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  • @kathy woot only 18 1/2 pages to go
  • @Gumby Waassuppp??? Sorry I took a dinner break!
    Wooott!! Congrats on the puppy ,1 more to go then we'll have a party!
  • Yeah Only 18 1\2 pages Jim lol, @DesperateDan says at this rate it'll take until next April!
    Curious Dan, did you do the math, or was the just an off the wall guess lol! Curious why April?
    And btw How is Mummy feeling? Improving daily i hope?
  • @kathy and @gumby, thankyou so much for your help. I tried so hard to get a puppy but only playing ABO makes it tough. Then I finally get one and what do you know? Another one pops up 4 days later. Then I see the huge number others have and I am in awe of you. Much respect!
  • @kathy, April based on fact that 19 pages ago was November so I was assuming a similar gap going forward 19 pages. In the early days you guys must have been filling several pages every day. A very noisy bar but I doubt everybody had time to listen to each other. OB is a little more chilled these days.
    Thanks for asking about Mummy. She is still recovering and it is hard for her but when I come off furlough I will be working at home so that will help. I rather suspect I may never work in an office again and this may be true of many. I think we will see a huge shift in working practices and firms will save on overheads and thus allow it long term, regardless of Covid.
  • @desperatedan When I started flinging back in 2015 I had no clue what a puppy was and I only flung ABO. Now Seasons, Space, Star Wars and Rio. Mostly Seasons now. You will most likely expand your flinging adventures in the future.
  • Very quiet here. I'll tell a true story. Some years ago I was talking somebody from the small church I attended to at the time. A young woman from Liberia. She mentioned that she would be away the following week because she was attending a prize giving with her Aunt. I asked where she was going and she said it was Oslo. I said that it was a long way to go just to get a prize and she said it was the Nobel prize ceremony and her Aunt had won the Nobel Peace prize. And so she had! Leymah Gbowee, Liberian peace activist in 2011, jointly with two other women. What a proud moment that must have been, don't you think OB?
  • @DesperateDan , so sorry I've been neglecting the Pub,
    Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, many thanks for keeping OB entertained with your company:D
    Wow that's quite a story! An actually Nobel Peace Prize winners Niece! I will look it up tomorrow, haven't been feeling well today
    Sorry to hear Mummy is still having a hard time, I'm sure when you are in furlough things will be easier. Yes all our lives have been changed because of this horrible virus!
    Gnite my friends
  • Thanks @tienshenlong. A couple of interesting things I hadn't known about the peace prize; it is the only one awarded in Norway, the rest are given in Sweden. Also that nobody was awarded it in the year Ghandi died on the grounds that nobody was worthy of it that year, which was hugely controversial.
    As a mathematician, I am a little sad there is not one for mathematics but I guess it was thought that maths did not advance so much benefit on mankind, and I am inclined to agree.
  • I don't think I am an authority to enlighten this community on the mysteries of the infinite other than to repeat a comment that an author friend made in a book he wrote called "How to bluff in mathematics" where he pointed out that university mathematics consists of 0, 1, infinity and the Greek alphabet. You will encounter far more actual numbers at primary school.
    I also knew the man who wrote the Ladybird book of maths (this will only make sense to flingers in the UK, in as much as anything I write makes sense after a few drinks in the BP).

