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  • @Gumby Waaasssuppp????
    Yep that's your pic! Sorry i borrowed it to show @jlz-666 because she had mentioned it.
  • @kathy no worries, I thought it looked very familiar LOL
  • @hunnybunny Thank you, I found them both!
    That final scene's a real tear-jerker. . . . .
  • Ahhhh thank you @kathy for the pic and @gumby for taking it!
    @tompuss I loved Terry when he was the voice of Eurovision but I actually didn’t listen to him on radio! I know right? I still don’t listen to radio. Never found a station that covers all my “needs” and yeah......of course I’m a softie :)
    Love the idea of a beer sauna...well wine....hate beer but good God that Bartender needs a few fish suppers!! Translation for non UK peeps... Needs to gain some weight :/
    @hunnybunny I’m cool with Jules,don’t get the notifications anyway so why bother?
    Ok,I’ve had a long,pretty crappy day so heading up to bed. Short work day tomorrow and I really fancy a foodie/wine weekend. We’re working hard on getting healthy so we are super strict during the week then let rip at the weekend! Nothing nicer than a Saturday afternoon with the both of us getting stuck in to some cooking/drinking with the music on and kitchen smelling yummy!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend
    Nighty night X
  • Jeeeeez @kathy...I promise I’ll get rid of the hat over the weekend!
    @jlz666 sorry to hear that your day was crappy, enjoy your weekend. 12hour days for Sat and Sun for me. I am hoping to enjoy Monday thou :)
  • ackkk I miised Jlz at to hell with it I miised Jules again!! or my time clock is waaaay offf!!!
    @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp???
  • Aww Heyyougetouttamyway I'm sorry, I've been neglecting you as of late. you've been doing well on your own and you always have someone lurking.. no matter.. hop up in to your bed and close those little eyes, places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead, nighty night lil guy and sweet dreams ☆☆☆☆ i its the weekend so in sure Uncle @Ixan57 will be bringing Wanderingstar by in a couple of hours..
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • @jlz666 Radio - well I love it, can't be without it! For years I've had to rely on Radio 4 LW on a little transistor, I never listen to French talk radio, ugh terrible! iPad is a great boon, I can choose a nice programme to listen to in my bath and of course avoid ones I loathe (The Moral Maze being my pet hate)! Last night was News Quiz with lovely Jeremy Hardy who makes me fall about laughing, and just now they're re-running episodes of Round the Horne. Hmmmm, all that dates me, doesn't it. . . I have a feeling that I might be the oldest Nester now -:(((

    @kathy Interview with Jeremy - you should be able to get this stateside:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    @gumby It'll soon be Monday!
  • @gumby, @kathy, @WanderingStar, @all

    Ben-Hur meets his four white horses, named after stars. . . love this scene!

  • Jules and @ixan57 I love Ken Bruce on Radio 2 and Sarah Cox when she stands in for the Ginger Twat. Loved Terry Wogan, especially the Janet and John stories. Nearly crashed the car when the postmistress suggested to John that he should try double entry booking keeping...
  • Hey there.. Guess I've got some listening to do :D thanks @Tompuss umm i don't know the Round house you speak of, but I'm sure your Not the oldest Nester by far! puhleezee ;)
    I'll have to listen tomorrow when Dave's not around, we've had a Netflix day.. he's a binge watcher, x which is fine but i like it better when I'm doing it alone lol, i can interrupt myself without being rude lol!
    i can't wait to see the Jeremy interviews !
    and Ben Hur can't wait to see that one also, gosh, i haven't seen Ben Hur for years now, may have to do a search!
    I'll be back Heyyou to tuck you in so hop up.. get your show ready or whatever it is you do after i put you in..
    *what's that? ooohhh Ok Ok then you and that horse get yourselves out to the stable then and get settled! I'll be back shortly to peek in on you! Sooorrryy i forgot WanderingStar was here!! get over it and get your butts out there!
  • *quietly sneaks back in the back door.. whew..*checks the stable cam good their off Dreamland.
    Nighty night @Pa!♡♡♡
  • @hunnybunny, @kathy Double-entry system LOL! Both Terry Wogan and Kenneth Horne could come out with outrageous double-entendres without causing offence. Lovely guys both, much missed ❤

    For @ixan57 too: Terry talks about the Eurovision song contest (among other things):


  • @TomPuss how many innuendos did you get at the start or is just me. If so I apologize.
    What a great interview on the Eurovision. Had a good laugh at that.
  • Or sexism even
  • Here’s an excellent song. Kathy will know why I picked it (but don’t tell!)
  • @TomPuss lovely Terry Wogan vid. Let it run and saw him interviewing Princess Anne which was equally as good
  • Having just done much the same as this guy I interviewed, thought I might share this

    Sitting on an interview panel, three of us bored with dreadful candidates, this six foot six guy walks in. Obviously nervous, kicks the chair back to make way for his legs, reaches forward to the table where a glass of water is waiting for candidates, and promptly drops it into his lap.
    My colleague bravely asks “Would you like another glass?”
    “No I’m wet enough already”

