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  • Thanks for your bubble popping info @kathy, the thought of you having an exacto knife fills me with dread.
  • But you can still call me Princess Brian. (Thanks for not counting @desperatedan)
    Wish I'd sidestepped today's challenge like you, 40 points short of a puppy, Gaaaaaahhhhhh.!
  • I've given up on my crown I guess I don't deserve it anymore, looks good on you @PrincessPageChangerBrian ;)
    And yes I actually have 2 exacto knives on the counter next to my kitchen sink, they come in very handy!
    Yeah Peaky Blinders looks really good, I haven't got halfway through Episode 1 yet, now the Babbler is gone, I'm trying to catch up on other things. But it's Friday Woot!!
    I noticed your name coming up a lot lately on the improved list in the Challenge, nice Flinging, I think you scared Asher away lol, now work on meanguy (who's really not mean, he's a nice guy)
  • Your even giving @Karen68 a run for the money! And she's a great Flinger! Not just a knower of all things ;)
  • I don’t think I’ve played a Star Wars level for years. Kind of enjoyed it. My old score on that level was entered in April 2013, 8 years ago! Feeling a bit old.

    Nice flinging @BrianN!
  • Ohh @Karen68 i just came across a space level that hasn't had a post since 2014 ish.. talk about feeling old :/
  • I can't believe the Nest has been here that long, and so have we! Thanks @Birdleader for connecting all of us with such great friends we otherwise would have never known !♡♡♡
  • Are there any levels that don't have a @kathy comment somewhere? Not a whole lot.
  • Ooh, Mighty Hoax today. A tough level for you to improve on @karen68, you are 3rd. This is my best episode anywhere in Angry Birds. Up to 8th with scope for higher. Not sure how that happened but I do detect some removal of rogue scores recently.
  • Thanks ladies, @karen68 is indeed a great fllnger. QOS. You've also got some good scores out there @kathy. For my part I like doing the challenge because I nearly always improve my personal best. Though most of my scores are above average, not by much, so there is room for improvement.
    On the other matter, I'm sure Asher is working on a new secret formula as we speak.
  • File this one under "There's nowt so queer as folk!"
    A customer this week made a coffee for the gardener then noticed me cleaning her windows. She comes over and says "You don't want a coffee do you?"
    What are you supposed to say to that?

    Reminds me of something I was told about the difference between people in Glasgow and Edinburgh. In Glasgow they'll say "Why don't you stay for tea?" and in Edinburgh they'll say "You'll have had your tea?"

    Mind you it was a Glaswegian who told me that.
  • Yeah people are funny at that @BrianN you can learn a lot about people but listening to their connotations . As n example about the Glaswegian,, who obviously feels that folks from Edinburgh aren't very hospitable. Wonder what @Ixan57 thoughts are on that one.
    Anyway it's a bright sunshiny day here, I'm thinking of transplanting my houseplants as I was planning to do all week, but I'm just sitting on my arse talking to you guys lol!
    Ohh crap I was gonna say something, but I forget!:/
    I haven't had a cigarette yet today! It's affecting my brain..
  • Maybe a virtual smoke will help¿
    Blue bring me a Idk something to drink on the patio, a PigKiller I guess..
    *Lights her cigarette and heads for the patio*
  • Toying with the idea of flinging the challenge, but it's too nice out! I should be doing something outside, I'm gonna go outside on the porch for real and smoke a real cigarette, virtual ain't cutting it!
  • @kathy what do you think, I'm a proud glaswegIAN
  • Hee hee @Ixan57 I'm sure I can answer my own question, The funny thing is when I need to know what time it is in Scotland on my phone clock it only comes up Edinburgh although Google says Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland!
    As @Gumby would probably say "Google schmoogle" lol!
    Idk where @jlz666 is from but I thought it was Edinburgh
  • Who would've ever thought little old me would know not only one but 2 people from Scotland! And 2 from the Netherlands, I think 2 , all I know is I know very little about the continent of Europe, knowing it's a continent and not a country in itself was a hard thing for @HunnyBunny to get through my head lol!
  • I'm gonna give the Challenge a fling or two, I transplanted one of my plants, now it looks half dead! Actually looks more than half dead :( I'm waiting to see if it survives before transplanting my bromeliad and her 2 pups, I nearly killed her with overwatering but now she's potbound and needs to let her pups go out on their own, but I'm afraid I'll kill her!
    Yes I'm referring to my plant as female , Gawd I need a cigarette, who have I become???
  • @kathy it's the nicotine and everything else they put in cigs that's affecting your brain. Stop it now or I'll send Loretta round to babble you into submission.

