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  • That water is freaking High!! Wow!
    That water is high, but nowhere nearly as high as it was in Paris in 1910.
    @tompuss glad you are on high ground :)
  • @Gumby Waassssupppp???
  • i may have this wrong
    @catsnbirds I looked on Google, looks like Federer is up tonight? against Cilic?
    i don't think i get that any tennis channel, i just want to let heyyyou who to cheer for lol!! just kidding on the heyyou part of course, ;) just trying to keep up lol!
    I'm guessing we want Federer to take it?
    @karen68 @hunnybunny @jlz-666 :)
  • @kathy You've got it! They play at 3:30 am EST, but it will be repeated Sunday morning starting at 10:00 on ESPN2. I will be in front of the TV with coffee in hand and most probably a cat (and an iPad, of course) on my lap. Yes, I am pulling for Federer, though I do like Cilic a lot.
  • Woot I'm glad i got it right @catsnbirds , Google is a great tool lol
    i don't get ESPN2 or any ESPN i don't think, never had a reason to check , but I'll check just for the heck of it to see what it's about tomorrow ;)
    but I'll hope Federer wins the match !
    Heyougettouttamyway are you paying attention? Now get your rest.. I'll be back in 10 minutes to tuck you in..
  • ok @Heyyougetouttamyway 10 minutes is up hop up in to your bed and close those little eyes, I've set your timer on the t.v so you can watch the match and keep @catsnbirds company during the tennis match (i was gonna say game. but i don't think they consider tennis a game as we do football and such ) So get your rest before it starts
    *Tucks the little guy in snug as a bug fixes the covers up and places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead *nighty night lil guy and sweet ☆☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • @ixan57 Thanks! What talent, she's brilliant!
  • Hey everyone!! Thought I'd pop in and say hello !
    will have to watch videos later, in the middle of watching Breaking Bad ,
    soo all you Tennis fans i hear Federer won!! Wooot!! Heyougettouttamyway good job cheering on the man ,:)
    where did that Horse get off to now? he best not be best door kaboodling with that Filly? @Ixan57 ?¿
  • @kathy The horse sends this regards. He is in a bit of pain after watching all that tennis last with @withwhatshisname he says it's a pain in the neck. Plus he's got 3 days of getting me to work this week
  • On that cheery note goodnight all, early start
  • Ahhh @ixan57 give WanderingStar my best, I'll pay for his neck massage lol!
    Nighty Night Sweet Dreams
  • @kathy, @ixan57

    WanderingStar and feline friends:

    Birds to serenade our @Princess:

    Nighty night, @all
  • Nighty Night @Tompuss Sweet Dreams ♡♡♡
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp???
  • @kathy waaasssuuuppp
  • so what's up OB? thanks for that t.v for heyyougetouttamyway, I'm expecting him to teach me what's next in this tennis business lol!! the poor Lil guy all tuckered out , make sure he doesn't fuss in the night please.
    I'll have a little nightcap lets see.. how about I'll try a couple fingers of that Special Stock that
    @karen68 'sips' once in a while lol ;) maybe that's her secret to becoming Seasons Queen ? gonna have to start calling her Annie Oakley , heehee
    I'll be back going flinging for a few
  • Well i didnt have a moment to myself to listen to video s but tommorow is another day..
    Heyyougetouttamyway Time for Dreamland..I don't know what's next for the tennis but if it is on yes you can watch. in the meanwhile Hop up into your bed and close those little eyes *places places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead * nighty night lil guy and sweet dreams ☆☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡

