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  • And @DesperateDan How Did you know @Ixan57 Was "on the right path" after he said he got out¿
    The plot thickens... I'm pretty sure I have the answer, But I want the answers to the clues leaving up to the conclusion!
    Guess I should read the book lol!
    I feel like Columbo the detective.. always wanting to solve the mystery Even after the answer was revealed !
  • And the Princess is on the trail!! :D
    Thanks @Tompuss for keeping my Crown shiny and safe :)
  • Damn Now I've got a Bunch of crap on my head!! Someone take back the Fez please???
  • I did say, a long long time ago, that DAN was my initials. Anyone want a fresh clue for the A? Well, you will have wait for page 3100. I'm right outta clues. But I'll take the fez @kathy, it needs a bit of a refurbishment after being squashed by the crown.
  • That was the crown, not to be confused with The Crown (Netflix). Don't get ideas @kathy.
    BTW, well done on the clue. No math(s) involved.
  • More about the Official Mouser in Prime Minister’s Question Time!


    @catsbirds should be in on this and the previous page! Are you lurking?
  • FYI @kathy there is nothing unpleasant about about a shitzu, it's a very nice breed of dog. But what is an Asher Asher badge? Autocorrect? Or something altogether more terrifying?
  • @TomPuss Always lurking! Loved the videos of the British cat officeholders. Looking forward to January 20 when we in the USA get an official first cat in the White House again!
  • @BrainN a year or so ago @gumby beat an Asher score, i then suggested that anyone beating a asher score could claim a Asher basher badge. It was deemed inappropriate so we just have a Imagery badge
  • Boston Dynamics rocking robots:

    Nice to see you @catsnbirds xxxxx
  • Ah that makes sense @ixan57. Kathy board strikes again. Though I'm sure @asher wouldn't mind, he could chase his own scores and get a badge at the same time.

    Speaking of badges @karen68 why are some badges closed now yet others remain open, even tho some can only be achieved by accessing versions now difficult or impossible to get. It seems a bit arbitrary.
  • Hey @tompuss,and they didn't even do 'The Robot'!
  • There I was thinking the Boston Dynamics were a basketball franchise.
  • @BrianN I know the SG feather badge was closed because Rovio fixed it & it’s easy to get.
    The others, I’m not really sure, some may not be possible like you said, or a lot of time has passed. I remember one being closed - maybe the DZ one? - and there were objections to it at the time but don’t know much else.
  • @BrianN I’m sure they could play basketball if you asked them nicely :=)
  • Thanks @karen,does that qualify as a stumping? Why don't you have a go at today's challenge. Peejaydee27 is on a roll.
  • It was Dan who made the basketball ref @tompuss,I always thought the franchise in @kathy's neck of the woods was The Boston Tea Party.
  • Oh no Asher has just joined the fray. C'mon u BP guys!
  • The gah is back. Ggggaaaaaaahhhhhh. Would've had a shade over 125k.Sweaty little beezer next to the gravitational circle survived. May need to try the ©@kathy whine.
  • Gaaaasher! Boy when he takes a level seriously he's hard to beat.
  • @BrianN sure you stumped me. :)
  • Someone Rang?? I'm trying it now, It's a Big Boulder it has no 'soft' underbelly lol
    My advice , Read the StRat carefully and follow comes video, and cross your fingers, stick your tongue out the left side of your mouth and wish for luck with that cannisters!
    Asher has high tech equipment, we can't beat him on this one, I don't think...
  • Hey @kathy the gah didn't work. Even had a whine on the walkthru page(maybe that was the call u heard).Need some help with whine protocols.For instance am I being greedy whining when my current score gets me in or near top 5?Still think we should have an Asher Asher badge :=)
  • Hey Brian , A proper Whine (WWWwwwwHhhhhiiiiinnnnneeee) is appropriate when you've been flinging for hours and just can't improve any!! Of course any point of frustration constitutes a whine:D also you could try an honest final plea of begging to the AngryBirdsGoddess!
    On the first shot I ve been trying reduced power, hence rats reference to the 'soft' underbelly of the otherwise big Boulder made of stone!
  • OK I officially give up. I hope I don't see another asteroid fence for a while.
  • Having just read @Asher's comment on today's Challenge, I have realised why we have no chance. He has God on his side. Surely invoking prayer is a Power Up if there ever was one. I think we need to toss his scores.
  • Given up on some these Challenges as they are distracting me from ABO. I am searching for the Big Bang on Birdday Party 19-11. This has involved downloading ver 3.0.0 onto Bluestacks. I am still waiting for my Bang.
  • Btw @briann, looks like I can have one ABO version at a time on Bluestacks. I think you may have asked a few pages ago.
  • I can't recall what I had for breakfast(or even if I've had breakfast) @desperatedan never mind what I was asking a few pages ago. What is this big bang you speak of?

