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  • Mine also @Hunnybunny :D great minds ..
  • And the end of Jo Jo Rabbit a film about a Jewish girl hiding from the Nazis ends with this, In German
    Fab film, this just makes me cry

  • @kathy still The Princess Page Changer
  • Have you finished all 30 levels of Pig Bang? I think that's how you unlock Danger Zone.
  • @HunnyBunny :D I'm gonna watch that, I gotta get my headphones!
    @Gumby Wwaaaassssuuppp??? I think it's not PigBang you gotta finish, I think Brass Hogs? To unlock Danger Zone, and I think your note is meant for @BrianN ?
  • @Ixan57 relieved now? A little less stress on your head? And Mrs Bunny has the Fez!
  • @kathy, free puppy today with Dr O'Neski's video. It'll take you 5 minutes. Sorry to hear you are having problems. But Stockholm syndrome, isn't that about a hostage situation? I know your personal life is complicated but I didn't know it was that complicated.
  • @gumby note for me, thanks. It's all a bit confusing. I find ABO so much more homely.
  • Thanks @DesperateDan I just watched @steviep147 video! And going to get my puppy ;)
    Yeah my friend Lorreta who is one of the Babblers, is staying with me after leaving physically (still trying to leave emotionally, mentally) had an episode¿ this morning, first I've seen of type of behaviour since she's been with me, (going on 6 months) but she had a couple episodes similar when she was at.. well before she came here, Her Son still lives there, it's a long story of well.. a long story
  • Yeah no puppy for Me, although I tried, and I did improve, and I appealed to the AngryBirdsGoddess, and I Whined, still no luck!
    Congrats to all puppies with new owners :)
    Maybe next time a puppy will pick me :/
    My friend is awake, still somewhat confused state of mind, idk what to do¿
    I gotta get ready for bed, work tomorrow..
  • Hairy Fog Mother, no puppies for me today. Pretty sure you have to buy Danger Zone.
  • @brianN i don't have space installed after my last android tablet fried. However i checked play store : account : history. June 2015 I purchased danger zone for 79p.
    Being a true scot i don't believe in paying for anything that I don't have to, especially Rovio.
    So I'm certain you have to purchase that episode.
  • Also when in history i purchased NBL levels for ham dunk October 2015.
    I remember having a argument with Rovio about having purchased for £1.79 and although progress saved on new tablet the NBL levels where missing, they would not give a refund sighting it was a issue of a license issue with them and the NBL. I accused them of theft, they ignored me. Eventually found a loophole how to play the levels.
  • How people can spend real money on pu's and the like is beyond me @ixan57. The only other thing I bought from Rovio was field of dreams in Bad Piggies. Danger Zone and Nba levels were worth the pennies. FOD was not. Some of the sand box levels in original game were much better. Tho I have to say Bad Piggies is my fav Rovio game. Is that heresy? Will I be banished from the nest?
  • Hey @kathy, hope Loretta recovered from her episode. The mind is a strange thing. Had a new customer today ask me to give him a price to clean his windows and as I looked there was his wife standing at the door giving me the V sign with her fingers. Normally I at least have to speak before that happens. Poor thing has Huntingdon's disease, must be hard on the hubby. Hope your kindness is appreciated.
  • Thanks @BrianN , wish I didn't have to type the 'N' everytime *sigh* yes Lorreta is feeling better today, no idea What caused the Episode, pretty scary though.
    Where the 'V' sign mean? I thought that was a Star Trek thing, or a Peace sign lol, either way yeah that's odd behaviour, poor woman!
    So did you get the job?
    @Ixan57 yeah now that you mentioned it, I think I paid for DZ also, good idea to check the PlayStore I'm gonna do that now
  • @Gumby Waaassssuuuuupppp??? Great news today :D
  • @kathy the V sign is the British equivalent of “the finger”.
  • It says I purchased Danger Zone level pack in June 2012 for $.99 cents and In August 2012 I purchased Space Premium for .99 cents,
    I also Purchased Beak Impact part 2 in April of 2015 for . 99
    Looking at my purchase, is making me sick! I hate Rovio!!
  • Ohhh @BrianN. That wasn't very nice! Guess you didn't get the job...
  • I've never tried Bad Piggies @BrianN , does it with the same as AB? I'm definitely Not spending any more money for Rovio!
  • Bad Piggies is absolutely free except for Field of Dreams. No flinging, just making contraptions. Really cool game. The only downside is once you've done it you've done it. Unlike the bird games where you can obsessively go back to beat your old scores.

