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  • Thrilled to see you @kimmiecv!

    Sorry the BP isn’t at its best. . . an international gang boosted our entire art collection!
  • @sunshine Always a pleasure to hear from you :-). And thanks to you for the hard and frustrating work you are doing to help us all through this pandemic. How such a worldwide issue can be considered political is beyond me. Stay home, wear a mask when in public, listen to the scientific experts and give thanks to all who are working so hard for us
    And be grateful we can still communicate with each other (and fling birds, of course).
  • @Sunshine Neither am I, AND I believe it's definitely a healthcare priority, of course wear a mask in public, listen to the science, and the Facts, the Statistics, and Don't believe everything the Media tell you. they are definitely blowing it out of proportion to further their ulterior motives.
    I am considered an Essential work, i work for the Dept. of Defense, trust me there's a lot they aren't saying, there's a lot of skewing of the numbers of infected people, and "reported infected'
    I'm not trying to start an argument, so I'll leave it at that.
    And Thank You you to All Our healthcare workers on the Front line! and A prayer for All.
    Be safe my Birdie Friends!
  • @DesperateDan sorry about the crown lol!
    instructions on how to upload pictures coming up soon, later this afternoon :D
  • Hey @sunshine, @catsnbirds

    Yes, I agree, wear masks! This thing won’t go away on its own. .

    Take care, all birdie friends!
  • As a professional data modeller, I agree there has been some very creative use of statistics going on, as well as some mistakes. I had to write to Public Health England to point out that the maps that the government were publishing on their official Covid website (i.e. the one everyone looks at) showing the number of cases were all plotted quite badly wrongly. It turns out that the contractors producing the maps didn't understand what they were doing. But it took several weeks for anyone (me) to point it out. So easy to spread misinformation these days even if is unintentional. And the public swallow it. Anyway the maps got fixed and they thanked me. I can't fight on the front line against Covid but I guess I can do my bit!
  • You deserve Thanks for that @DespeateDan
    And just a warning, from the FBI liason at my work, be careful when clicking on those Maps, some of this links are from Hackers, (Knowing that everyone and their uncle's cousin is clicking on those links), just waiting to crawl into your account info (PII) Personal Identifying Information, if I can download the email warning from Him, I will post it here on Monday, after i get to my laptop at work!
  •, I read your 'TooLong' note and I fully understand what you meant, or most of it anyway, I read Almost all, but it's saved in my notifications for further v analysis :D
  • Sorry friends, I've been out of it, after the weekend, Monday and Tuesday are tough!
    @DesperateDan I haven't forgotten, just haven't got around to it!
    And Good News I hope, the BP is staying put for now :D
  • Now test
  • @birdleader, still unable to post any of the thumbnail pictures. Also, if trying to add text with the thumbnail links, it appears as a blank post like mine above, anyway. Hope you can resolve this.
  • @Sweetp Thanks for trying, I've already discussed with Birdleader, It can't be fixed :(
    We've decided to live with it as opposed to moving to groups. maybe in the future idk
    But for now, we can post links to our pics using the direct link option.
    It's just more comfortable here :D
  • This is me behind the bar, Welcome to the Bloated Pig :D
  • @DesperateDan Do you know how to upload a picture to your ABN album?
    Do you know How to get to your ABN album?
    If no to either of the above, then it's gonna be quite a lesson lol!
  • oopsy double post...(Edited by User)
  • @Sweetp Maybe you could help explain how to Upload pics to your album, and post the link to the picture using the direct link option? Your much better at explaining these things than I am! After All i think you taught me lol!
  • Thought I'd play a song.
    Watching a show that reminded me of this
  • @kathy, looking good behind the bar. Now the bottle with the red triangle front right is Bass beer, brewed about 10 miles from where I live. But what is interesting is that the red triangle trademark is the oldest registered trademark in England and commonly quoted (falsely) to be the oldest in the world. This is the first known case of product placement (1882)!

    I think I have used my album before, so I will have a go and see if I can make it work. Thanks.
  • @catsnbirds, @all

    From my favourite channel: Nanny and the UFOs:
  • @kathy, I will try to do my best when explaining how to upload pictures, just will take a little time to keep it simple.
  • @DesperateDan, I will be sending you instructions to your email inbox.
  • @Sweetp Thank You :D
    @DesperateDan interesting about the Bass , and the labeling! your funny, looking at the background pictures, I hadn't even noticed! That photo btw, was courtesy of @Tompuss years ago! Sweetp will take good care of you with the instructions, she's much better at it than I, that's why she's Admin and I'm not lol, just kidding, but I don't have anywhere near the skill she has in these things :D
  • @TirnShenLong , not to worry,,I completely understand :D
  • @Tompuss Nanny and the UFOs is in my 'to watch list'
    My Prayers to the family of Philippe Monguillot, the bus driver, may he Rest in peace
    And the Barbarians who attacked him, get their just punishment!
  • Aww @Tompuss I already saw that one lol, I was paying attention to the Cats, not the UFO's heehee..
  • Last one,, Sorry i got carried away when I found a roll of Nickels , under the Bar while
    Sorry I had to play it :D lol
    That's it Good Night Birdies..zzzz
  • @Gumby Waaassuppp????
  • Anyone have trouble with picture size? I tried to upload a photo which was 3.5Mb into the album but failed because I got a message saying it exceeded 20Mb.
  • @DesperateDan that's another question for @Sweetp, I've never experienced that issue. I don't know how to resize pics.
  • @DesperateDan that's another question for @Sweetp, I've never experienced that issue. I don't know how to resize pics.
  • @kathy, here we go again! I'll have to ask @birdleader to look into it. We just had this happen last week!
  • Oh dear, I feel like I'm creating trouble. Sorry. I did get a screenshot loaded up for a Trophy in The Big Setup. Guess what? Within 24 hours @vuelva had claimed it off me! So thanks @sweetp for those great instructions.
  • Please don't feel bad, @DesperateDan! It's not your fault at all. We've been having problems with this for awhile now, and still trying to get things fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Thanks @Sweetp ! I thought Estar had a link to instructions on resizing pics,on page 1, But I forgot all Estars stuff dissapaered when she took down her server :( (Edited by User) Lol!! ;)
    I wonder if there's something in the FAQ section? I'll check it out tomorrow, to tired tonight!
    @DesperateDan As Sweetp says, don't feel like your a bother, please, that's what we are here for to help,, unfortunately I'm not Tech savvy and have no control even if i was, that's why I always call on her, she's got the knowledge And the Power!! hmmm, I Vote SweetP for President! then the world will be a happier place :D
  • Brings to mind a song :D
  • Tomorrow is ABN Birthday!!
    @Sweetp !! I don't think I have the Banner!!
  • I can work out how to resize I guess, but there doesn't appear to be a need, so that's what's confusing. I can play around.
  • @Kathy I have one of the banners, I can probably fix it . Are we now 10 years?!?
    I edit it to say 10 years.
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