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  • Asher doesn't come out of his lair for months on end. He has no idea we are into December.
  • Oops, that wasn't supposed to happen. Here, Tom! Look after this for a while will you.
  • See if Tom has a pair of knock off red velvet slippers to go with this fez. He was trying to flog a crown earlier.
  • Good flinging @brianN. I got within sight of 88k twice but it was not to be.
  • Is anyone playing AB Blast? I've stopped getting videos to watch for extra turns, etc.
  • Hi @mvnla2, not a game I'm familiar with. If Rovio still have an active interest in the game then likely it's just a temporary blip. If they've abandoned it you could be in trouble!
  • Just for the record, whoever is keeping records, I hate today's challenge!!
    Thought I'd get in a little Advent spitir , but Nooooo.. haven't flung a bird in n months and it's all coming back to me why I haven't!
    OB I'll g take a PigKiller please, make it a double.. and keep em coming!
  • And I though the rule changes that was could get aHollydog each year
    @Sweetp clarify. Please
  • Sorry @ mvnla2 I missed you there, idk the answer to that either, maybe @bernersenn would know?
  • Good evening guys.

    Kathy, unfortunately I don’t know anything of AB Blast, as it is not being maintained within the Nest
  • Hey @kathy, I'm a little confuzed(what's new?) Asher has made 2 pup requests this Advent Challenge. Doesn't mean he gets them of course!
    Keep flinging just got a puppy score using g-unit(Dr O'neski video) method.
  • Tell you what I'm struggling with ME Tropigal Paradise 2-7.What a beezer. Haven't a clue. Help!
  • Hey I just turned the page on walk through, do I get a crown?
  • Looks like you have the fez @desperatedan. Bit of role reversal.
  • Thanks [email protected] I thought I'd try to help.

    Oh @Brian I can't do it! WWWwwwwwwwHhhhhhhhiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeee
  • Woot, @BrianN I didn’t believe today’s challenge was possible
    I’m just trying to beat my previous scores
    Which I’ve done
    Next weekend we are in Cheltenham for the Races, the following with the family who eat and drink rather too much (so both much the same) so unlikely to complete my personal challenge
  • You could always take note of which levels are used for the challenge next weekend and do them post Cheltenham @hunnybunny, or would that mess with your chackra?
  • @kathy, tried for ages using yurigolkin method(wasn't he the first man in space?) Anyway G-unit method gives more chance of tree crushing glass below. Here's some inspiration.
  • That is correct, @kathy. On the Challenge Page, it states that there can only be ONE HollyDog badge awarded per player, no matter how many times the top score is beaten. It is also stated in the FAQ page, in the AngryBirdsNest Challenge section.
  • This doesn't answer my question about the awarding of puppies during Advent Challenge @sweetp.
  • What is your question, @BrianN?
  • Are puppies still awarded in December if top score beaten?
  • Off to bed @sweetp 2.00am here. Maybe I'm just thick. Nite all.
  • @BrianN, the only badge available during the Advent period (Dec 1st to Dec 25th) is the Holly Dog badge. But, a player can only have ONE Holly Dog badge, and does not count towards the Club Underdog scores.
  • @Sweetp I think the question is, if you won a Hollydog last year, can you still win one this year, I believe last year we decided yes, but only 1per year.
    And no @BrianN regularly puppies are on hold during Advent.
  • Thank you @sweetp & @kathy. That was what I thought. I was confused by experienced flingers like Asher, comex, steviep etc seeming to make puppy requests. Surely they know the rules? However if another Holly dog is available I'll have it!
  • Which idiot chose today's challenge?
  • Definitely a whiff of Welsh masochism about it.
  • Yes @BrianN all the comfy chair brigade will want, want, want that is why we have lost a lot of good skilled players. One day you will be the same when you say why bother. Namely due to rovio spoiling the game in the first place then the nest allowing xy and z scores that are none other than PU, s. Only good thing is the true nesters have stuck by the nest even though some of us don't play anymore because of the comradeship of when the game was of on a level playing field.
  • I think I have my head round it @ixan57, though there will come a time when puppies will be achieved almost exclusively by those using devices like bluestacks. Nice to see Andy on the challenge scoreboard, pretty sure he uses android phone/tablet and he's very good. Could do with a few more non BS players to give them a run for their money, including you!
  • Pigloos stink!
  • Well @brianN the Scottish open snooker championship is being held in Wales. What can I say, the world is going mad. Just hope there's (apostrophe) no dirty play being in Wales. You know what the @HunnyBunny can be like.
  • That's all a bit Irish @ixan57.

