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  • The Queen of the South will rise up - 1 Kings 10. Last happened in 2013.
  • Hey, this crown is getting comfy. You can't both be a Netflix addict and a princess @kathy.
  • I'll let you have the fez.
  • Thanks @karen68.I shall investigate. @desperatedan,pretty sure the only android v with the famous 5 was v3. 4.0.If anyone out there knows how to get hold of it please let me know.

    It's a fun level to play with 3 potions. Have managed the triple distillation effect several times, tho not in conjunction with orange. Insane Rider's crazy video... Sorry I'll start that again. Crazy Rider's insane video is still there on the nest walk thru page. Cool.
  • Got another question for you @karen68,oh oracle, is it tea time where you are? No that's not the question. Why does my egg count say I've only completed 35 of 36 eggs? On ABO. I know I've successfully done them all. Is it maybe to do with the ios only red egg? I presume the king pig egg is not actually complete able. Have you any brain left? Cos I keep picking at them.
  • @BrianN there is a diagram somewhere in the nest that shows the golden eggs and has their numbers on them. Also I think it shows where to get all the eggs from. If you figure out what number egg you are missing that might help.
  • @BrianN the iOS red egg is included in the numbering so that’s probably it. I assume you’re on Android?

    Funny you used the word “oracle”, we have always affectionately called my Dad “the oracle”, as he’s a fountain of useless information.
  • Thanks @karen68,in your case its useful information. I've never had an apple device, now that ABO is no longer in apple store that's another level I won't get to play. My daughter has an I phone but never downloaded angry birds. I am alone with my obsession in this house.

    Thanks [email protected] red egg is defo the culprit.
  • Managed to successfully download v 4.0.0pc.Got the activation key. Unlocked15 levels of Short Fuse. Got the Golden Egg... ONLY 3 POTIONS... GAAAAAAAAAAHH...

    The search for 3.4.0 goes on.
  • Howdy all just passing through.
    @desparatedan just seen your conundrum. Not into football but heard that one many moons ago.
    Here's one for fun (because I'm not sure if answer is exact word for word)
    Which biblical character had the first car and what make was it.
  • Seem to remember Moses coming down the mountain in his [email protected]
  • @BrianN I looked on my old phone from 2015 and went to GE31 there were 2 potions hanging upside down attached to a wood plank and another one swinging on a string
  • Continuing the biblical theme, the world's first palindrome was from the Garden of Eden.
    "Madam, I'm Adam"
  • @brianN, I am genuinely concerned about what will happen if you get you hands on those 5 potions. Do not under any circumstances be up a ladder at that time.
  • Sometimes I need a potion just to get up my ladder. I took some valium to calm down after yesterday. Forgotten how much fun Short Fuse levels are. Angry birds, my drug of choice.
  • That's the standard version @gumby.Totally convinced v 3.4.0 android(and I presume ios) is the only place to find 5 potions for the price of 3.Also think @karen68 is right about pc v 4.0.0 being the first computer v. with Short Fuse. My conclusion is those meddling interfering boffins at Rovio(or Men in Black as I like to call them) saw what was happening and reconfigured the level on PC v. before it was released. Happy to be corrected on that one.
  • Talking of Golden Eggs, just got a message yesterday saying that I had lost my trophy on GE29 which I didn't even know I had. So many have been disabled, I don't bother ever going there.
  • Was that @kathy snoring under a table?

  • Wouldn't want her to miss a page
  • For the most part GE levels are not Rovio's best work. But GE#31 well worth a visit @desperatedan.I'm [email protected] will be back with a fusilade of posts at the bottom of the page. She wants that crown back.
  • @everybody Happy Thanksgiving
  • Hey @karen68 how do you Canadians get on with Thanksgiving? Do you make like a cat? Yawn and look the other way? The turkeys in UK love this time of year. Give it a month, that's all I'm saying.

    3 NFL games on Thurs. That's my kind of tradition(make that 2,darned covid).

    Happy Black Friday.
  • Absolutely caketastic. You'd feel bad cutting that up and eating a [email protected]
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate in November!
    @DesperateDan I must've missed something? Your reference to The Queen of the South?
    I know I'm waaayyyy behind, sorry about that my connection hasn't been great, and my tablet is getting really old.. that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Just signed in and have 48 unread messages!! Not all from the Nest but most, I'll never catch up..
    Finished dinner about and hour or so ago, now just shaking off the Turkey coma!
  • Hi @kathy, so it was you snoring off the turkey. BTW, what do you guys eat at Xmas? We are a veggie household here so all turkeys get a pardon. Not sure what heinous crime they are supposed to have committed. Anyway, don't worry about the Queen of the South reference, that one was for Scottish patrons only.
  • Darn, a Brass Hogs Challenge today. I can't get there.
  • Talking of cake, here's another conundrum which probably only works this side of the pond. The Rolling Stones famously had a cake on the cover of their Let it Bleed album. But who made the cake?
  • Bbbbbrechin was Bbbbaltic today. Any call for window cleaners in California?

