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  • Don't do it Kathy. And I meant transducer.
  • How about a wrestling match for the crown instead?
  • Nahh @BrianN ,I didn't realize the page was changing again so quickly!! Guess I'm stuck with the Fez :( actually it's much lighter, just not as sparkly ;)
  • Lol @BrianN you have "been a right gobby git today" *insert Rolly Guy* heeeheee
  • I'm off to bed before u accept the challenge. You're too feisty. Nite all.
  • Happy birthdays to @karen68 and @captREC !
    @gumby So glad you are on the mend, good to see you back!
    And congratulations to @BrianN and @DesperateDan on your well deserved badges.
  • Nighty Night @BrianN Sweet Dreams.. see ya tomorrow
    Btw I'm not gonna do it, can't be bothered atm..
    Waiting for the doctor's complaint about the Mirror, maybe he's not liking his own reflection¿?
  • Nighty Night Birdie Friends ♡
  • This is turning into the world's longest knock knock joke. OK Frank who?
  • Thanks @catsnbirds.See you've a good score on today's ch. level. Nothing much for me yet. Tho I will say I'd rather be in a Rio playground than Outer Space.
  • Frank who for all being such good friends.

    Normal service will be resumed shortly.
  • Normal service resumed for Derby County(tee hee as Kathy might say.)
  • Hey @kathy I know I called myself a gobby git yesterday, but it's a bit rich coming from you. You make me look like a Trappist monk. I reckon 50% of all comments on the nest are from you. If there's a Talky Girl badge I nominate, second and third you.
  • Are they marmosets or ring tailed lemurs? Or should we just call them monkeys? Anyways the one that sits on the bottom next to the fruit(he's a bottom feeder alright) I'm calling him a little beezer. Was sitting on 74k exactly with 4 birds in the hutch/coop/aviary when he did his little tap dance and survived. Oooh I so want to drop a pile of bricks on his head.
  • Let me make it quite clear, I am not a fan of Derby County. Even though they played in the very first match I saw. Arsenal v Derby in 1969. My friend supported Derby and we went there for his birthday treat. I decided to support Arsenal and it was a good call because they won 4 nil and my friend was in tears. Cloughie was Derby manager. But it worked out well in the longer run for both of us because those two teams won the League in the following two seasons. This won't mean a whole lot stateside I guess. Maybe not in Scotland either.
  • Lol @DesperateDan your welcome, and I've no idea What your talking about Derby County, Arsenal? I'm assuming the UK version of Football or what we call Soccer , or is it the other way around?
    @BrianN you'll get a kick of of this.. I play a game on my phone called 'Words with Freinds' is like scrabble, my user name is 'NotChattyKathy' like the doll hahaha! Reason being is there are a lot of weirdos who play, guys try to chat with you, and usually after saying hello, their second or third question is "are you married" at that point I mute them, or if I'm particularly '"feisty" I give them a load of crap.. like "to go a bar or you want to pick up women" not a friggin Word game, how lame can you be? " Or There ARE websites specifically for that purpose"
  • @BrianN I think they are Ring-Tailed marmosets , and yeah I hate when they do that kicking dance and save themselves!!
  • @DesperateDan Wooott!! Nice going on the challenge!! Congrats on the Trophy!!
    We don't count Asher as a competitor? Cheaters (or those who have specialized equipment)
    Now let's see an Asher Basher!! You can do it!! Get your best Flinging Finger warmed up!!
  • OK Dan keep ur red n white shirt on. Think if that motley crew beat my team 4-0 I'd be in tears as well. See you've been taking it out on the monkeys. Nice shooting. @kathy you need to get over ur Asher fixation
  • And yes Kathy, you got things the wrong way round as usual. We invented football first and decided to call it football. You guys came later with a game where you throw the ball with ur hands and also call it football!?

