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  • Oh wait that was Escape to Victory.
  • There's an annoying high pitched whine in my ears. Think that fat lady just started singing.
  • @BrianN step off the dogs tail
  • @DesperateDan how is twiggy getting on with her birds
  • There are rumours of a clump of black feathers and a yellow beak found on @desperatedan's doorstep.
  • Mrs Blackbird still on the eggs. Twiggy still very suspicious that something is hatching. Mr Blackbird seems to have done a bunk.
  • I took Twiggy to the park and played frisbee with her. She was useless. I must get a flatter dog.
  • Did you know Aussies call crocodiles flat dogs? You may need special permission from Derbyshire County Council if you were thinking of getting one.
  • We were quick to blame the Chinese for covid. Will the pc brigade be as quick to blame gay chimps for monkey pox?
  • Staying with our theme I see the animal Olympics are underway. You'll be pleased that hedge hopping has been included for the first time @ixan57. Australia favourite for gold, silver and bronze (darned kangaroos). Here's what can happen if you miss Winter training...
  • @BrianN no competition from the the kangaroos at the moment their to busy.
  • Apparently Yasmin Evans got a new job as a lift attendant. She did not last long, she was not very good.
  • Is that a fact or a joke?
    Not knowing who she is isn't helping.
    Amongst other things.
  • Mr Blackbird has decided to turn up and last and put in some hard yards. Plenty of worms and grubs heading nestwards. Twiggy outraged, sent indoors in disgrace.
  • yasmin evans aka yazz
  • The only way is up for those little fledglings @desperatedan.
  • Hi @karen68 you know how I like shiny things? I realise this is a busy time for owls. Nest buiding, egg laying, rearing chicks so I'll cut you some slack. @sweetp no excuse for you, surely there can't be that much to do in Montanidowa. Are you letting real life get in the way of Nest duties? Tsk tsk.
    Ah just kidding. I put in a request for ultra Sharpshooter badge a while back on level 9 of Seasons Easter Eggs. Wonder if it went under the radar? Maybe should've used the admin tag? Just when you get the chance.
    Hey @karen68 you know how I like shiny things? I finally got a version of Seasons that allowed the unlimited baskets in Ham Dunk 4-2(Hosanna, put out the bunting, let there be Morris dancing etc.) Got it going and put proof of score along with request for Slam Dunk badge.Since I only did it today I'll let you off. Appreciate the work you do.
    Hope you guys are well, you should pop down here more often. It's a little quieter round here since @kathy did a bunk. Either of you guys know how she is?
  • Now if only those meanies would reopen the Anchors Away badge. Oops, did I say that out loud?
  • We have baby blackbirds! Just sitting in the nest with their beaks open. More hungry than Twiggy, if that was possible.
  • Congratulations @DesperateDan maybe twiggy will get all broody.
  • Happy news indeed. Sad news for me. Don't ask me why I did it but I pressed the FB log in button on my main Seasons device, the one with all levels, feathers, birdwear etc. I could only log in as guest and when I went to play all feathers (still have mighty eagle) gone, birdwear gone, all levels from South Hamerica to Trick or Treat locked.
    Is it possible to undo my idiocy? Any helpful comments appreciated. @grammyk if you're still out there HELP!
  • Addendum. Went into FB and for Seasons app it says expired but gives me the option to renew. If I do that willit restore progress up to the last time I was logged in?
  • You need Paul the Octopus.
  • I said any helpful comments would be appreciated. You know full well he's retired.
  • "Retired"
  • I've completely lost the Challenge page. Is it just me?
  • To coin a popular phrase "Me Too".

    How does the personal message thing work in the Nest? Wanted to send @grammyk a message that she would definitely see as she may have some insight into my Seasons problem. Not sure I have it in me to start again from more or less scratch. On the plus side I do have 2 shiny new badges... aaaah my precious. Well deserved.. er... I mean thanks @karen68 & @sweetp. Kiss kiss.
  • @BrianN i think you have to become friends and when accepted then on their profile there is a link to PM
  • Finally someone helpful.
  • Lol, got your message!

    So sorry I’ve neglected the nest.
  • @BrianN please feel free to screenshot my answer to you in the pm and put it here for everyone and save me some typing lol.
  • I hardly play the old games anymore as I’m fully occupied with ab2.

    I still want to preserve them forever though lol. I never played the manual leaderboards here but my scores in the apple Game Center are extremely high and I’m very proud of them as are my son and grandsons.

    I did not originally like the ab2 game when it first came out, then in 2019/2020 played it for about 1.5 years but quit it due to some issues with the game coinciding with some terrible events in my real life.

