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  • And thats all i have to say 'bout that
  • Seems the Princess agrees:D
    @brianN only kidding a bit of your humour I'm sure you'll appreciate.
    How many apostrophe's was that
  • Thank you, @kathy for coming to my defense. You got here a lot quicker than I did. I've been out helping to load and stack a few tons of hay bales, when we decided to take a break.

    Wow, I hope someday you'll be at peace with yourself @BrianN.

    Well, we got about 4 more tons to load. Which is not a problem because I just love the sweet smell of alfalfa and grass hay!
    This is only a small percentage of what's still on the ground.

    And the Princess is baaaack
  • @Ixan57 I'm literaaly sitting at work, alone in my lab,laughinh my arse off! That was absolutely perfect timing heeeheee!
  • I am a big fan of a simple, unqualified "sorry"

    And @sweetp, never mind the sweet smell of alfalfa, I just love the word itself. Alfalfa, alfalfa. Jut saying it is therapeutic.

    Do we take it from the picture that the smoke has gone now?
  • Hey ! Sweetp that's a lot of Hay !
  • Anyway, no matter who whose side you are on, let’s get back to chatting
  • Yes, each bale is about 100-120#. We stacked 315 bales today, so that's an approx. 17 tons total. Yikes!
    Thanks @desperatedan, no need to apologize. There's nothing else like the sweet smell of alfalfa. If you ever had the opportunity to get your face close to a horse's, you'd pick up a sweet aroma like no other. I love it! Unfortunately, it's a bit windy this afternoon, so the smoke is back in the valley. It sure was pretty when we could see the mountains earlier this morning.

    That was funny @ixan57! Thank you for the chuckles.

    Agreed, @hunnybunny.

    OB, it's a bit chilly this afternoon. Could you please send out a round of hot toddies to everyone here? thank you!
  • Whew Home from work at last, its been Soo slow lately because inventory is at the end of the month, so they're cutting down on WIP, makes for a long day, but allows me to pick a bit and poof in and out easily, as long as I don't get caught lol!
    That sounds like a busy day for you @Sweetp but good healthy work right, outside with the fresh air (when it's not smoky) good exercise The Sweet smell of Alfalfa :D
    @DesperateDan you're right it is fun to say. Heehee Alfalfa Alfalfa Alfalfa ;)
    @HunnyBunny agreed also , but I didn't realize we had divided into "sides" certainly not My intention and I'm Certain it wasn't /isn't @BrianN 's intention either. Just a difference of.. uhhmm I don't even know what really, just a misunderstanding of things is all...
  • Thanks for the Hot toddie @Sweetp , just right on a day like this! Damp and dreary, I really would have liked to stay in bed this morning, great morning for sleeping, or curling up with a cup of tea and a book :)

    The BP never closes

    Just for the fun of it :)
  • Who am I kidding, I haven't read a book in years, a cup of tea and a movie (Netflix) more like it ;)
  • @sweetp if that was my view I’d be outside all the time.
    Well, maybe not in the middle of February, I’d enjoy it from the warmth of indoors.
  • OB We still have some special stock set aside for @Karen68 ?
    Pour her a Couple Fingers on my tab please, you know how many. I always forget it is 2 or 3, I'm gonna guess 2, but pour her 3 anyway, she can dump out a fingers worth lol!
  • That never made sense to me anyway¿ Why, first of all do they measure scotch (I assume even, that's what 'Special Stock's is) in fingers, And Why would you only have 2 fingers in a glass, then have another? Why not just get all 4 fingers in one glass?
    Ahh (puts on a voice of @BrianN) the Wise replies, "Becauuhsee My DeaAhh Kathy, you see, scotch is meant to be savored slowly. Not like you Irish gulping down drafts like a camel out of water"
  • I think it's criminal to add water to scotch.
    It's not squash for goodness sake.
  • @DesperateDan ? Who adds Water to Scotch, a and that's an odd comparison¿You mean squash like the vegetable? Who adds Water to Squash ¿ Normally you add Butter right¿..... ohh my.. head spinning , things are getting Confusing again.. I gotta lie down...
  • Just kidding @DesperateDan by the way, why are you up so late¿nHow's Twiggy doing, hope she's not having troubles again
  • Yes, I'm very fortunate @karen68! I never get tired of it, even in the middle of winter. This one was taken after sunrise on Jan 6th last year.
  • This one's for you, @kathy:

    Did anybody know there's a new album by Rod Stewart being released on Nov 12th.?
  • @sweetp just as beautiful in the winter!

    @kathy squash is a drink in England, like a fruit concentrate, you add water to it.
    And thank you for the Scotch, it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed the special stock.

    I agree @desperatedan, no water required.
  • Can't listen now but ty @Sweetp
    Ahhh @Karen68 lol, thanks for that about the squash, like I mentioned in an earlier post, a misunderstanding of words across the pond
    G'nite Birdie Friends ♡♡♡♡
  • Twiggy is 2 years old today. A proper grown up lady (ha ha). Happy birthday, furry friend.
  • Many happy returns to Twiggy @DesperateDan hope she is enjoying.
  • Happy Birthday Twiggy :D
    Quiet day in the BP today
    I had a late Dr. Appointment, now tired
    Nighty Night Birdie friends
  • Sweet dreams @kathy.

    Happy birthday Twiggy :)
  • Hey @hunnybunny, back in Wales for a few days with Mrs DD and Twiggy. But about as far away from you as is possible (Anglesey).
  • And we saw a red squirrel. I have never seen one before in my entire life.
  • I think this appropriate as we are sitting looking at it hanging over the mountains of Snowdonia (well, one day early). Stunning.
  • Hey Birdie friends..
  • Last day of summer. Unless of course, the BP is in the southern hemisphere.
  • Hey there @desperatedan bet you were in Plas Newydd
    The red squirrel capital of Anglesey
    That’s where I saw my and only red!
  • Out of interest, how far from Anglesey are you?
    North or south? East or west?
  • Of course, west would put somewhere in The Atlantic
  • Benllech, on the east coast, @hunnybunny. And that's where we saw the squirrel, making a suicidal road crossing. Went to Newborough Forest today and saw none, but the weather was lovely, with great views of the mountains.
  • What an irony. Too much CO2 in the atmosphere, not enough for the food industry. Interested to see that headline in Wales was that this might lead to a beer shortage, @hunnybunny.
  • This is just a bit too relaxing. At least @brianN made an effort.
  • OB round of drinks on me, might get people back
  • Hi guys, glad to see you are still there. Thanks @hunnybunny, don't mind if I do. Back home now and got to work in the morning.
  • Fall, autumn, whatever
    A very English take on the season
  • For no reason whatsoever (OK, it’s a test: can you listen to this without turning into a Pip?)
  • Ha, I guessed this from the clue.
  • Anyone had a bad day?
    Dan, I seem only to be talking to you...
    Well watching the cricket, dreadful commentary, interviewing Indians in Indian! And my team lost
    So decided to cook some experimental veggie curry thing (it was delicious) but in five minutes I’m covered in a date chutney and soaking wet...
  • Talking of curries and experiments, I remember the early days of making curries in this country from Vesta packs before ready meals. Early 1970s. Sachets of dehydrated powder and instructions. It was indeed like conducting a chemical experiment and didn't taste much better.
  • I presume you are referring to the IPL @hunnybunny.
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