beer in one's hand. Might avoid paying for it.
  • @hunnybunny, all the disasters in your household seem to have something to do with Mr Bunny. I can relate to that.
  • @DesperateDan Mort Subite is the name of a dice or card game played in that pub.
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