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  • @BrianN really bad bottom partial denture! :(
  • Hello Dan. Remind me never to eat crisps blindfold with my nose completely blocked.
  • Whew I made it lol
    Thanks for the heads up @DesperateDan I normally don't take the Crown on purpose, ever, in fact I think this is my first time, I'm ashamed , but I thought for sure @BrianN would jump in and snatch it! What a relief to get that Fez off my head!
  • You have a bad bottom.?
  • Heehee Seed I knew Brian was just waiting for the chance ! I beat us to it Bri :P~
  • I have 5 teeth left on the bottom, bad gums, and a partial denture, can't chew very well, plus everything I eat gets caught in between, it's a struggle, I've lost 40 pounds in 3 years since, and I couldn't afford to lose any!! I currently weigh 68 pounds ..
    I recommend every one keep the teeth you have, no matter what!
  • Speaking of teeth and weight, I gotta go eat dinner
    No idea what to watch on TV now? Suggestions welcome ;)
  • Hmm, an ABO Challenge where I am already in 2nd place. Gonna be tough. But I was already an Asher Basher. I think he will be coming for me. The fez will help. Let's wear the fez and see if it has special @asher proof powers.
  • Just catching up on last nites activity. As you know I like to keep up with the more important things. @kathy,you're using the wrong dental fixative, I've seen the advert. She eats a toffee, bites an apple, eats a toffee apple. Goes to parties, smiles all day and gets picked up by a guy 20 years younger. All because she uses Fixodent. No one should have to live without crisps.

    On that subject, a caveat to @desperatedan 's kinky crisp scenario:Seabrook' s fish and chip flavoured crinkle cut crisps. They smell vile. So bad my family won't let me eat them in the house! Have to have a bag with my lunch when at work.
    I know what ur thinking:Why eat them in the first place? They actually taste fine. Never have my nasal cavities and my taste buds been so conflicted.
  • I love kidneys. But they stink of urine. I wonder why. We are mainly veggie at home.
  • No sign of @asher yet. The fez is working.
  • You should have lead lined that fez.
  • Hey, I'll be back.
  • He's an absolute beast. Best not tell @kathy,she'll go off on one.
  • Aww @DesperateDan I See @Asher swooped in and snatched the Trophy :(
    You better get Flinging to get your second place back anyway!
    @BrianN I don't use dental adhesive,, I don't need it for the top denture it fits quite snugly, is a full denture. My bottom is a partial, and because of the gum disease, gum loss, bone loss , I have nothing to put the adhesive on, and still the pockets in between the 5 teeth that I Do have are so bad, food would get caught in there anyway! I can't win! Ideally a Bone Graph and implants would work, but I don't have a spare $20k laying around :(
  • Well, that's me told.
  • Sorry , Didn't mean to go on about my teeth, it's a sore spot... I regret ever having it done
    Advice to all, keep what the Good lord gave ya, and take care of it,
    The best Sight is Hindsight.
  • Wow, I've been peppering my best score and just had one that almost would have got the trophy if only... That's the name of the game.
  • Sounds like a sore spot. Typical day in the BP. We've had vile smelling crisps, kidneys that smell of urine and now gum disease. I'm off to bed before I start having nightmares.
  • Just away to post my measly score. Nite all.
  • G'Night @BrianN and not such a measly score! Right behind Comex666 and he flings 24\7
    @DespeperateDan I can't even count how many times I've said 'If Only' concerning Flinging many episodes
    I'll have you all know, I never even payed attention to the Challenge, but now I keep the tab open so I can check it, and cheer on the BP team :)
    I'll try during the week seeing as I'm home from work for the week:)
    @Gumby sending *Good Vibes* hope your recovering well??
  • Sorry @kathy, can’t resist sending you this:

    Good advice from the Singing Dentist:

    My favourite crisps are paprika, available only in Swiss Co-op. Love sitting on the balcony, crisps in one had, a glass of white wine in the other. It’ll be a while before I get back there again. . .
  • Hey@tompuss how do you eat the crisps with a glass of wine in the other hand? BTW worcester sauce flavour is the daddy.
  • @BrianN Easy! Glass of wine in one hand, crisps are on the table! Other hand free to pick crisps up!

    OB! A cup of strong Swiss coffee for this gentleman here! :-)
  • HeeeHee @Tompuss I love the singing Dentist :D
  • Ah,very clever @tompuss,but can you ski down the Matterhorn on one leg with wine in one hand and crisps in the other while singing Rule Britania?

    You may find this amusing. My dad used to play indoor bowls and every year they used to have an annual do. This one year he asked me to come along with him and mum. As a teenager I said I'd rather have my teeth pulled out. So he said one of the acts was called the singing dentist (not as talented as the one in the video I found out) not only that he was my dentist when I was a wee boy and mum said there was one time I bit his finger and he refused to treat me anymore(result). Anyways I did end up going and boy did he get his revenge. He was dire, country and western but not as we know it
  • Ok, my dentist anecdote. I lived next door to a dentist and we occasionally chatted. One day he said he had been doing some DIY which involved drilling a hole in the kitchen wall. Unfortunately he drilled into a live wire which had thrown him back across the room. It had really shaken him up and now he said he was terrified of doing any more drilling. Sounds like my sort of dentist.
  • Sad news. One of the top vasectomy doctors in the US has just died. Dr Richard Chopp, Dick to his friends, has snipped his last. This is true.