    Don't think we need worry about @asher asking prayers. It's if God answers them, then we can all give up.
  • Ohh I only wish @rat9 was still with us :( he would fling Asher into outer outer Space!
    Best Pa score my 3k? Bah!
  • Makes me want to turn my tablet back on! But I can't be bothered! I won't believe Asher use a power up , just his prescious mouse, high accuracy , non-flingin' skills!
  • Hey, we are not bitter here in the BP. Sad for @rat9 of course, who I did not have the pleasure of knowing. But with such a small community of dedicated flingers remaining, we need to celebrate both technology and craftsmanship side by side. Imagine what @rat9 might have achieved with a comfy keyboard.
  • Still waiting for my Big Bang.
  • Think it's already happened, about 13.7 billion years ago. When you were still in short pants.
    BTW did anyone else find the nest down this morning?
  • Yes @BrianN tried on and off for a hour. Kept getting message problem with the host server
  • Not just me then. Seems fine now tho.Thanks for confirmation @ixan57.

    How is our resident whine connesseur? @kathy have to agree with @desperatedan about @asher. He merely uses what's permissible. The problem lies with the nest allowing it. You can't penalise PC users but it might have been better to have 2 separate catogeries. One for computers and one for android/ios. Sure there are arguments for and against.
  • @brianN have been saying this for months now but get nowhere. My argument is what is the difference between the target power up and a logitec memory mouse, to me they are both assisted aids outwith the principles of the leaderboards
  • @brianN it has been confirmed the nest was down for a few hours this morning uk time
  • Hi @ixan57,thank you very much for those badge nominations, I didn't know such things existed. Thanks also for the kind comments, sure you're not getting me mixed up with someone else?

    You may remember I made that exact same point a few weeks ago (telescope PU v mem mouse) I think it was our friend @gumby--Does anyone know how he's doing? - - who made the observation about there being no way to distinguish which PU had been used.
    I guess it's hard for admin to go back and change things. All those scores are now posted and you 'd have to rely on the individual integrity of each player to amend. I' m sure based on what I've read here and elsewhere on the nest that most would but there would be a few that wouldn't.

    Anyways it pains me to be so serious, so did you hear that the guy who invented predictive text died last week? Yeah his funfair is on monkey.
  • @BrianN that is hilarious, the @Kathy board will probably get it right.
    As far as I know @gumby is going through a fix up (for better words) operation today. Hope all goes to plan @gumby. So I think the worst is behind him.
  • Good news indeed.
  • Got to ask: is playing Rio beneath aaaasssshhheeerrrr's talents? Keep expecting him to sweep in with a score of 200k+.This level is not rocket science.
  • As a protest I have decided to come bottom of the Challenge every day. I'm not sure what I am protesting about but it covers every possibility. Like a pardon for example.

    C'mon folks, it is my birthday today. In @kathy count I am 16.
  • Don't think I'm even going to get to the Challenge today, never been in the Danger Zone before. Space is deep.

    Still waiting for my Big Bang.
  • Congratulations @DesperateDan happy birthday
  • Happy Birthday @DesperateDan!

    It’s my son’s birthday today too.
  • Happy birthday @DesperateDan and @karen68 ‘s son!
  • Happy Birthday @Desperate-Dan :D I wish I had a Banner for you, even if I did I couldn't post it!
    16 you say ?? Couldn't be?? Now you got me thinking about an old/young friend who tried to join us and I was sad He couldn't stay, but rules is rules, I told him to come back when he was 16 :/
    Yimme7 was his name, but I can't even check anything because the Stupid Drop Down menu isn't working for me :( I tried to install a different browser other than Chrome, but my tablet is so old is not supported in Android
  • @kathy Yimmy7 Shows as last active 5 years 11 months ago.
  • Thanks @catsnbirds ;) just a memory lol
    Dan wants me to do Math , which I didn't feel like doing atm..
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