    Yes I did get the job, if she does it again I'll just give her the finger. Na not really, I shall just smile and wave. (@karen68 you r also the oracle of rude gestures.)
    @kathy, you should Google the 2 fingered gesture, it will give you an insight as to why Brexit proved popular. We've been fighting the French for centuries.
  • @brianN through curiosity i downloaded space via playstore : my games & apps : library (thanks @kathy for that tip a couple of months ago). All my scores are zero as expected, rovio never put in place a save like ABO and ABS. However all levels including danger zone are playable. Playstore history remembered i had paid for it.
  • Yeah, I had literally spent months getting all my Space scores above av. And a change of devices did for all of them. But like you say, Danger Zone was included just no scores. There is a how to page in the nest for backing up android progress on PC, but it's way beyond my scope.
  • @BrianN I had help backing up my progress, and restoring through a few devices, from a girl here in the Nest, who used to be a dear friend, but she dropped me as a friend for some petty reason! Accused me of sharing secret tips with others, I didn't share any secrets, just mentioned a trick to climb the leaderboard using a feature offered by the Nest! That's start we are here for right? Anyway I can pm you with the instructions, its Wicked easy to do actually!
    I'll take your word for the Vee gesture for now, I'll Google another day. I'm happy you hear you got the job
  • And Why on earth would you say that about our Dear Oracle @Karen68 ??? Sweet Sweet Karen ¿? Now if you said that about @HunnyBunny I might half believe you, not that she isn't Sweet but she does a have an edge on her lol!! HunnyBunny you know I love you ♡♡♡
  • Congrats on the puppy @BrianN , you think we wouldn't notice heehee!
    @DesperateDan Where are you today?
  • Oh, I fell asleep. Good shooting @briann, but I have that score in my sights, too late for a puppy but I have been reeling out 80k scores and just missed an 82.5k. But t'was ever the case.
  • @kathy & @desperatedan, I took my shoes off and snuck in thru the backdoor with my trophy last nite. We all know that if The Rat was still flinging in space his scores would be out of sight by now. Have to agree with his opinion that 84k is possible on that level, like Dan had multiple scores of 80k+ and as soon as I hit 82k I stopped playing.

    Thanks @kathy for your kind offer of help re saving progress. But can guarantee that the info would percolate around my brain until it dissolved, leaving nothing but a sticky mess. I'm just not wired that way, why I'm a window cleaner and not an IT consultant.

    As for @karen68 being the oracle of rude gestures... READ THE POSTS!!.
  • Hey @catsnbirds, excellent score on today's challenge level. However I notice that you don't mention a strategy(even tho there is only one) and no proof of high score. Tsk, Tsk! I'm going to tell admin on you... Yo Sweetp, got a minute?
  • Also @kathy glad you don't scare any secrets, but are your secrets scary?
  • Spent a lot of the day (and I am working BTW) just trying to get 50 coins to even open the Challenge level. It better be a good one after all that.
  • @BrianN I've Never read a rude gesture from our Dear @Karen68, are you sure you got your 'K' s right?? It was probably me! lol
    And of course My Dear Pa was right, he was Always right! About Space anyway..
  • @BrianN So long ago the Nest didn’t require posting of strategies or proofs of high score. So I only posted if I did something different. Looking at the level ... I don’t remember anything about it. Was shocked I still had a high score in Rio. Well, the Lord of the Wings sent the sheriff to my door anyway.
    And what are you doing ratting out a fellow patron of the BP?!? Do I need to practice the two fingered gesture? Of course, I am much more familiar with the one finger signal ;-)
  • OoohhMy Giraffe @CatsnBirds *insert Rolly Guy here* HeeeHee :D
  • See you sneaked back and corrected your typo @kathy. Tsk, Tsk!
  • Really threw the cat amongst the pigeons there. Such rudeness @catsnbirds. I was only trying to do my civic duty. Since the Stormtrooper nicked your high score I can't report you for that, but I will mention your trolling of an innocent fellow nester. Anyways, in poker terminology, I see your finger and raise you two.
  • Ah, @BrianN , you certainly are the definition of “an innocent fellow nester”. Must be why I enjoy your company in the BP so much! (And just to be clear, the first sentence IS sarcastic, the second sentence sincere.)
    And speaking of poker, on-line betting became legal in Michigan a few weeks ago. Immediately, the TV ads began. Unbelievable number of companies who have gambling sites, and they all advertise at every break. Pretty much replacing the onslaught of political ads, but just as annoying.
  • Yes @BrianN I "sneaked" back and corrected my mistake, as I'm sure you will when you sneak back and correct your misuse of the Non-Word "sneaked" and replace it with the correct tense.. nah I'm not even gonna give you the correct tense of the word Lol!
    And yes @catsnbirds is the epitome of the example of “an innocent fellow nester”. :D
  • I know it's only 9p.m but I'm exhausted.. I'm going to sign off for the night and give my eyes a rest!
    Nighty Night Birdie Friends
  • So I snuck in in my sneakers eating a snickers in my knickers and sneaked 'sneaked' in my sentence. It was all part of a test to see if you were paying attention @kathy. No corrections necessary.
    But really though, I think you'll find sneak is a regular verb and so adding ed on the end gives you acceptable past tense. Snuck is also acceptable if you're a Yank who likes to mangle the English language.

    As for @catsnbirds being an 'innocent nester' Bah! You two are as thick as thieves. Bet you spend you're spare time haunting bridges. Anyways just a few lunchtime ruminations. Bfn.
  • A guy was found with a spade buried in his head. Police suspect skullduggery.
  • I have to take issue with some grammar here. @kathy keeps using your when she means you're. And now @briann has just used you're when he meant your. Is this a secret code? Or do you both know it really winds me up. The apostrophe police will be on the lookout, you have been warned!
    On a lighter, can't think of anything. Back to Grumpy Old Man mode then.
  • Now that I know your annoyed I'll work on it lest you're dander gets up. BTW are you a member of the 'Punctuation Saves Lives' movement?
  • Today's Poached Eggs Challenge is pure luck. No possible skill. And yet @asher is still at the top of the list. I think he may have sold his soul to Rovio.
  • How much for do you think? Perhaps the comfy chair was thrown in.
  • I think the Devil sold his soul to Asher
  • My ears are bleeding BTW. Think it's because we haven't had a Twiggy update in ages.
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