    I resumed ab2 in February and met a decent guy on the nest and joined his clan. Now I am coleader of the clan and chief strategist lol. Keeps me highly entertained and occupied.
  • Hi @grammyk thanks for dropping by a and I'm glad you've found a home in AB2. One of the few games Rovio still care about.
    My Seasons issue remains unsolved and from what you said in reply to my PM any solution lies in Rovio's hands. I'll wing them an email but don't expect much there. If you've any suggestions happy to hear them.
  • @BrianN let me know if you get a solution i have the problem. Facebook security/browser issue. I have tried several things suggested on forums but nothing worked. Most suggested is contact app provider to update their system.
  • Problem still there @ixan57. Think the crux of the matter is I'm an idiot.
    Was thinking ahead and may get a new device at some point as battery slowly dying on tablet and the only way I know how to save Seasons progress when changing devices is via Facebook. I can't recall logging myself out but realised some time ago that I wasn't logged in. Turns out they logged out. When I tried logging in I just got an error message. Went back to Seasons home page and was given the option to log in as guest which I foolishly did and that's where my problem began. So no access to anything beyond Ham Dunk. Can unlock with coins but would only have enough for 3or4 episodes.
    Asit happens have v 5.1.0 which has all the levels I'm missing on my main device.
    Has anyone tried downloading the complete Seasons version lately? They used to put older episodes on the cloud and you had to manually download them. You can no longer access them as Rovio have pulled support now but I can't remember if they discontinued that feature for the more recent versions.
    Have emailed Rovio & Facebook but expect zero assistance. The only thing I haven't tried yet is to renew my Facebook link via the settings as this may make the situation worse. I won't do anything till I hear back from them. I wondered if renewing the link would bring forward progress to the point when I was last logged in(don't know when that was to be honest). (Apologies if I'm rambling or repeating myself. Ok that's normal for me isn't it?) Or whether it would just keep progress from the point I'm currently at.
    The other odd thing is that on the levels where progress has been preserved the egg levels can't be accessed.(From Ragnahog to Fairy Hogmother-Ski or Squeal to Ham Dunk are ok). The eggs appear on the page but nothing happens when you press them. Also on those same levels the feather bonus are locked. Weird. Now I need to go and lie down.
  • Addendum. It seems as if those missing eggs have reappeared on their relevant levels. Weirder.
  • I too have the games on one old tablet with a dying battery. I’m setting up this tablet for my grandson who has Down syndrome, is 15 now, and has been playing the AB games with me since he was three! I open up the levels for him as he is not able to pass many himself. In ab2 he loves the humour, the shooting pigs, the explosions etc. I had hoped to preserve my old games for him on this old tablet but unfortunately not. So I’m whipping through the new RC:AB and ab2 for him instead. Ab2 he will play offline only, map levels and buying hats and dressing his birds which he loves. So I’m playing that game to set him up with a couple hundred levels to explore and a lot of pearls to buy hats. My son is going to get a new battery for the device.
  • Also, when a game company decides to use the save feature in Facebook, they likely also lose control of the data and may actually even be unable to help us with that data even if they wanted to.

    I have lost Stella to Facebook, and original to Rovio cloud. The others, thankfully, I did not use any of those “features”, preferring to rely on my own backups via Apple. And I don’t play anything on multiple devices and also stick to my iPads for gaming so I do not need those features (thank goodness).
  • Ok I couldn't help myself so I tried the renew button in Facebook settings and although it says 'active' I still get the error message when I try to log in. Can still log iin as guest but am still in same situation.
    What would happen if I uninstalled then reinstalled app? Sensible answers only.
  • Liverpool 0-1Real Madrid. Those posturing pansies have made my miserable weekend complete.
  • Now where's next door's cat?
  • I understood the bit about the football.
  • If you are milling around @brianN, not playing Seasons, tell you what you think of Mine 'n' Dine 17-7. I have thrown the kitchen sink at this one but can't get into the top 200.
  • Milling around! Milling around! How dare you. As it happens I am still playing Seasons but took a break to play MnD 17-7.133520k still not top 20.
    Same 2 basic shots as everyone else. 59k after first shot. Best if the shot isn't too clean. The further to the right the right half collapses the better the score.
    Bird 2 gentle lob accelerate late through the 2 small wood planks. The key to those extra points is to have chuck hang around(or milling around) and act as a roller to push any remaining slabs onto the ground. That's pure luck in my opinion not even Albert Einstein could plan for that but worth a few extra k.
  • Thank you, I will take another look. Top 50 would be nice. Crazy things continue to happen in MnD. On 17-9, in just 5 minutes from starting the level, I beat @asher's top (non-Classic) score twice in two different ways, one 2 bird, one 3 bird. And yet there are 3 levels in MnD where I can't get a sniff of the top 100, despite hours of effort. It must be down to subtle version changes. I remain using ver 6.0.6 which must be quite unusual. Anyway, almost done with MnD, should get very close to 2nd behind @asher, if I exclude someone who has entered a load of Classic scores.
  • Three blackbird chicks, getting bigger and more greedy every day.
  • Challenge page gone on vacation to Rio again.
  • @DesperateDan the leaderboard goes on vacation at same time also. But seems to be rectified now. Good to see you collecting the non existent asher basher badges. Watch out for those greedy blackbirds, they will be after twiggy's worms next.
  • Damn that's it gone on vacation again
  • Back again have reported.
    If this monkey pox gets any worse we will be expected to to go outside at a certain time and clap for zoo keepers
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