    BTW if ur going to play a game called words with fiends u gotta expect weirdos to play.
  • Hey @tompuss,just goes to show cats have lived in their own bubbles since way before covid.
  • Well Kathy you may not know much about 'soccer', but u certainly know ur monkeys. Definitely marmosets in Rio. But I'm sure ring tailed lemurs must be from the same 'branch' of the monkey family.
    @ixan57 might know this place:Blair Drummond safari Park, it's out Stirling way. They have a caged enclosure that u can walk thru containing among other critters r-t - lemurs. We've got a really cute pic of my son when he was about 5 sitting next to one on a wall. Both of them are looking into the camera. They could've been brothers except one had huge orange googly eyes and the other was a monkey.
  • Lol @BrianN what do you mean "as usual" ?? And Why would I expect weirdos with a word game? Ask @hunnybunny she plays also, is connected to FB, so yeah..I guess your right..
    And yeah regarding monkeys, I watch the Animal planet channel lol!
    That's Wicked cool you got to see real life Lemurs , can you upload the pictures of your son with the critter to your ABN album? I can guess which one your describing as the 'monkey' I'm sure your son doesn't have huge orange googly eyes ! At least I would hope not ,I had 2 girls , one was a monkey, the other a Princess ;)
    my girlfriend has 3 sons, all monkeys lol
  • Whenever my son and I play Scrabble it never gets as exciting as your games @kathy. Has any one tried to pick you up in the Bloated Pig? A exploding OB would make them think twice.
  • BTW, lovely new badges much appreciated, thanx to all involved. I promise to be pleasant company from now on. What was the Secret Santa one about?
  • Your very welcome @DesperateDan, well deserved
    I forget what Secret Santa is for, but I think @Sweetp posted a link on the previous page which gives all the information about Badges and Ranks.. I'll try to get there and post the link.
    And no I've never suspected anyone for trying to pick up people in the BP, your right, OB is definitely on top of any funny business that might go on here :D
    We try hard to keep him from blowing up lol!
  • Well 'as usual' you don't read posts properly. I said "words with fiends". See what I did there? See what I can do about photo. It's on one of my wife's devices and she's photo crazy, like finding a needle in a haystack. He has beautiful blue eyes like his mum, he's half monkey, gets that from me obvs.
  • Hey Dan, sure u weren't nominated for a secret Satan badge?
  • Nice to know you have one of each @kathy.My daughter thinks she's a princess, time will tell. We also have a couple of friends who both have 4 boys and no girls. The monkey quotient is thru the roof. Nite all.
  • Yeah @BrianN "as usual" you are correct, I didn't read the post correctly, an yeah Two of same but one of each, sadly the monkey did one to many tricks and left for a better playground :(
    The princess took a hard hit, but came through strong :D
    For your daughters sake, no matter how many monkeys The princess always wins in the end :D
    Sorry I can't concentrate atm
    Nighty night Brian..
  • This venue makes you laugh one moment and cry the next.
    A refuge for humanity.
    Much needed.
  • Hey @kathy,just read your post this morning. So sorry, I'd no idea. Can't imagine how it feels.
  • Thanks @BrianN Yeah it's hard at times but I get through it..
    Great Tune @DesperateDan , we all have our cross to bear.
  • OB Drinks on the House please and open Menu
    I'll have a PigKiller and a plate of Crispy Bacon Bits,, and bring some pizzas please :D
    Let's get this place Rockin'
    *Hip checks the JukeBox*
  • Did i hear someone say free drink. Count me in
  • Hi @kathy,hope u r well. Big fan of bacon bits I notice. I prefer a potato based snack myself. I'll have a packet of crisps please(you guys have to be different and call them chips). Smokey bacon flavour of course.
  • Hey @desperatedan you still waiting for that big bang? Oh cud I have a chenin blanc to go with those crisps?
  • And while I'm at it a nice herbal tea for our recuperating friend @gumby,not sure ur ready for whine yet.
  • Yep @BrianN I love my bacon bits and crispy pig ears :D
    For 3 years , since I had my teeth done, I can't eat anything crispy so virtual enjoyment will have to do :/
  • I am finally on the Final Season, season 7, final episode #19 of The Blacklist, which is partially animated due to they had to stop filming because of Stupid Coronavirus! (Still amazed that my KathyBoard automatically knows that word!)
    Anyway Thanks a lot for the warning @Gumby !! Just kidding, I'll continue watching when the new season comes in September :(
    Hope your doing ok and transfer to rehab tomorrow goes smoothly.
  • Crispy pig ears?!?
  • So what r u gonna do now Blacklist has finished?
  • Also pardon my ignorance about such things but how does having your teeth done correspond with not being able to eat crispy things? If I couldn't eat crisps I'd be mortified. One of my favourite footballers is called Chris Boyd.
  • It is said, if you eat some crisps blindfold with your nose completely blocked, you won't be able to tell the flavour. I saw this experiment on TV and the testers couldn't distinguish cheese and onion from salt and vinegar. Not sure about smoky bacon.

    Hey OB, bring a selection of crisps, some pegs and some blindfolds. We need to conduct some kinky science.
  • Yeah, still waiting for my big bang on 19-11. Got some spinning hats on 19-14 though.

    And thanks for the badge list @kathy.
  • I'll take the fez and leave the crown for the princess.
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