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  • Not as much as my father in law he was up at Stonehenge. I've mentioned him before, he's the one who dons fishnets and high heels whenever the Rocky Horror show rolls into town(and other occasions no doubt). I've seen photos and trust me those legs are their own horror show.
  • @Kathy get back here, they are running amok.
  • The two blackbird chicks that fledged and survived (one male, one female) are frequently visiting our garden, much to Twiggy's ire. But she hates pigeons more.
  • Twiggy and I are aligned on that one. (Pigeons that is). We have regular visits from a male and female blackbird and they put in a long shift from first light till nightfall which at this time of year is an 18hr day.

    Yes @kathy come run amok with us, I reckon your legs would look great in fishnets and heels. Much better than @ixan57 's anyway.
  • This heat is driving me bonkers and Summer has hardly started. Am in meltdown mode. Could drink a horse. Hey @desperatedan is that 1/2 a heavy still there or has Hanksy nicked it?
  • It's evaporated down to a quarter.
    Anyway, I thought in your profession pigeons were your friend @brianN, surely generating new business.
  • The weather here generates it's own business so pigeon poo is yet another reason to hate those winged vermin @desperatedan.
  • "The bowler's Holding. The batsman's Willey."
  • That was premeditated. It just took a long time to happen. Non UK patrons can look away now.
  • Great when it did though.
  • Lillee ct Dilley b Willey. Pretty sure that wasn't premeditated.
  • Wow. Hope I look like that at 80.
    "Na na na na na na na hey Jude"
  • I think you are missing a na na.
  • Really enjoyed that. Good stuff from Abbey Road. But I'm afraid I have never really got Springsteen.
  • A deathly hush descends Stateside. First he doesn't get The Killers now it's The Boss is he having some kind of mental breakdown?
    Nah, I never was into Springsteen he gave his best song to Patti Smith, knocked out a few good tunes but kinda passed me by.

    On the subject of rock icons you just don't get who doesn't float your boat? Come on fess up. One of mine is probably the biggest there is... Elvis Presley.. Uh huh huh.
  • Big fan of Dave Grohl though. Nice to see him back in the saddle.
  • Well @BrianN , I have to agree with you on Elvis. Didn’t understand the attraction of his music and especially of all the movies. I was in junior high when The Beatles appeared, so became quite caught up with them! Three friends and I played imaginary instruments while signing along to the records (I was Paul). Now … Maroon5!

    And today is the start of Wimbledon.
  • The Emma and Andy show on Monday. Pushed the main BBC news back 15 minutes.
  • No time for Presley but you have to realise the vacuum he filled in the mid 1950s. I really don't get Coldplay apart from a couple of tracks. Ed Sheeran's popularity flummoxes me. He's obviously talented but if he is the best around then it's a bit depressing. Billy Eilish is impressive though. I like unpredictability and variation.
  • You'd think with all that money Elvis could've afforded a house cleaner.
  • Emma won't be holding up the news today. Heh heh.
  • See that the Scot Murray couldn't hold up the news either.
  • He couldn't hold up his racket.
  • Don't make me bring out the tumbleweed video. Here's an Elvis I have lot of time for.
  • Here's one for our American friends.
  • Waiting in for the heating engineer so indulging in a little Seasons.
    I know you're all dying to find out how I got on with my quest to regain lost progress. Never heard back from Rovio or Facebook. (Quel surprise) So have gone back to ground zero and have to 3* all levels available using adverts to get triple coin value in order to unlock rest of levels. Not sure if it's possible to get all of the birdwear just by carrying out quests. Have a feeling some dark arts will be at work if I get close.
  • Worked out I need 6240 coins to unlock S Hamerica to Greedings. 3000 and counting. Any spare coins will be used for speeding up the daily quests in the hopes I can foil the Rovio black magic preventing me from gaining my beautiful birdy hats. Anyway consider yourselves updated.
  • Went to see new Jurassic Park movie with kids yesterday. Dinosaurs snacking on bad guys never gets old. Still waiting for engineer. Tablet battery fried bringing temporary halt to my assault on Seasons.
  • @BrianN it’s too bad we can’t transfer coins to other players. I have over 50k coins & have no use for them.
  • How did you get so many coins @karen68? Not using a modded app I trust.
    On the subject, do you know why scores from modded apps not allowed on challenge? Do they change how ame is played?
  • @BrianN no modded app. I just collected them when they were first introduced & never spent them. Never needed to spend them to open episodes or anything.

    I don’t know too much about modded apps, if they change gameplay or give an advantage somehow?
  • Still recovering from another onslaught from the Killers. Don't expect any posts for a while.
  • Although no one is mentioning it (apart from @karen68) it's ok, I realise it's a tense silence. Can @briann beat Rovio at it's own game? Like watching Norrie take on Djokovic (if he's Scottish I'll eat my tam o' shanter)... er... Norrie that is. Just remember David took out Goliath with a sling shot so fear not I shall keep you regularly posted as to my coin quest Conquest and my quest quest.
  • Norrie has a Scottish parent does he not? And a Welsh one. But if he wins he is British (via South Africa, New Zealand, USA etc).
  • Has the Challenge page malfunctioned? How come @grannyann is listed as most improved for a score that was posted 4 years ago?
  • Thought you weren't posting for a while? Anyways since you're here keeping an eye on Tour this year? Just time for a few potted highlights though I may try and wangle a day off when they head up to l'alpe d'Huez, always a corker. Padocar looks in good shape, he could even get close to some of Merckx all round records. All he's missing is The Cannibal's appetite for sprint points. Shame Cav didn't get a ride this year time running out if he's to make record for stage wins his own.

    But more importantly :Seasons update-- Access all levels. Back down to 14 coins. Bandits.
    Wake up at the back there @ixan57!
  • @BrianN knackered after the tumbleweed jumping championships
  • Gutted for Cav. Even worse if his "replacement" doesn't deliver. I think this year was his last chance.
  • You don't want tumbleweed up your kilt.
  • Hey squirrel lady, I've had a word with the Wimbledon organising committee to see if they'll put matches on at Michigan mean time a more suitable time for American viewers. Means I won't have to watch it or have it interrupt the news.
    Which is much more entertaining observing the backstabbing scramblers in the Tory party trying to decide which feckless idiot should replace the ousted one.
  • The BP is back up!!! It’s been a long three days without a chance to hang out in my lurker’s booth.
    Squirrel lady? Is that me? Have I admitted in the past to having a squirrel feeder and keeping it filled? Shared photos of my cats and squirrels coexisting with me on the patio? Well, okay, it’s accurate.
    Nice of you guys over the pond to share some of the craziness that is the news with us. Not to mention …..
    Wimbledon is easier to watch live that the Australian Open. Good thing I’m retired and am free to watch whenever I want. Was really pulling for Norrie this year.
  • Ah normal service resumed
  • @BrianN @DeaperateDan wake up guys business as usual.
    Special birthday guest arriving soon
  • Hi guys, it’s my 80th birthday!

    OB, get moving!
  • Bring on the champagne. Enjoy your day Annie
  • Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples. . .
  • Annie! Congratulations on the special birthday ( not that they aren’t all special ;-) ). I’m sure OB is ready and alert for whatever bar/food service is requested!
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