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  • Saddo.
  • Yeah I think @karen68 should do the challenge more often. I know levels where you have high scores are difficult(and you have many) tho it doesn't seem to stop @asher.Mind you a JCB wouldn't stop him.
    Having said that I'll be giving the DC a miss for a while. Remember a couple of days ago I was boasting about having ab av scores in all levels of amongst others SW? I knew I'd lost them all in Space(that needs a total redo at some point) But thought all other games were OK, until we did Bobba Fett yesterday. All levels were unplayed and when I checked the eggsteroid levels same there. All other episodes were 3 starred but on comparing scores with ABN av. most are below. Really don't know what's happened. It's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, tied up in a puzzle, covered in a baffle... banjaxed?!
    Anyways my ABOCD has kicked in and I shall have to attend to this matter. Since it all takes place in a galaxy far far away I may be some time, tho I should still be back in time to hear @desperatedan's big bang.
    As for sharpshooting ventures that's totally on the back burner. Think it was a case of badge envy anyway(yeah it's a thing). I've had it since I was in the cub scouts. Remember the speccy lad with an armful of badges? That wasn't me, turns out you actually had to do stuff to get them.
    Got a start over brekky this morn, already finding your comments and strategies very helpful @karen68. You must really enjoy SW. Now it's time for lunch then back to wonderful world of windows. Beautiful day here in Edzell BTW.
  • Wow, this level is tough! I don't even know if i can get above average this time...
  • @azurill agree. I’m not a fan of levels where you have to rely on the luck of OB deflating just right & destroying stuff. And sometimes after expanding the OB just disappears.

    (Not our BP bartender of course, he’s perfect.)
  • Sad days @kathy, Helen McCrory died today, she who plays Polly in Peaky Blinders. Only 52.
  • Yes @azurill, and the walkthrough comments are about the most confusing I have ever come across. Having said that, just missed a potential 143k, ended up with a 4 bird 133k.
  • The best I got is a 3-bird 131k, and i can't get even close to 127k and above ever since.
    This level combines equal parts timing (1st bird), precision (1st and 2nd birds) and luck (2nd and 3rd birds).
  • Totally luck-based. And I agree @DesperateDan the walkthrough comments are confusing.
    My 140k with 3 was I think with the 1st strat Dr O posted, high lob with red to the left TNT, Stella picked up the stones below the windmill thingy & for once OB took out some stuff when deflating including setting off the other TNTs. It was only my 2nd score above average.

    Nice fake score just entered too - 224k? Haha, I expect it will be gone soon.
  • C'mon guys, I'm not even trying. Must be some strategy angry red is using.
  • @karen68 from what i understood of the comments, there's 2 main strats.
    The one i used: Red to the back TNT, Stella to the front, Bubbles to the pit.
    The one i don't understand: All 3 lob shot into the middle.
    Also i wonder what that guy did to get such a high score. He prolly entered the score for another level lol.
  • Or it’s just a plain fake score. :)

  • Well, angry red just joined today, and has one score entered. Oops.
  • Well I'm off to bed, thinking about you @gumby,hope you've had a goodish day all considered.
  • Can't catch up, maybe tomorrow.. night @Brian take care of that Crown will ya?
  • Indeed sad news about Lol. @Brian :(
    I must say there's some pretty good vibes in this series! 'Red Right Hand' is one of my favs!
    Good night Birdies, I'll catch up tomorrow, got the whole day to myself somewhat :D will see..
  • I got good news and bad news.
    The good news is we're going to the circus today!
    The bad news is the level sucks. At least it's not 2-8...
  • Good news @azurill,look out for @desperatedan. He'll be wearing a red nose.
  • I've been trying the 1-birder for a while now and i still can't get it even with breaks. Either the middle wood structure doesn't fall, the rightmost one doesn't fall, both, or the leftmost one doesn't fall if the middle one does.
    TL;DR: This level is bad.
  • ...aaand just as i start whining, I get above average.
    I love Angry Birds sometimes.
  • Well you are above me. My 7 years bad luck on Seasons continues. 124k was a 2 birder. I have been so close so many times... I don't think a puppy is totally out of the question, I just need about a week of continuous flinging.
  • Check in on the challenge now and again to see how you guys are doing, not many playing today, feel a bit guilty. Rattled thru Tatooine, but feel like I'm crawling thru a tight loft space in a lead suit playing Death Star. Wish I could pilot a tie fighter into it's nuclear core and have done with it. That only happens in films. Frustrating!!
  • Do you ever get random thoughts rushing into your head? Me I get random thoughts Russian into my head. For instance:

    Ra Ra Rasputin Russias greatest love machine... What's that all about?,! I'm sure Boney M could have developed his character a bit.

    Also house prices in Ukraine along the Russian border have dropped significantly. Can't figure out why.
  • Was working in Edzell again today and one of my customers had a tiny little beagle pup called Toddy. He has one brown eye and one blue. They should've called him Bowie. You know I'm not a doggy person but this thing was almost cute. Twiggy would've eaten him.
  • Twiggy is frightened of most dogs. Covid didn't help with her socialisation. Bowie didn't have different coloured eyes from birth, one of his friends hit him in the eye and caused it. Did we have this conversation before? It feels like deja vu all over again.
  • Now way back in about 1981 I was competing in an international sporting event where a Russian team were there. To be strict it was a Soviet team as this was before the fall of the Wall. I guess the Russians didn't get out to the West much (we were in Switzerland) and so they were taking advantage of buying Western goods. I was talking to one of them and he was excited that he had got hold of some great records. There I was thinking Bowie, Zeppelin, Floyd but no! Turns out his prize purchase was Boney M.
  • Hey @azurill. Do know the proper @kathy whine? Ask her to give you lessons.
  • Was this international sporting event scrabble?
  • Bowie must have some great friends. No we haven't had this conversation before.
  • Do you think one of Toddy's friends hit him in the eye?
  • Think I will take a leaf out of @brian's book and be more selective with challenges - I really don't like Space and Seasons doesn't seem to agree with my phone! So I plan to stick to ABO and give Rio a good going over - first challenge is to get 3 stars on every level and I might even upload the scores.
  • Gonna skip today's challenge too, i think i remember this level being not that fun.
  • Oh no!!!
  • How could they!
  • They wouldn't would they?
  • No spoilers @desperatedan, @kathy may yet watch it.
  • Yes, I know what you are talking about but everyone else is scratching their head.
  • Anna Maxwell Martin is exquisitely nasty. Definately (sic) needed a glass of milk and a lie down after that.
  • Massive clew that one.
  • Hi @TomPuss ! Glad to see you back in the BP again :-)
  • Hey @tompuss, the stray cat is back again. Loving the musical magpies singing for their supper.
  • Good to see DCS Carmichael back in Line of Duty. She takes passive-aggressive to a whole new stratosphere.

  • Q. How much does a Cockney pay for his shampoo?
    A. Pantene.

    For British readers only.
  • I might watch what???
  • Imagine having to explain that joke to a non UK patron @briann.
  • Well that above average was easy. haha
  • After Peaky Blinders @kathy, we recommend Line of Duty. I don't know if you can get it. Now on Season 6, as you guys say.
    @BrianN i am out of hospital. Gall bladder and spleen have been removed. Lots of pain still. Can't fling atm because the tablet battery is drained. Trying to charge it with a crappy loose charging wire. Please explain the joke to us non UK people.
  • P.S. should be my last stay in the hospital for a while
  • @catsnbirds @desperatedan and anybody I may have missed THANKS for all the well wishes.
    @BrianN I was skimming back and saw you are interested in going for Sharpshooter badge. No you don't need bluesracks to earn it. I fling with my finger on a tablet with no enhancements of any kind. It is not an easy fear but not impossible.
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