    Unfortunately he didn’t get the job, but he made the day
  • @kathy wassssuuuuuppp
    @tompuss the weekend is here WOOT
  • @Gumby Waassssupppp???
  • @gumby As it's your weekend, I'm sending some samba dancers round to your place:
  • Wow!! I'm heading to @Gumby place!! It's hopping over there woohoo!!
  • @Gumby Wasssuuuppp??
  • @Tompuss thank you for the entertainment , still not a chance to listen to the interviews but certainly will tomorrow while at work. night night Sweet Lady ♡
    Heyyou hop up in to your bed and close those little eyes, nighty night lil guy and sweet dreams ☆☆▪
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
  • C'mon @gumby, those girls are freezing their asses off out there -:)
  • @kathy WASSSUUUUPPP, its always hopping at Gumby's place :)
    @tompuss we have plenty of spirits inside to keep them warm.
  • @Gumby Waassssupppp???
  • Heyyou..Mama is tired.. get your butt into bed..
    Love ya lil' buddy Sweet Dreams *places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead *
    Sweet Dreams lil guy ☆☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
  • Yes @Tompuss the ads are real, @Birdleader is promoting this new game. I don't know much about it. I'll try to find more after work
    @bernersenn maybe can explain it . or @ixan57
  • @TomPuss here is the link so you can have a look
    It is only available for play in u.s and Canada at the moment.
    The general consensus is that it is a gambling site, most established nesters staying clear.
    It is a joint venture between the site owners sony entertainment/at&t and gsn games ( @kathy they have a office in Boston. 100 summer Street. They got job vacancies on there site. Go for it girl,we need someone on the inside. Sure you'd sort it for us. LOL) with Rovio and the nest.
  • @TomPuss click on the what's the tournament and view games on the above link page
  • @TomPuss so I stole the beer (allegedly) well @gumby has stole the girls
  • Hello guys,
    I heard my name. About that Champions:

    This is what @birdleader mentioned:
    btw, we have a short term partnership going live next week for a game called Angry Birds Champions. the game is playable in the WorldWinner desktop and iOS app. this is an official partnership with rovio, and they are the ones who asked me to help here.

    Personally I don’t think that this will be a big deal. I didn’t heard any positive reaction from any Nester.

    Hope this helps
  • @kathy, @ixan57, @bernersenn Thanks so much for that info, good to have a True Fact-:) It's just that I'm a bit paranoid about ads, some of them I know to be phishing scams, so I never click on any of them. Hmmm online gambling, for me it's not what AB is all about. To each his own. .
    @ixan57, @gumby Try to SHARE!
  • @tompuss you’re welcome. Btw, the sentence „Personally...“ was my opinion.
  • @bernersenn Oh, so beautiful!❤
  • @kathy, @all So looking forward to Spring. .
  • Oooh @Tompuss Spring needs to come quickly! I'm sure you feel the same
    we all Have the February doldrums:( Thanks for the hopeful sign
    Sorry I havent popped in more often I feel like I'm sinking into the murk.. whatever that is?¿¿
    Thanks so much for being here to try and keep the pub bright!
    must tuck that lil guy in, sorrry Heyyougetouttamyway I've been neglecting you too (I won't tell you what happened to my daughter's hamster) But you don't have to worry, OB will always keep your food dish full and water fresh. 'nuff said
    hop up in to your bed and close those little eyes, places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead , nighty night lil guy and sweet dreams ☆◇▪◇☆◇
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
  • @kathy Well, winter is good for something, at least: Winter Olympics winners Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skate to Ed Sheeran's "Perfect":

    Wow! ❤❤❤
  • @kathy WASSSSSUUUPPPP geez you and Christmas it never ends LOL
    @tompuss OK OK @ixan57 can have one of the girls I guess
    @bernersenn Love the Daika pic, she looks like she loves having her picture taken.
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp????
  • Wow!! is a perfect description @Tompuss !!! :D breathtaking! I'll never get how they two people can move in perfect unison on skates no less! I'd be lucky to stand up on my own!!
    Sorry though , but no, it did take a few minutes away from my winter blues, and visiting with my sister and her new, well my 6 month old grandniece for the afternoon, ya that took some, but the bluesy's have me :( no worries, Spring is on the way soon i hope..
    ((((((Hugs))))) my sweet friend... I'll be popping in tomorrow for sure,, cuz Im having a jammie day tomorrow :) I love jammies day !!

    Heyyougetouttamyway You do whatever your little heart desires, it's Saturday night!! make sure WanderingStar is with you if you are traveling to @Gumby's place!! and never you mind those can can girls! just .. hmm What exactly Do You do over there?? *sigh* never mind i don't want to know, keep in mind Papa is watching..
  • Aww crap.... I'm going Flinging, nuff said
    Tompuss, where you Flinging¿ come join us in Fairy Hogmother?
  • @kathy Still flinging that wretched Pig Challenge! Avoided buying any coins so far, so not getting big scores either!
    Not sure which Challenge Fairy Hogmother is on today?

    To dispel those winter blues, I'm sending you one of my favourite songs, maybe you know it already?

    "Yes Mr Peters":


    Happy jammies day!
  • Thanks @TompussI truly enjoyed ny jammies day :D
    I've never heard theMr. Peter's song its pretty good but honestly I don't quite get it? A bit confusing.. maybe is me idk
    Nighty night Sweet Lady ♡
  • Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡♡
    Heyyou you know what to do...
  • @kathy i know you're always chasing/ following the rabbit ( @hunnybunny ) lol.
    Here is a current UK t.v advert FOLLOW THE RABBIT
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