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  • Ah, cracked it. I stand on my head looking into a mirror with the phone up side down. But then my crown falls off.
  • That's 7 years bad luck @desperatedan.

    Try playing it in a hall of mirrors whilst doing my favourite handshake. Now that's tricky @catsnbirds.
  • Doh, got a puppy score on the Rio Airfield Chase level a few hours too late. But still just behind @asher, sigh.
  • Looks like that's ur bad luck starting Dan.
  • Ok, I give up. I'll come back on page 3718 when my good luck will begin again.

    I put "The Fez" by Steely Dan on the jukebox a few days ago when I was the only one in the BP. The lyric goes "Never gonna do it without the fez on". Turns out what they really meant by fez was condom. That one went completely over my head. No Brian, not the condom!
  • I really do hate Space.

    And celery.
  • Nice to see you shooting again @gumby,are you sure you're strong enough to prop up the leader board? Anyway, that's @desperatedan 's job.
  • Hey @kathy,you're awfully quiet, u OK?
  • @BrianN Fabulous score on the challenge today! I know it’s not a puppy, but you even topped Asher!!
    @kathy Also concerned, you haven’t been in the BP since March 5! Pretty sure that is the longest you’ve ever been absent. Are the Babblers taking over all of your Nest time?
  • Hey Everybody! Sorry for my absence, Yes @catsnbirds The Babblers are taking over my everything time! The only time I get alone time these days is at work, of while sleeping, or pretending to sleep, which I do every Saturday and Sunday half the day!
    I'm just overwhelmed with things really!
    I've never thought of building my tablet up to the mirror and trying to Fling lol! I hope you were joking?? It sounds as difficult as standing on your head while holding devices up to the mirror and Flinging, @DesperateDan You better not have dented my crown? Lol
  • @Gumby Wwaaaassssuuppp???
  • @DesperateDan What numbers are you trying to figure out what they mean in Brass Hogs?
    Il try to read back tomorrow, But you could save me the eye strain?
  • Nighty Night Bff's ♡♡
    @Sweetp Tomorrow i Promise ;) I have the day to myself♧♧
  • @kathy, I rather think all the numbers on Brass Hogs will be no longer visible once the levels have been opened, you will just see 1, 2 , 3 ....30. But before they are opened they are numbered 35/x where x goes up in increasingly large increments. The next one I need to open is level 11 which is labelled 35/39. It then goes 35/45, 35/53, 35/61, 35/79, 35/89, which as you can see, is an irregular series in x. By the time you get to level 30 it is labelled 35/360. I think level 1 was just 35/1. I am offering a reward to anyone who can answer this conundrum. In fact, I don't even know where 35 comes from, since Brass Hogs appears to be series 9.
  • This is surely one for the Superb Owl.
  • I'm no owl, but I think the first number is how many mission points you've achieved thus far. The second number refers to the number of points needed to unlock the next reward. In your case the next level of Brass Hogs. Once all levels are unlocked the missions remain but the rewards are power-ups. Quite happy to be contradicted on that, but it's my best guess.
  • @DesperateDan I believe. @BrianN is correct,. It's something like that, but different, it's to do with daily missions,, let me think some on it I Do know somewhere in the back of my mind, I've just forgotten
  • Yes! The numbers represent how many missions you have completed/ how many you need to complete to opening that next level so I've completed 1 mission on my spare tablet so all mine say 1\2 1/5 ,1\8,1\11 etc. Adding 3 each time because the missions come in 3.
    I think something like that!
    And then I did another mission and they all are numbered 2\X etc...
  • Uhmmm... Was it something I said??
  • Yes, that makes some sense, I can see how the first number will increment, but there are only 3 missions each time so I don't see how the increments start going up by 6 a level, for example. I don't know what @briann means by points either. Never mind, I will continue to research.
  • @gumby gathering momentum in the Challenges I see. Mine and Dine is tough, no-one is anywhere near a pup today.
  • Yeah @DesperateDan m not sure about the second number, I think it means how many missions you need to complete before opening the next level, but as you say, the numbers don't jive! I remember back when I wondered if myself and then had an 'AHA' moment, and being aggravated about the realization of that second number! Maybe your better off Not knowing lol!
