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  • @gumby, I would just go to It is a download site for Android.

    I got my 3 stars on Red Planet 18 but nothing in right hand lower corner. Sigh.
  • [email protected],r u winding us up? Thought u worked for Rolls Royce. Maybe u said Roy's Rolls?
  • @gumby, have the fez, you are welcome to it.
  • So, Princess Dan. You still spaced out? Stay on red planet, but come out from the level u just played so that u can see all the planets. At the bottom right u should see 2 circles. One on far right is exclamation mark(press that to find out ur 3 missions for the day) The one to the left of it (as described in my earlier post) is to take u into mirror world. If you can't see it there's something up with the version u downloaded.
  • @desperatedan you have to be on the page that shows the levels. As long as I have been playing there has been the swirly looking circle in the lower right corner.
  • @desperatedan I went to the site and it looks good. Do you know if the downloads are free? @peejaydee27 lost his ABO and needs to replace it.
  • Yes, the AB ones were free. Only caveat may be that Space doesn't allow Mirror worlds. However, you don't have to download the latest version (which I did). All older versions are available. There are 5 versions all called 2.2.14 so maybe I will try another one.
  • No good, do I go earlier?
  • Are we calling this saga "Lost in space"?
    A few months ago I lost all my progress on space(annoying cos I'd just boosted all my scores from 3 * to above av. scores a few weeks prior to that) You may have noticed the ref to fruit loop levels available to US players? Being a bit of a fruit loop myself looked at the comments and can't remember if it was @snoid or @gladvoid(always get the oids mixed up, don't u?) (Good job Richard Hell & the voidoids don't contribute, that wud really confuse me) observed that by using a US VIN No u cud download space and get those extra levels.
    Please don't ask me how it all works. Apart from maybe Pa Crood, I'm the least tech savvy guy u will come across. But work it does. Just Google VIN Nos. The site I used was called 'Hide Me'. Which suggests it might get used for nefarious purposes. Advantage with this site was u got free 7 day trial and u didn't have to put in card details. I got the option of 4 or 5 US Nos, Once it was up and running just googled ABSpace and that was that. Extra levels fun to play, but more importantly it has multiple mirror worlds!!! This is the same version u mentioned earlier.
    If you just decide to get an earlier version don't go too early as mirror worlds weren't part of original game. There is a list of version updates in the nest somewhere.
    Q on the upto down site. My device won't let me download from there. Says something like'this site does not follow protocols' or words to that effect. How did u get round it? Or was it not a problem for u?
  • When I say vin no I mean vpn nos. Think even pa Crood has the edge on me, or was it too much vino?
    On the subject of the dreaded glitch. Found I can get into the BP thru the back door. Type in bloated pig in the far right search box, it brings u to a box claiming 100,000 comments in the BP(Most of them by @kathy I'm guessing) Click on this box and it brings u to a link straight to the BP.
  • @Gumby Waaassssuuuuupppp??? The Fez looks good on you, and I'm sure @DesperateDan is relieved to have that removed from under His Crown, although i don't know which way he had both on his head, I'm assuming the Fez was on top as he got it After the Crown making it easier to grab it the top lol!
    I'll again try to put up a screenshot of the page that shows the Mirror world portal!
  • Yes i have version 2.2.14 But i think (pretty sure it's the premium version) which i paid for
    On my phone i have version 2.2.1 which is HD But i think they both have mirror world.
    Screenshot coming soon, i think..
  • Hope this works
    @DesperateDan The bottom hand corner , version 2.2.14 , portal to Mirror world, that swirly magnifying glass thingies, but as said , you need to 3 star the corresponding episode in regular space. ie..3Star all of Pig Bang, then it will be available in mirror world, the swirly portal might not appear until you 3 star the corresponding episode.
  • @BrianN How Does All that Work? And who's Pa Crood ??
    I think i understood, none of what you said, but half of what you meant?¿ ;D
  • Uptodown not a problem for me on my Samsung, apart from the obvious problem. Yes I know it's early, my body clock is still on British Summer Time.
  • @kathy, thankyou. The portal is certainly not there but you may have solved the mystery. You are the first person to say that I have to 3 star the whole episode, rather than just the level. I got the 3 stars on Red Planet 18 but I am mainly 1 stars elsewhere. I am a space cadet, not an astronaut!