    Another case of nominitive determinism.
  • There's a neurosurgeon called Lord Brain.
  • Has a huge IQ apparently. In my fantasy world his first name is Brian and he comes from Braintree.

    Which reminds me of a brief but glorious period in the history of Bundesliga club Wolfsburg, when their manager was called Wolfgang Wolf. You can't make it up.
  • Brian Brain was a county cricketer who played in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • There were loads of these in New Scientist. I recall an undertaker called Snuffit, dentists called Fang and Pullitt, a urologist called Weedon and even a doctor called Docktor.
  • Hey Everyone, @DesperateDan I can't tell if that's a joke or... Lol
    I read it aloud to Dave and my friend Lorreta, she used to have a neighbor named Richard Head, He used to like watching the birds and got really nasty when her cat is to scare them off, they just called Him Dick , not being aware of his last name :/
  • Not jokes @kathy, truth is stranger than fiction.

    Anyway, the mighty @asher can't touch your score in today's Challenge. Boosh!
  • Lol @DesperateDan I guess it's true the old saying "Truth is Stranger than Fiction"
    Thanks for the about out about my score, 'bout time I try to win my trophy back, but highly unlikely @Sglouk is a fierce competitor, I'm no match for him :/ doesn't mean I can't at least try!
    I've found another series to watch on Netflix 'The Chronicles of Shannara' a bit kiddish but I like kid movies :D
    See ya...
  • So much for getting that Trophy back, my Flinging tablet battery is almost dead! Makes no sense¿ It was 95%2 days ago when I plugged it in, and it's been plugged in since?
    I need @Gumby to 'splain that one to me¿?¿?
    BtW @Gumby is doing better, moved to a rehab place yesterday or early today..
  • Your surname is Head, that's got to be tough enough in the playground. But then you give him Richard as a first name. What kind of parenting is that?

    Great score on this ch. level @kathy.You must have absolutely nailed it. Think Asher climbs into his criogenic chamber at 10.00pm so you should be safe. Off to post my measly score. Nite all.
  • That's what I was thinking @BrianN Father must've been a D*"'%Head too!
    Nighty Night .. Sleep well Zzzz'''
  • I know I've played this song before, but it's been a long while.. very long while, a few years maybe, but it's worth another listen, I know @Sweetpn likes it , hope you all do :D
    *Gently hipchecks the Jukebox*
  • I know, I know OB.. sorry I was to lazy to come around and get nickels, and you were in the back.. and the blues were in the Aviary... and.. uhmmm.. yeah..
    Drinks on the House :D
    Yeah yeah OB I'll fix them myself... Just keep your cool.. please, no blowing up please..
  • Well I gave it a fling or 2 anyway, but no improvement
    Battery dead low now..
    Watching Shannara..
    Nighty Night Birdie Friends. .. ♡♡♡
  • Twiggy had a bad dream, or something so I was up at 0300 when the Challenge flipped over and I posted my new score after about 10 minutes. It's still leading after 5 hours! I predict it will finish bottom unless I can improve.
  • Evening all and a special Beachboys style good vibration to @gumby,hope you continue to get better. Will not be such a gobby git for a while as we have our moving date and it's all go but will keep up to date with all your shenanigans.
  • @DesperateDan I really wish you had an easier name to type lol.. I hope Twiggy has recovered from her bad dream, not a bad score at that! What was that you mentioned previously about Asher and Rio?
    @BrianN not very nice of you to jump and and best Dan's score and then say see ya ;/
    Moving you say, good luck, hope it's everything you dreamed a new home to be!
    Ask @Hunnybunny she knows about moving during this crazy time!
    I'm just checking in to say hi! Still a bit sore from the surgery, I wish it was still Tuesday, I gotta go back to work on Monday .. ugh..:(
  • Oh dear, Twiggy second bad night in a row so I was there for the last 10 minutes of the same Challenge that I posted my best score for in the first 10 minutes (do keep up at the back). Almost cracked it! Anyway, no hope of doing the Space level, I'd have to unlock 15 levels just to get anywhere near it.
    Thought @asher would get a higher score than that, anyway.
  • Gotta get up at 0630 to go shopping to avoid the cattle rush. Sigh.
  • Hibernation has a lot going for it.
  • Asher always gets a higher score. Wonder what he does with all those puppies? I think he makes smoothies out of them. Slush puppy anyone? One for all you dog lovers out there.

    Surgery seems to be trending out there @kathy.Hope u r well.
  • I’m lost with @kathy post about moving house @desperate dan
    If you are thinking of moving, anything whatsoever: houses, bowels, docking a boat, parking a car, rearranging furniture (expert on that, ask Mr Bunny, especially on a Sunday Afternoon after a boozy lunch) ask me
    Also an expert on realigning cupboard doors, putting stuff into cheap boxes (Argos better than Ikea), storing alcohol, hanging clothes on rails as new house has no cupboards whatsoever outside the kitchen.
    I’m you girl
    Oh, I lied there’s a dusty gas meter cupboard
  • Hey @Hunnybunny, @desperatedan might be surprised to find out he's moving. (yeah I know @kathy's posts are very confusing).
    We seem to have things in order, but if I ever have trouble with constipation I know where to come. You should join us more often here in the bowels of the nest.
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