    Just can't make today's challenge fly. Fair play to Asher, I don't think there's any BS advantage, it's all about the randomness of shot 3.If the stone planks come down on the wood, happy days. If not... Gaaaaaahhhhhh!!
  • Overwatering... Pot bound... Pups... Are you perforforming some kind of evil Asher like experiment? Anyways if it's half dead it must be half alive? Hope springs eternal.
  • Hey @catsnbirds, how's your pal @tompuss?She seems to come and go like a... er... tomcat.
  • Haven't heard from you @gumby lately. Are you convalescing well?
  • There's a kind of hush, all over the world tonight. I feel a song coming on.
  • I suddenly felt a song coming on as well
  • I love Tim Vine. "Someone dumped a load of plasticine in my dressing room. I don't know what to make of it."
  • Yeah @BrianN its half alive I just forked the soil a bit to loosen it up, I packed it to tight, I'm learning! My mother had 2 green thumbs, my daughter inherited them both, I got nothing!
  • Trying the challenge, it's all luck I guess z not having any! And I'm doing good not smoking, but the withdrawal is tough, I got a killer headache, and Dave has invited company, luckily they are used to me doing my own thing (not socializing), the problem is She smokes Menthols!! Which the Governor of our state banned months ago, maybe a year, which is why I'm quitting, (not because it's bad for me and I want to live to see my grandchild and be strong enough to lift uhmmm , the baby, without running out of breath) damn Governor!
  • R u the type that can kill a cactus by looking at it? BTW, the cheekbone quotient was very high in that video.
  • @BrianN You know how cats are, they appear when THEY want to, not when someone calls them (unless there is a bag of Temptation Treats being shaken).

    @kathy Your reference to JLZ666 made me check her nest activity - it’s been almost 3 years since she was active! Then I started looking up other friends. 8 years since DocTonyNYC was here, and dozens who are between those dates. What is wrong with us that we still check in and play frequently? Or, do I mean, what is wrong with them...

    First yard mowing and trimming of the season completed! And my neighbor spread the weed and feed so we were set for the rain that started as he finished. End of our unseasonable but totally appreciated 70 degree F weather for a few weeks.
  • There's no downplaying how bad nicotine withdrawal symptoms are. But now you've got a great reason to hang on in there.
  • Get your drift C'n'B. 70°,where are you?
  • Brian I’m in Michigan (the Great Lake State!). Same time zone as Kathy, but daylight lasts here more than an hour longer in the evenings - and I don’t care that the sun doesn’t come up as early in the morning!!!
  • Hey @kathy why did your Governor ban menthol? Do they have shares in Marlboro?
  • So that must be a freaky temp. this time of year where you are?
  • @BrianN first question Do I always have to type the N. ? And I didn't get the cheekbone part? And yes I have good solid reason to quit smoking, I want to be a good Nana like my mother was to my kids , can't do that unless I I'm healthy. I'll never live up to my mother's Nana'ing she was younger. I'll be happy to be a Nana that the baby is happy to see :)
    @catsnbirds I know right, what's wrong with Who lol , I think it's them, those who just dropped out after making such great friendships! But I guess real life takes over, maybe we just don't get it? I have a real life also, and haven't been as active since the whole Lorreta invasion, but she's gone I'm back , is all about balance :)
  • @BrianN governor banned menthol, because kids are vaping and 'flavored cigarettes' are bad for people health! I guess regular nicotine and all those chemicals aren't??
  • Brian, usual high this time of year is low to mid 50’s. We’ve had warm and sunny days for a week and a half and are quire spoiled. Well, were quite spoiled.
  • And the girl who smokes menthol has arrived!! She's been here a half hour and I haven't asked her for one yet! She's the one who used to go to New Hampshire for us and get a couple cartons, I could easily give her money tonight and she'll bring me however many menthol cigarettes I want! I'm not doing it!! Arghhh!! Temptation is a bitch
  • Life is all about priorities. Love your daughter and your grandchild and you can't go wrong. Forget about comparisons, do your best. What more can people ask?
  • Thanks Brian , your right :D
    I am who I am, and my grandchild to be is definitely a priority and well with getting healthy for, I have a goal !
  • As regards people who used to play angry birds with zeal but do so no longer I guess people just move on. I wasn't around at the start, but often wonder what became of people like A Slimfordy. He's probably working for NASA. As for me I've not come across another game that is such a perfect fit for my personality. It's frustrating, annoying, exasperating. Everything my wife says I am. Vive la difference.
  • I guess this is what we need then.
  • @catsnbirds are you on Daylight Savings Time? I wish they'd just leave it this way, id rather have the sun in the Evening than the morning too!
  • I think I am out of sync.
    Often wondered why there are so many women who play AB. And, to put it delicately, of a certain age.
  • I think I can say that, being a certain age myself.
  • Hey @catsnbirds, speaking of Temptation Treats, I seem to remember @tompuss is very fond of a glass of wine and a certain brand of crisps found only in the Swiss Alps. You shake the crisps and I'll wave the wine.
  • See what I did there @desperatedan? Rumours of a reunion with Phil Oakley abound.
  • I dare ask who is Phil Oakley?
    Well I broke down and smoked a menthol! It was good! Headache gone, (that could be due to the tylenol) but Now to be polite I had to just take a bite of steak, which was delicious but now stuck-up in my denture, and the kid is in the bathroom, I assume taking a dump, he's been in there 5 minutes, but I need to rinse my mouth! I hate company! Should've been totally unsociable and watched Netflix in my bedroom.. Didn't want to be rude..
  • Kathy, all of the states except Hawaii and parts of Arizona are on DST. I wish it was year round too!
    Dan, a certain age. Must be why Rovio stopped updating the original AB versions = they want young blood playing their games and buying in app purchases, not us geezers.
  • Lol @catsnbirds , that's exactly why, they replaced the good old slinghot games with bubble pops and stupid tournaments on AB friends, for the young who have the attention span of a fly.
    And No @BrianN. I Do not want to hear statistics of the attention span of a fly!! Lol..
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