    I'm coming to join team BP in the challenge, not for a puppy, just for moral support :D
  • KathyBoard is really getting annoying! I've tried shutting off Autocorrect but it just gets worse lol! My old boss at work once told me the reason was that spell checker had No Idea what I was trying to type heehee!*Insert Rolly Guy*
  • The boss wasn't old btw, I should've said previous boss, but that would lead one to believe I was at a different job, idfk? We use Microsoft Outlook for Email at work, And it thinks it knows more than I at Grammar and sentence structure, it gives suggestions and Ranks the email on readability and grade level of comprehension! Annoying!
  • Whoa. Hold the bus:I quote from @kathy..."I believe @briann is correct" Finally the Kathyboard is making some sense.
  • Lol @BrianN Did I say that? OB must've overserved me those PigKillers ;)
  • Dan, take not of how the numbers change after the completion of each mission. Each mission will give you a number of points after completion. Those points vary depending on the difficulty of the mission. For example popping 50 pigs will give you less points than beating your high score on a certain level.
    In other words to totally unlock Brass Hogs you will need 360? points in total. Don't confuse the number of missions with the number of points.
  • What are these pig Killers I keep hearing of. Is it like a bolt to the head?
  • @BrianN The PigKillers is an Alcoholic drink created by OB in the early days of the BP, right around the time I took over the drink menu lol, there was also the SunUpper which was created by OB to cheer patrons in the dark of winter Flinging,, those winter episodes in Seasons can bring a Flinger deep into an Abyss!
    Again I think *bites tongue hard* ahem .. I think your Right about the numbering on Brass Hogs!
    @desperatedan take Note of Brian's post, no matter what the numbers say, the important thing is you need 360 to unlock totally :D
  • I Absolutely Hate Matilda!! She won't ever drop her frigging egg!!
  • Well complaining helped lol, I improved enough to make the improved list :)
  • Well done @kathy, just read latest lengthy trail, can't sleep. Brass Hogs clearly has hidden subtlety, just not sure how anyone is supposed to know.
  • New question. Is there a list anywhere of levels that have got harder? I have the "got easier " list and the unstable list but not the got harder.
    @BrianN @desperatedan flung my way to the top of the challenge today.
  • I noticed @gumby,I declare your flinging finger well and truly healed. Ace shooting. As for myself can't even beat my old score which is a meagre 149k.@catsnbirds also doing well.
  • @gumby Congrats on your newest puppy! I used @e-star ‘s video too. Boy, that second shot is hard!
  • Think that @kathy saying I was right twice on the same page is putting me off my stride. Was rubbish at yesterday's challenge as well. Some kind of witchy hex. Isn't Salem in Massachussets?
  • Hey @gumby, just got a one birder. Are you sweating?
  • @BrianN Yes, Salem is in Massachusetts, and not very far from Boston. Hmmmm.
  • Didn't they have a way of determining if a person was a witch by tying them to chair and ducking them underwater? Anyways I'm off to bed before @kathy flies in on her broomstick.

    My one birder was a thing of beauty @gumby.Just skimmed underside of chopper taking it down, bounced on top of metal rail into tnt bringing it all down, taking out axepig. Really disappointed to only score 160k.Boohoo!
  • Yes, that could have been up to 170k, sounds like some of my bad luck.
  • Nah, think it's part of the Kathy kurse. What could be worse than getting rubbish scores? Playing a golden shot and not even getting a puppy. There's a cruelty to that. Unless @gumby is practicing voodoo. Anyone got the number of The Witchfinder General?
  • 07666 666 666
  • Jeesh ! I miss a day and suddenly I'm a witch who's cursing the challenge! @BrianN what'd I do to ruffle your feathers?? That'll be the last time I admit your right about anything! Jeesh!
    Salem is about 2 hour drive north of me, and I've only visited once about 35 years ago!
  • The test was to drown those suspected of witchery, if they survived they were guilty, and burned at stake, if they drown they were innocent!
  • @gumby is to be applauded for his spectacular return to the challenge. But I suspect he ought to be drug tested. I know that is not in the best of taste but without humour, what would we be?
  • That question is rhetorical @briann.
  • I was going to say, beware the Ides of March.
  • I'm never gonna do it without the fez on.
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