    Hi @kathy,nice to hear from you. Did your ears prick up at the mention of a Queen.?A challenge to your regal authority. Relax, she's been dead over 3000 years. Hey that's how long you've been watching Blacklist.

    Actually I thought you might have been kidnapped by James Spader. Think that would make a good spin-off series.
    We'd need a working title though. How about 'Where' s Kathy'? Too obvious?
    Maybe if it was set in the deep South it could be.. 'Don' t u sass me chile, I is Kathy n I will wup ur ass Spader! '
    Perhaps more the Kathy we know and love, this would go down well in the bible belt..' Never mind the Blacklist, where's my effing shopping list, you left wing sh*t**rs*'

    So @kathy what was it like waking up on Thurs morning weighing 7st wet thru, then waking up on Fri morning weighing 14st? Do they give you the Friday off, or is that why they call it Black Friday?
    Are you still feeling like a bloated pig? Come down to the Bloated Pig, I'll buy you one. Hear they do a mean Molotov cocktail. Fiery, can cause indigestion, but guaranteed to blow ur head off.
  • Lol @BrianN, we Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. With turkey, lots of it. It’s never a pretty sight. Although it was very different this year with no family over to gorge themselves.
  • You Cannucks just have to be different. Bet you spend the evening speaking French as well.
  • Hey @desperatedan,seeing as no-one else wants a slice of ur cakey connundrum, I'll have a stab. Your mystery Baker is not Keith Richard.
    There are a few synapses in my brain coming up with a connection. The person I'm thinking of was an actress who hung around with The Stones in the late sixties? Maybe had a dalliance with one of them, or was it all of them? Or was it The Beatles? What a slapper.
    Anyways fast forward 2 decades, she's now sleeping with the controller of the BBC. She says"Darling, can I have my own TV show? "" Sure, what's it about? " Oh, I don't know, what about making cakes?"
    Thus television history was made. Gateaux's have never been the same since. Pretty sure she brought out some cake products on the back of it. Was it Jane Asher? (After calling her a trollop I hope she's not related to our Asher, he'll be after me with his catapult.
  • It [email protected] u've been a naughty boy
    Crime? Not doing ur Space missions
    Punishment? You probably don't think I'm taking the Advent challenge seriously @karen68 but I have another suggestion: any level of Brass Hogs Dan hasn't unlocked yet.
    And before @gumby says these levels are not Wintry enough to qualify, I say it's pretty cold in space. Nearly as cold as Brechin(my timbers are still shivered).
  • Wow, that's a pretty cool cake @tompuss! And thank you for music videos. Penny Lane has always been my fav song (haha).
    @kathy, Queen of the South is a very interesting TV series about a drug cartel run by a woman. I've been hooked on it since it first aired (USA network)! Can hardly wait until season 5 starts sometime next year. You can watch seasons 1-4 on Netflix.
  • Gosh, Queen of the South a drama series as well as a minor Scottish football team. I'm trying to work out the plot of the new one coming out, Brechin City. It's about turf wars between rival glacial technicians in the Brechin area. In the first episode someone sets up a giant wind machine just around the corner from where Brian is working up his ladder, with unpleasant results. It's gonna run and run.
  • Not Jane Asher (or Marianne Faithful for that matter).


    Delia Smith

    (That didn't really work did it?)
  • Just watched the English Super League Grand Final. What a brutal arm wrestle. Those boys r tuff. Makes our professional footballers look a bit silly.
  • Was I right about it not being Keith Richard?
  • More serious question. In Brass Hogs you have to open levels by completing tasks. A lot of them ask for feathers. What's that about, then? I think I am contractually obliged to ask this of the Oracle @karen68.
  • It wasn't Keith Richard. Neither was it Keith Richards. The world needs pendants.
  • Giant wind machine? Weren't they a band from the 70's?
  • Did wonder about that. Should've settled for Johnny Depp's dad. Are we still allowed to mention The Depster? Or has gone the way of Spacey?
  • Trying to have a real time conversation here is impossible. Just noticed ur comment reg brass Hogs and feathers(puts on serious face) To get a feather you need to get a 100% score using the space eagle(that's the eye symbol at the top left of screen) I think there are walk thru levels on the nest for any given level.
  • Jeezy y'all have been busy!!
    Happy Birthday @Sweetp!
    I'm still having connection issues, Cable\Internet guy is coming tomorrow!!
  • Jeezy y'all have been busy!!
    Happy Birthday @Sweetp!
    I'm still having connection issues, Cable\Internet guy is coming tomorrow!!
  • @desperate-dan like Brian said. But it works really differently from the Mighty Eagle so watch a few walkthroughs.

    Happy Birthday @Sweetp!
  • @DesperateDan the cake maker was Delia Smith :)
    Yes I cheated and Googled it lol!
  • Ohh *embarrassed* I should've read more.. I see I'm hours late with my cheating answer!
    Gotta go,, James Spader is forcing me back to my dungeon!
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