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  • @BrianN you should be good at mirror world's. You would need to be ambidextrous doing a juggling act up a ladder. When working on a ladder i find i don't have enough arms
  • I wonder if Brahma is good at juggling?!One of life's little mysteries. Like why are Russians so good at chess. And poisoning political opponents...
  • Hey @tompuss,how r u? Haven't heard from you in ages. Time for some videos of elephants on roller skates? A bird playing a flute? Monkey tennis?

    I've gone green(seeing @gumby's score), haven't got lucky yet.
  • Hey @kathy r u Boston Irish? Kathleen O'birdy you should be good at these levels, what with the luck of the Irish and witchy powers.
  • Yeah, it's a St Patrick's Day level but seems to be day early for most of the world. I got a goodish score on my very first attempt but nothing close since. I have no Irish blood, obviously.

    Drinks for all!! Happy St Paddy's Day :)
  • Good thing pictures don't work, Would've scared the bejesiss outta @Gumby ;)
  • Nighty night folks, The Babblers were in Prime form tonight!! I'm tired.. only 9:15p.m
  • Hey @kathy, looks like someone with a really bad cold sneezed into a glass.
  • Got a new customer today. She's called Mrs Hoggins!?!Not sure she's a keeper.
  • Sorry for the drink @BrianN I tried!
    Actually Mrs. Hoggins Sounds like a keeper!! Be careful lol!
  • You should call it a Paddy killer.
  • What's all this Star Wars stuff then, out of the blue?
    I can't download it so it's a day off the Challenge.
  • I was thinking of Mrs Goggins. Wasn't she in Postman Pat? (UK only comment).
  • I remember Mrs Miggins had a pie shop in Black adder. But we're getting further off piste.
  • Hey @gumby, you've really had your game head on this week. Sure you're putting the numbers in the right order?
  • @BrianN sorry that was Wayyy over my head!! Must be an over the pond thing?
    Speaking of, I've found a new show on Netflix called 'The Stranger' it's an over the pond show, I can tell because they talk funny and the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car!
  • Hey @kathy, yes, Postman Pat is a children's show here and Blackadder was a comedy prog starring Rowan Atkinson. Is the Stranger any good? Def has a Brit cast, tho written by Yank.
  • We've been watching a detective series called Mcdonald and Dodds. Very funny Jason Watkins is brilliant. Maybe you've seen it @desperatedan?
  • Yes I have. Really liked the balloon episode then I thought the next one with Martin Kemp was a bit naff. Just revving up for the new Line of Duty tomorrow really, the best of the lot. Jason Watkins came to a sticky end in Series 4, if I remember correctly. Isn't that where she thought he was dead and was about to cut his head off with a saw and in the last split second of the episode he opened his eyes. We jumped about 2 foot off the sofa.

    Could have been some spoilers in that.
  • What children's programmes do you end up watching, @briann?
  • Yeah @BrianN The Stranger is pretty good, I like kids shows as well, like not little kids shows but teen drama, actually I recently watched WINKs which is based on a kids cartoon. And the guys at work tell me I should watch The Last Airbender, superhero stuff I guess¿
    But I like fantasy also, like Dragons and such
  • Is this show you guys are taking about on Netflix? Sounds good
  • Some of the stuff my kids watch is really funny. Spongebob and Finneas 'n' Ferb are more well known, but I really liked Sanjay and Craig. Shame they only made 3 series. The very first episode was about a butt transplant. As you might imagine I was hooked.

    Think you 'd need Brit box for Mcdonald and Dodds @kathy or Line of Duty, which is British crime drama at it' s best.
  • @BrianN I used to love Spongebob, haven't heard of the others! I've seen some pretty annoying one's as well, have you seen TeleTubbies?? Ughhb 'Po ran up the hill, Po can ran down the hill's iggy.. my nephew would watch it for hours!
    So where do I get a brit box?
    Watching the Stranger now, another Babbler Free night:D 2 in a row, I feel like I won the lottery:)
  • @Ixan57 Speaking of Spring , OB mentioned the pub needs a fresh coat of paint, the hitching post needs fixing, the wagon needs repairs ,, (due to the mishaps of Wanderingstar and that little rat, Heyyougettouttamyway, ! Plus he has a list as long as my arm, lucky I am a small woman, my arms aren't very long lol
    There are some things on the list that @DesperateDan and @BrianN can help with as well
    After all this is a working mans pub :)
    *Begins taking weatherproof off the windows*
  • Speaking of good TV, heard rumours that Dexter might return. Now I watched every episode of that show, but when your antihero ends up as a lumberjack you know it's run it's course. Made me wonder what shows you guys would see brought back, if standards were maintained. Perhaps there were unresolved issues or there was more to tell. Interested to hear your thoughts.
  • Well I'll clean the windows, Dan can give the place a lick of paint, think that's fait
  • Think that's what??
  • Never heard of Dexter..
    I watch a lot of old reruns, can't think of any of I'd like to see returned?? Hmm..
    Perhaps The Good Doctor , that was good with the guy that played Norman Bates on the Bates Motel. Ever seen it?
    Great now I've time and given myself a nightmare setup :/
  • Yeah I remember Iggle piggle and og pog from In The Night Garden, drove me mental.
  • Haven't seen it, but think it's still ongoing.
  • Huh? Fait? You Said it lol..
    Yeah you can wash the windows @BrianN don't forget the Avairy :) thanks for signing up :D
  • Some of those kids shows are mind numbing for sure! Now I haven't watched sesame street for years, but I've heard it's gone all political 'Woke' they call it? If things are going all 'Woke' give me a heavy dose of 'sleep' please..;)
  • It's ongoing on cable tv Brian, I just looked it up..
  • The aviary?Reminds me of what one of my cheeky customers once said. When I knocked on her door to collect my money she said "Do you wash bird poo off the windows or is that extra"?
    Turns Out I'd had a brain fart and forgotten to wash a window, cheeky mare, we had a good laugh about it tho.
  • The actor was Charlie in Willy Wonka when he was a kid
  • I just don't think anything, if returned, would be as good, look what happens with the show Roseane, is now 'The Conners' I caught it the other night, it's sad, they all look so old and washed up! Same old story, same actors, same storyline, but not the same somehow, they all need to retire..
  • The actor in the good doctor? Was Willy Wonka?
  • No that was Johnny Depp, he was the kid, Charlie.
  • Good your customer could Laugh about bird poo lol
    I'm sure there is bird pooh on the Avairy windows, even with the non-reflective film on the inside! Ohh btw can you replace that? We can't have the birds flying through!
    Once I worked at a place that had a courtyard, in the middle was some sort of berry free which the birds loved, but I think it got them drunk because they would fly into the windows and drop! Sad sight while you eating your lunch :/
  • The kid was the actor in the good doctor? I'm going to Google lol you confused me
  • Okay yep Im unconfused
  • Some folk might consider that lunch. I've seen The Hills Have Eyes. Think that's typical of rural America is it not?
  • Not really, there's been many versions of a the chocolate factory
  • OMG Definite nightmares tonight!! The Hills Have Eyes!! Wicked creepy movie, but somehow I've watched it several times LoL!!
  • Just like a Friday night out in Hull, Mass. No?
  • No @BrianN ?? Not even c!ose, I don't even know why you'd say that? I don't live anywhere near a Hill lol, I love across the street from the ocean? Wherev do you come up with these things? I'm kinda insulted you think we are a bunch of hicks from the wilderness?
  • Yes, I am up for some painting. Do you fancy a new colour scheme? Or maybe even a new color scheme. Any ideas?
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