    Gotta get to page 3000 somehow...
  • @desperatedan we may never get to 3000 at this rate.
  • @tienshenlong LOL I think it was related to the corona virus. Pictures can be contagious
  • @TienShenLong Please refrain from Yelling!
    I've got the situation under control, have already discussed it with @Admins, Trust me, Better this way, we can still post links to our pictures. If you keep on about this, you will have the BP relocated to a less favorable neighborhood! Trust Me!! And
    Everyone just let the pages progress as they will, No need to force it!!
    Please.. While I appreciate your passion,, It will be what it will be!
    Let's not get ourselves moved to groups! I prefer the Old forum style of chatting!
    Don't Make the Princess put her foot down!!
  • @Gumby I'm loving Travelers, now I have to rewind lol!!
    I'll check in to chat soon..
  • Like the end of the rainbow, isn't there a crock of gold at page 3000? That's what I have heard.
  • @tienshenlong, I've been asleep...
  • Sorry guys, I've been preoccupied, still am.. Real life goes on ya know
    @Tienshenlong, I will put some thought into your idea, and we'll come up with a game, or contest, or maybe trivia, but I Don't want to just post for the sake of reaching 3k pages, seriously , that would just not be honest! We can play music, idk, I've still got lots to do and I'm seriously using my down time to catch up on a show I'm watching i have so little down time, I'm using it to my best ability, For Me! Which i seldom do. Right now I'm doing ','Nest stuff' here and at home..
    @desperatedan a rainbow has no end, It forms a complete circle.
  • @Ambfouch Hi welcome to the BP! Sorry your Greeting got lost in the Confusion of Overly lengthy posts! Which we Don't encourage here! Please make yourself at home, take a look at Page 1 and order up whatever you like! OB is the barkeep and he'll be happy to serve you!
    I'm Kathy, the Hostess , although my shift is over , your welcome to hang out, Are you flinging any particular episode? Please tell us about your interest in Angry Birds?
  • Yes, hi too @ambfouch, from the other side of the pond. OB is a good listener, so if no-one else is in, you can talk to him (I do).
    @gumby, you may have hit on the fundemental flaw in my statement about rainbows but let's keep it quiet between ourselves. Need to keep up morale.
    @kathy, no need to apologise about having some normality in your life. Normality is underrated as perhaps we have all discovered. Twiggy sends some licks, she doesn't nibble any more, hooray!
    And my flinging finger has been red hot recently, as has been our weather.
  • thanks @DesperateDan, *sneaks twiggy a treat*
    I'm just resting, returned to work today, long tough day playing catch up!
    @Tienshenlong Yoir links don't work, for some reason, ??
    I'll try one..
  • Copied link from YouTube..
  • @Gumby Waaaaassssuupp??
    @ixan57 Did you see my note about the train crash in Scotland? Just wondering?
    OB I'll have a Long Island Iced Tea please, with a drop of honey? I know weird, but the Doctor said i should have honey in my tea , it'll help with the bronchial stuff, and I'm sure the Tequila will help too ☺️
    @ixan57 I didn't hear anything about a train wreck until kathy mentioned it.
  • Train crash sadly one of very few leading UK news headlines not Covid related in last 5 months. We'd like some different news but not things like that.
  • Sad news from my (our) good friend @peejaydee27 on the challenge forum. iPad crashed, lost ABO, probably can't get it back. Is it true that there is no way of getting ABO any more? Was it discussed in these parts? Feeling a bit low.
  • @DesperateDan That is sad news indeed :(
    Will keep my ears open!
    @TienShenlong Your links work now :D
    Checking them out shortly..
    Watching season 3 of Travelers.. Very addicting lol
    Thanks @Gumby Waaaaassssuupp???
  • Nest has had the 'Yips' lately, @Karen68 Heeehee , I'm gonna use that till I wear it out! perfect
    Anyway, still in recovery mode, feeling better though.
    Will be more active soon,
    @PeeJaydee27 please stop in, drinks are on the house.. The Nest Scouts are out, and have all ears, and wings spread trying to find you a solution.
    But the BP is always a, well usually, a fun place to share your sorrows, we've all been at a less at times in losing games!
  • Let's play Earworms again!! @Ixan57 idea originally, An Earworm is a song that gets stuck in your head, and you can't get rid of it!
    I'll start with...hmm let me think
    I got one..
  • @Gumby @Ixan57 Waaaaassssuupp???
    C'mon @Tompuss @Hunnybunny you were good at this!!
    This has been going round my head for some reason.
  • @DesperateDan :D good One! Yeah that's an earworm for sure!!l Now will be reeling around in my head too ;)
    How about this one?
    There's a guy at my work who whistles all the time, just randomly walks by whistling a tune and it sticks in my head all day!!
  • @Gumby Waaaaassssuupp???
    My notifications are all wonky!
    I see the Princess popped in :D
  • @Gumby We are playing Earworms .. Join us,, Drinks are on the house :D
    And for some reason This song popped into my head, i think someone in T.V. said USMC.. But this now Is stuck

    Hope i can get it out of my head below i go to Dreamland, which is gonna be soon!
  • Not necessarily an Earworm, but it suddenly popped into my head!
  • On the theme of whistling, I happen to think that whistling in public should be a capital offence. It's always so gratingly cheerful. Have you ever heard someone whistling miserably? I thought not! (This comment brought to you by Bah Humbug productions).
  • HeeHee @DesperateDan I happen to be a subscriber to Bah Humbug productions! What a coincidence! Like those people who are always smiling! What up with that¿ Normal people just don't walk around with a silly grin on their face , right¿?
  • For some reason this always starts up when I unload the dishwasher.
    Note the dreadful miming and unamplified electric guitar.
  • Great Earworm @Ixan57 I actually never heard that one before!
    And lol @DesperateDan that song was actually stuck in my head all day, in between this one anther Monday Earworm
    And No @Captrec that wasn't one of the ones i spoke of in the chat!
  • This is one that I heard today for the first time, I didn't know there were 2 versions, so I don't know the difference but this is version 2
    @captrec I'll post in chat, Idk why but it reminded me of maybe the type of any you'd like, I liked it anyway

    And here's another I never heard before from The Who which surprised me
  • Great little tune @kathy by The Who. Off that album I only knew Squeeze Box so that's been going around my head now. Even the double entendres have double entendres, but I think it went over my young head when it first came out.
    The thing about earworms is that one doesn't even like the song a lot of the time, but it still borrows into the brain.
  • Lol glad you enjoyed it @DesperateDan honestly I never know the Album or what bands sing what songs , and I really don't know what "double entendres have double entendres," means lol!
    But yeah, sometimes i get really aggravated with "The Whistler" cause i Don't even like the song he's whistling, but yep it sticks in my head.
    I'm gonna play an odd one that @Tompuss shared, and it's really Odd, but I kinda like it, it is catchy, stupid and odd but catchy.. Hold on..
  • K I've never heard this version, only heard the Lynyrd Synyrd version, I can Never Spell that! where's damn autocorrect when you need it!!
    But i had to try it
    You guys be the judges, I personally prefer the original
  • Hey OB wake up!! No no no I don't mind if you 'Nap' I can serve myself, But if someone pops in you best be on duty! Yeah yeah the blues are full if energy.. go back to your nap..
    Grabs a Bud Light, and tosses a Hawaain Pizza in the oven.. In the meantime
    Earworm.. For Thursday.. It was supposed to be for Wednesday but didn't get to it, And it's been stuck in my head since!!
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