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  • @brianN that joke is a way over most peoples head. @gumby will let @brianN explain
  • talking about heads, look what I've got. nice shiny crown and @gumby the fez
  • Another beautiful day in Edzell, at my fav lunch spot on Glen Lethnot Rd. Remember one Spring when I was there watching a red squirrel just a few feet away running up the base of a tree trunk leaping off and doing a backflip then repeating the feat multiple times. Must have went on for a couple of minutes, very amusing to watch. Think it was in training for those ninja squirrel obstacle courses people make with a single nut as reward.
  • Hey @gumby, glad to hear you should be home soon. Don't let them take anything else out! No way will I attempt to explain that joke, except to say it's all about the Cockney accept. I think Dick Van Dyke mastered it in Mary Poppins. (cough splutter as Noel Fielding chokes on a jellied eel.) Not explaining that one either.
  • @gumby hope you feel better!
    So, anyone heard about the 2 upcoming Angry Birds games that aren't Journey? Both seem really interesting and i hope we get more information soon.
  • May have a go at Sharpshooter badge at some point. But busy getting SW scores in order just now although side tracked with SW11 at the moment. Thought all scores were above average there but have come across a couple so far that we're way off. Wonder if some SW obsessives are pushing av up. Anyhoo when ur feeling up to it @gumby I'm struggling with Rise of the Clones P4-20. If you get the chance to play it see if you can get ab av using only orig characters. There's a free drink in it @ixan57 and everyone else.!
  • @BrianN I never played SW2. I wouldn't be any help
    @Azurill thanks
  • OK guys I know you were all planning to spend the evening playing P4-20,but stand down. I managed to get an amazingly jammy one birder that took care of everything. Stitch that you character swapping Last Chancers! (no one in the BP obvs.)
  • Yes, I thought Dick van Dyke might the best entry point to that joke.
  • I have done a bit of research @gumby and it turns out you don't need a spleen to fling Angry Birds. So you are welcome to mine. But you are not having the gall bladder as well as I am very attached to it.
  • Oh dear @azurill, I'm not sure I can cope with any more AB games. I am maxed out on the current ones.
  • @briann. Two squirrels running headlong towards each other along our narrow fence. A collision surely? At the last moment one of them jumped over the other and both carried on at breakneck speed. How did they do that?
  • What ?? I only use One arrow and my words still disappeared!
    Typing on my phone, tiny, anyway I'm addicted to Peaky Blinders
    @Ixan57 @Gumby seeing as Gumbys Place is temporarily closed, i hereby authorize you to take over temporary management of the Bloated Pig , by the authority invested in me I now pronounce you both temporary Propieteers (¿) sound it out ;D
  • @DesperateDan I like the squirrel story Lol, was twiggy watching?
  • @DesperateDan oh you're not the only one on that lol.
  • Got another top 100 today because i already had above-average on this one. Turned out to be way more fun than i expected.
  • @kathy temporary manager, very nice. Everyone on best behaviour or else. You lot can start with buying me and @gumdy welcoming drinks.
  • @kathy strangely i got 2 notifications for your posts above time stamped for the blank post and one for my name mentioned post. Weired, message must be lost in space.
  • @kathy WASSSSSSUUUUUPPPPP no shirking your responsibility young lady. Get back to work.
  • Ahhhh @gumdy @kathy needs a break. Kinda like the idea of being in charge.
    Who'sss the BOSS!
  • Squirrels playing chicken!? Do chicken's play squirrel?

    Reminds me of Paul Ritter's catchphrase in Friday night dinner. "Lovely bit of squirrel".
  • Cool picture @brianN
    Squirrels playing chicken. Roly man time.
    You can stay membership renewed.
    P. S @kathy i think you've created a monster
  • Hey @kathy, did you know that there was a real gang of thugs roaming Birmingham'streets circa 1890-1910 called the Peaky Blinders? Nowadays they have a pint of beer named after them.Funny old world.
  • Were you a Bay City Rollers fan @ixan57 (@brianN's too young). Scotland must be in mourning today.
  • @DeaperateDan yes. 2 years younger than les mckeown. Had all the records vinyl at the time and all the clobber, the burds went wild for it. Oh and the long hair half way down my back.
  • Nooo.. Les McKeown? I was a just a wee lass in the 70s but I was a fan.
  • @kathy i'm problems with one of the staff, asked blues to carry out a simple task and his reply was i can't be in 2 places at the one time. Strange, very strange
  • Today's level seems to time out a little too quickly, so getting points with the 2nd and 3rd birds is pretty hard.
  • I'm obviously older than you think @desperatedan. Yes I remember The Bay City Rollers, though sadly not with fondness @ixan57. You see while I was listening to The Clash, Buzzcocks, Damned etc, my sister was being swept away on a tide of tartan hysteria. I'm glad she grew out of it when she did. One more Shang-a-lang and I'd have gone on a killing spree.
    But the fact that you wore all that clobber just to impress the burds?! Respect due. Did it work on you @karen68?

    Post script. One of my Edzell customers told me today that they were booked to play at the village hall just as their first hit Bye Bye Baby got to number one in the midweek. They tried to buy themselves out of the gig but the proprietor wasn't having it. So that Saturday they played to 200(almost the whole of Edzell), and a good time was had by all.

    Here's a scene from the British Ladies car parking championship.
  • Hey @ixan57, I've gotta ask, which one are you?
  • When you've just done 50 back flips in a row it's time to chow.
  • Not sure I have ever seen a red one. They always seem a bit scrawny compared to the grey ones. People think they are cute (which they are) but I always think that if they didn't have the big bushy tails then we would think that they were just like rats.
  • Talking of big bushy tails, Twiggy is finally going to the groomers after 4 1/2 months. The breed does not moult, the hair just keeps growing. I think she looks like a cross between Gromit and Frank Zappa.
  • Yes @azurill, levels that time out too quickly are on the axis of evil, along with celery.
  • Just like rats.!? How very dare you. Bring on the celery.
  • Getting above-average also gives top 50 this time. I wonder if i should actually try this one... hmm
  • @catsnbirds Hard-working cats:

    Shampoo joke - helps if you’re a Brit and know some French (nasal vowels)!
  • This joke should cross the pond @tompuss.

    If you bought a jumper and had to send it back because it was producing excess static electricity would they send out a new one free of charge?
  • And @TomPuss they did not even get my pun. 1st post above. Over there head. SHAMPOO
  • Now @brianN i will give the jumper 10 out of 10
  • Very informative post @catsnbirds.
  • I've got a song to go with it.
  • Hey, Brian. Just stopping in to quietly sit in my favorite booth, enjoy a beer and remember the days when you could just walk into your favorite pub, or restaurant, without a second thought. Hopefully soon again!
    That is one of my all time favorite songs. But I have become somewhat obsessed with the version by Disturbed.
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