    Yeah, what's this Pa Crood stuff? Does he live in Montrose?
  • Yes, Pa Crood does live in Montrose.
    @desperatedan.On all the ABS games I've played you only have to 3* the level you want to play in mirror world. eg If the next daily ch. is M W red planet 5.You only have to finish levels 1-4 on red planet. Levels 1-4 in MW would remain unlocked, but you cud play level 5 in MW as long as u 3* that one.
    But if you don't have that pink button ur stuffed. That should be there even before u play any of the levels. Maybe it's an older v. masquerading as a later one.
    @kathy,I told u not to ask me how it works. And I know ur just winding me up.
    1 You live in the US and so automatically get these extra levels.
    2You also r a fruit loop.
    Have u ever seen that old Simon Pegg comedy 'Spaced'. Well worth checking out if u haven't. That's my final word on the subject.
  • @DesperateDan Your welcome, but i think i made a mistake on the version, i think it's version 2.2.1 that is the premium, and looking at Google play Store, looks like I paid to unlock Mirror World! I wish My Pa @rat9 was here, he'd know, He's the king of Space after all.
    Maybe @comex666 , or @Sglouk could help us out here?
    Uhmm @BrianN I may be a Fruit Loop lol.. And the episode Fruit Loops isn't anything special, not even an open Leader Board for it..
  • I need to do more research..
  • Have you cat lovers out there come across Maru & Hannah on Utube? They are the male & female equivalent of Laurel and Hardy in the cat world. The male is big and oafish, while Hannah is sleek and very clever. Just like humans eh? In reverse obviously.
  • Didn't they feature on page 2986?
    Limbo dancing or the like.
  • Hey, I never wanted mouldy old Mirror Worlds anyway.
  • Sound of teeth gnashing.
  • Possibly @desperatedan.I must have missed that one. Saw Nanny, the game of thrones cat. If Zoolander had a cat(it's incredibly good looking) Do you think Derek Zoolander lives in Mirror World?
    Anyway the Maru video that amuses me most is the one where he gets his head stuck in a box, while Hannah stands back snickering. Cheaper than Netflix.
    @desperatedan try 3 starring Brass Hogs level 9-2, I think that may unlock Mirror Worlds for you. To unlock the Brass hogs levels you need to complete some daily missions.
  • @desperatedan I am pretty sure finishing Brass Hogs level 2 will unlock the Mirror World for you
  • Thanks @gumby, I will try. Hope it's not a tough level. In Space, no-one can hear you scream.
  • @desperatedan I think the tag line is In Space no-one can hear you squeal. :)
  • @Gumby Waaassssuuuuupppp????? @Karen Wwwasssuuppp heehee nice to see you
    @DesperateDan , Gumby that sounds vaguely familiar Brass Hogs 9-2... And missions to open Mirror world! I think your correct?
    I've no idea what movie Dan and Karen are referring to??
  • Think it's from Alien.
  • @kathy yes it’s from Alien. Adapted for pigs of course.
  • I thought Seasons always followed ABO in the Challenge. But not today. It's my bete noir, Mirror Worlds. Sob.
  • Yaaaaay! I completed Brass Hogs level 2 (only 2 stars) and the Mirror World button appeared. Thank you @gumby, I can now waste even more of my time not getting puppies! ;-)
  • Put out the bunting. Order a brass band. The final episode of 'Lost in space' has a happy ending! Nice one @gumby.
  • Hey @desperatedan,try a pinot noir. Much nicer in my opinion.
  • @desperatedan you are welcome
    @BrianN final episode lol. Now he will be lost in Space for quite some time with double the levels.
  • @desperatedan normally Seasons is after ABO but they switched it so we get a Halloween level from Seasons starting tonight.
  • Hello @karen68.I officially nominate you as the resident nest historian/archivist/oracle/&knower of all things feathery. I shall no doubt summon your powers at a future date.
  • @karen68, I am a little worried about your statement that "they" switched it. Who are "they"? "They" are responsible for a lot of unpleasant things if you check out the media. I really think there ought to be a properly referenced audit trail here ;-).
    Anyway, didn't manage to get all the way through to the Cold Cuts Mirror World Challenge, as there was several hours of effort to even get there and I kept disappearing down other mysterious portals on the way. Space is deep, as Hawkwind once pointed out.
  • Talking of Hawkwind, masters of Space Rock
  • It's going to take me at least 5 to 6 hours at current rate of progress to even get to the Black Pumpkin Challenge. Why did I ever stay from ABO?
    On a more serious note, Space is clearly a class act due to all the gravitational effects. Seasons is entertaining for it's diversity, Rio is just unrelentingy tedious. IMHO.
  • Me, I like Rio. But then it has been said that I'm unrelentingly tedious.
  • Hey @BrianN, now I've heard everything. Here we are hunkering down as storm Aiden sweeps through and one of your mates has come round selling ice creams. Surely that's the ultimate definition of optimism, driving around in an ice cream van one day before November.

    And BTW, don't do yourself down. You have injected a much needed burst of unrelenting tedium into the BP. Keep up the good work.
  • Lol @desperatedan “they” even work their powers here in the humble Nest.

    And @BrianN, “knower of all things feathery”? I like that. :)
  • Not a single trick or treater (for obvious reasons). Usually dish out a couple of tubs of chocolates and eat the leftovers. I'm feeling a little peckish this year.
  • Well @desperatedan,thanks for the encouragement. Since I detected no trace of sarcasm in ur last post I shall share with u an old joke I found in the bottom of my cupboard.
    Some convicts escaped custody when their prison bus collided with a cement mixer. Police are looking for some hardened criminals.
    My mum used to tell me that when the ice cream man played his tune it meant that he had run out of ice cream. Is that true?
  • Speaking of unrelenting tedium, today's challenge is a bit dull. Great shooting BTW @karen68.
  • Speaking of trick or treating, one miserable old scrote left a box of sweets outside his house with the message "Take one and **** off. Isn't covid wonderful, really bringing out the best in people.
  • @BrianN well that’s just rude. As if Halloween wasn’t ruined enough already.

    It’s too bad, I love Halloween but no trick or treaters here either. Not illegal but strongly discouraged & it looks like most people are following that advice for once.
  • Hey there Birdie friends :D
    I second the nomination for @Karen68 as the resident nest historian/archivist/oracle/&knower of all things feathery. Woot!
    @DesperateDan happy to hear you've found Mirror world!! Yep you'll be lost in space for a while, that's ok I'm there right now also trying to regain my 3stars!
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