    Further to my previous comment. Twice now I've been on 95k with 2 birds left only for that tashy twerp to survive, despite much brickness landing on his head. Quite happy with a nice little 2 birder for 120k.Reckon he's wearing a safety helmet under his bobble hat.
    In the tradition of the film Zombieland a double tap is clearly required. Any of you guys seen it? V funny, Woody Harrelson in fine form, excellent cameo from Bill Murray, and played out to this tune at the end. What more could you ask for?
    Still not as good as Shaun of the Dead.
  • Hopefully this pic gives an idea of how lucky that tashy pig is.
  • Anyway I'm off to watch new Marvel series Hawkeye, see if I can pick up some tips.
  • @BrianN Don’t trash me, I never thought that anyone would beat Yuri’s score, but You did it
    And no one has beaten my score yesterday or today (as yet)
    Seasons is hard, and my favourite

    @ixan57 I blame Jimmy Cranky for sending the snooker to us
    Our bloody Presbyterian F.wit probably thinks snooker is fun, whilst drinking and eating out, Theatre, Cinema, travel, etc, etc are the Devils Work
    Though I must admit to watching a good snooker match on TV
    Ronnie O’Sullivan v Neil Robertson is my dream final
  • Had to reload Seasons so...
    Day 1: 375 coins required to open episode. Got them.
    Day 2: 375 coins required to open episode. Got them.
    Day 3: 375 coins required to open episode. Got them.
    Day 4: 21 levels required 3 starring. Did it.
    Day 5: oh you get the picture.

    Christmas is proving exhausting. Hollydog not looking likely with levels like today. Not a good one at all to choose. However, I enjoyed the first four, thanks.
  • The joys of the festive period. My tablet battery is on the way out and you can't replace them like you could in the old days so I may be having the same problems as you soon @desperatedan. Unless FB saves the day if I have to transfer to new device.
  • Keep yer big bird knickers on @hunnybunny. Did actually enjoy yeti in the cave level. That 2nd shot was a good test of skill. Still don't know what to make of the first shot. Btw was just behind ur score, given I only had couple of hours on it not too bad. Unlike yesterday's level, had an almost 1 birder for 123k,but no one got close to top score. Let's see what today brings. Agree with you on Seasons. Trick or Treat 2-7 my favourite. (snigger).
  • Think you're being a little harsh on the Welsh First Minister. He's still recovering from surgery. Had one of those charisma by pass operations. They should prescribe recordings of his public speeches to help insomniacs.
  • Just checking, I got lost and logged out! But I'm found and back in..... ''
  • Only @Briann your trophy is up for grabs!
  • Glad ur back @kathy, grab away. Trying to Whizz thru ME Seasons levels before my tablet dies. Not sure it will transfer if I need to clone to new device. Gotta get my £1.68 worth.
  • Good j luck with that @BrianN. If you get one of those 'smart switch" plug thingies it should work. Ask your provider when you go to the place to switch devices.
    I don't know how true it is , but I heard rumour that Rovio was gonna continue older apps, @Ixan57 did you tell us that¿ Anyway there's a new commercial on TV for Geico and it feartures Angry Birds, that's a good sign¿I think¿
  • I'm having no luck with the challenge today, I don't get the video either, seems to waste birds¿?
  • I had to laugh. Someone at work today was offered a "maggot of information".

    I think your trophy may be safe today @brianN. It's a level that sums up everything I hate about Seasons. A bad mix of birds and materials as @kathy implies.
  • @kathy @DesparateDan @BrianN
    I hit three 125k+ today
    Don’t think I’ll beat Brian, but can’t believe no one else has got close
    Perhaps it’s just my sort of level
    Although I prefer stone walls and bomb bird
  • PS, I do NOT wear big bird knickers (how many times do I have to say this, and how many times do you lot wind me up!)
    And to get a good score on today’s challenge, do not take Angrychicken’s strategy too seriously
    My top score - so far - had no “V” shape, just the shield looking knackered under a fractured bit of wall, which the blues took out
    Keep flinging...
  • An England batting collapse in a test match!? Bet no one predicted that.
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