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  • Nighty Night Birdie Friends
    Tomorrow is another Flingin' Day ;)
  • And the Princess says G'nite too :D
    She's so spoiled, she doesn't want someone lifting her 'Precious "Hunk of metal" in the night :P
  • Ooh, @ixan57, @karen68 and @kathy. Thankyou for nominations and seconds. Only just spotted them. Like @briann, not really sure how all that worked.
  • Well @kathy, you said you were 26. I said I was 16. Maybe only 1 year different?
  • I'll take the fez again, if you want.
  • What do you know? Wait ages for a badge nomination then 3 come along at once! Thanks guys. But shuffle truffle? I think u r making that one up @kathy.

    BTW think @desperatedan is trying to to say he's 61,or 601.
  • Thanks also @karen68.Still not sure how things work in the activity section.
  • @karen68 @kathy and @catsnbirds thanks for the back up
  • Good going on the challenge @brianN
  • Thanks @ixan57.Got lucky early on and retired. If someone pips it fair play. Just using same method as most, trying to tickle near pigs ears and hit the potion bottle as low down as possible seems to increase chances of triple pig hitting orange bottle.
    Felt like I needed it after yesterday's ch. Have PTSD after fighting in the Danger Zone. Never bothered purchasing those levels till recently. Are they really fiendish or is it just me?
    Couldn't get more than 128k.Did read in the wt comments that it may have gotten harder, but noticed some pretty nifty scores posted.
  • Thanks also to @catsnbirds for coming out of 'lurking'. Can I nominate all of you for the newly founded 'I put up with @BrianN badge'.
  • With all the stuff kicking off tonight, I thought this classic Dr Strangelove clip might be appropriate.
  • Well Dan am just gonna let that one wash over me.
  • Hey @kathy,hope you r not heading off to Capitol Hill during ur holiday!
  • Having seen how things have played out I apologise for my last post. I am so angry I think I will take a break from commenting on anything for a while. I'm quite happy for my badge nominations to be removed.
  • Hey Dan don't feel too bad, my previous post wasn't too clever either. We're maybe a little distanced from things here in the UK. There are innumerable situations globally that are causing stress for people, non of us are immune, but what helps me cope is having a sense of humour. This place is a bit of a haven from the madness around us and what I like about it is that everyone regularly posting has a healthy world view but also the ability to laugh at it.So chin up, keep posting.
  • Today's challenge has a high skill level. Must be why I'm struggling. @karen68 very helpful video on this one, shows what's possible. Haven't quite pulled off good destruction of solar panels combined with kaboom in the room.
  • Well said @brianN
    @DesperateDan hindsight is a great thing. Get back posting
  • @BrianN the scoring in Piggywood is crazy, really inconsistent. You can get similar destruction & have a 20k difference in score. Not my favourite episode by far.

    @DesperateDan don’t leave us. This is a great place to forget the crazy world for a while.
  • @DesperateDan Don’t leave us! As a US citizen, I appreciate your sense of humor and the viewpoints from across the pond. Don’t make me desperate, Dan! (Okay, I know that was an obvious word play, but I don’t care. It fit the situation;-) )
  • Hey Birdie Friends :D
    @DesperateDan you can have the fez, gladly .. And I've Never seen Dr. StangeLove , but that clip had me Roflmao *insert Rolly Guy here* please don't leave us!! I'll be very sad if you do!
    These are strange times indeed!
  • @DesperateDan also your very deserving of the nomination and second and thirds
    You also @BrianN :)
    The BP is a *No offense zone * meaning none ever meant and none ever taken
    As page 1 says, it's a place to kick back and chill out, share whatever with like minded Birdie Friends :D
    @BrianN congrats on the challenge, I keep trying to find the oomph to Fling a few birds but haven't found it, highly unusual for me* I used to be addicted* lol!
    Ohh and I figured Dan's age before you told me, he left a good hint ;)
  • And for the record *if anyone is keeping records* @DesperateDan I Don't understand what you said that made you say your not gonna post any thing more? *Over my head I guess*
    I used to love records, r'memba when you had to put I little disk in the middle of the 45's to play them on the LP player?? Heehee
  • One more thing, had word from @Gumby He's on the mend :D
  • @kathy Thanks for the update on @gumby , so glad he is getting better! Little disk in the middle of 45’s? I think that knowing what 45’s are makes you old! (I get to say that because I’m older than you are.)
  • Oh never mind, he doesn't work!!
  • G'nite Birdies... Sweet Flights..
  • Happy Birthday to @karen68 and @CaptREC!

    Get cracking, OB!
  • Hi @kathy, I'd wait till tomorrow to have a go at the challenge. Today's will put you off for life. Nobody has posted a score yet8hrs in. Not even the kaiser, who normally likes to puts in a good score over his breakfast coffee and pretzel, has entered one.
  • Noticed it's MI-9. Think it could be a Tom Cruise film when he's too old to be jumping off buildings. About the day he cracked 50k on ABS Pig Bang Mirror world, level 9.
  • Glad to hear @gumby continues to get better. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • Hey c'mon @desperatedan, I'm propping up the leader board just now, you know that's ur job. It's only Sigrid at the moment, say it quietly but I think she overdid it over the holidays.
  • You can stand back and laugh at us all today from your 50k vantage point @karen68.Sglouk is in there, which is an anagram of go sulk. Just what I'm doing at the moment.
  • @kathy do you remember when u had to wind up the gramophone and it had a megaphone attached to a stylus? What's a record BTW?
  • @everyone i am still kicking. Thou it won't hurt much because I have lost a lot of my strength.
  • @brianN and @DeaperateDan nice shiny badges.
    Thanks @sweetp for your help and time
  • Thanks again for putting my name forward @ixan57,you noticed those shiny new badges before I did! Nice for Holly and Ollie to have some company(if I get another underdog badge down the line I'll call him Wally after me). Thanks also to @kathy for the coffee truffle and the shuffle King. Also you fellow Bloaters mad enough to second those nominations. Hugs and kisses also to @sweetp.
    Should I now lapse into a Merryl Streep style ©Oscar acceptance speech?... "I'd like to thank my mum and dad without whom... 3hrs later... Where is everyone?"
  • So @gumby,have they kicked you out of the hospital yet for trouble making? Or will you be in there recuperating for a while?
  • Dave's there, propping up the leader board, all is normal!
  • Sorry @desperatedan, been a right gobby git today. Welcome back.
  • Think I've been over compensating for ur brief absence. Will have less to say in the coming weeks as a house move is in the offing. Or a mouse hoove, can't remember which.
  • Well to start , even though I can't hang the banner..
    Happy Birthday @Karen68 :D
  • @Gumby Wwaaaassssuuppp???
    @DesperateDan Welcome Back!!! Uhmmm... Who's There ??
  • @BrianN I don't know if I mentioned I work at a company who's Founder created the grammaphone , or something to that effect, we specialize in Ultrasonic sound lol! I'll try to post the link
  • Is this the same guy who Invented the orange juicer?
  • Lol @BrianN I don't think sooo , but that was a grand idea :D
    I think I'm gonna give the challenge a couple goings, possibly..
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