    *note to self, change that lil 'guys name* to hard to type..
  • @Gumby Waassssupppp???
    Quiet day Eh' OB ..hmmm
    @Tompuss finally had a chance to read the Jeremy Brett interview Thanks! very informative .. haven't quite finished the whole thing but I've saved it to my bookmarks
    I love the WanderingStar video, getting a massage from the kitty awww, and All the horses and cats videos .. animals they are just so .. damn oblivious to everything lol,, live in the moment!
    and thanks for the birdie serenade :) beautiful!
    so where's everyone at OB?
    I'll have a Blue Mongo please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion please ;)
    of to catch up closer to that Bunny!
  • @kathy I see you are outfitted for the Super Bowl on Sunday! I'm helping you cheer for the Pats, hoping Gronk is recovered and able to play
  • Yep I got my game shirt on @catsnbirds :D Thanks!
    I think Gronk wlll play i got my fingers crossed for sure ;)
  • Ok @Heyyougetouttamyway Time to hop up into your bed and close those little eyes *nighty night lil guy and sweet ☆☆☆ *places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead *
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡
  • @kathy Did you know Jeremy could sing too? Lovely guy *sigh*

    Absolutely knackered today, nighty night @all

  • @kathy - back a ways you had mentioned that some folks were getting into some kinds of hacking process into angry birds games that gave them an advantage. I have been wondering if rovio admin takes any action - like some kind of block on those? They look like too much of a risk even poking around in them - just waiting to get ya!

    Now getting rid of ads is different.

    Just curious?
  • Aww I always miss you @Tompuss Sweet Dreams Sweet lady ♡♡♡
    Looking forward to tomorrow to watch and hear Jeremy sing, can't do it now..*sigh gotta get my man to get his own headphones (surgically implanted) heeehee :D
  • @Patz Wasssupp?? long time no see, I was thinking of you yesterday, wondering where you had gotten off to!
  • @Patz I don't think i meant some type of 'hacking' really just Peeps using Power Ups which Rovio actually pushes like a stranger giving kids candy! I'd have to remember the context of the conversation to recall exactly what we were talking about? Ads can be gotten rid of by purchasing coins in that pop up screen in Seasons, or purchasing an ad-free version in the app store. i don't think it's possible for Rio at all
    i know i purchased Ad-free Space and SW way back when, and I'm not sure they are available anymore, which really sux if you lose progress and have no backup.
    that's why the majority of Angry Birds Nest members use the leaderboards here because b for the most part the boards are clean (power up free) and almost everyone in the Nest can spot a phony score with a Hawks Eye!
  • Hi @patz, nice to see you.
    I’m not aware of any big hacking issues in the old-school flinging games. But I believe there are hacking/cheating issues in some of the others like Transformers, Epic, Angry Birds 2 (which I don’t play). Rovio does ban players from time to time in those games.
    I’m sometimes suspicious of the Pig Challenge trophy scores but it doesn’t bother me, I don’t play it that seriously.
  • Karen agreed about the Pig Chàllenge trophy scores, x the ones in the list on the right of the screen? but i pay no attention to those really, i just play the Pig Challenge for my own challenge, for the first heart iI don't even use PU' s then after i establish a score without losing a heart i just fling for 4"stars if i get em' i get em' If I don't v well i don't. iI don't bother trying to get near the scores in that list.
  • @Heyyougetouttamyway it's that time buddy, hop up in to your bed and close those little eyes *tucks the little guy in snug as a bug fixes the covers up and places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead * nighty night lil guy and sweet dreams ☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
  • Ok. I guess the ones u mentioned are what I saw and just lumped all in "Angry Birds". I did purchase, or tried to, in order to get rid of some of the ads. It does seem like each AB game is treated separately.
    Thanks for your response.

    Mostly I have been playing challenges - when they are not buried deep into higher levels like Season or Rio - where I haven't played enough.

    Otherwise, I have been concentrating on my painting. Getting enough done for a new gallery or special showing.

  • yep @patz all Angry Birds Apps are treated differently, ABO (Original plain old angry birds)
    Angry Birds Rio, then Seasons, Space, Star Wars , and Star Wars 2 even are all separate and nothing as far as Pu's,ads and whatever not nessacarily apply to the other.
    I know nothing about AB2, or freinds or any of those newer
    I'm a slingshot flinger lol.
    But I believe there is information here in Angry Birds Nest here for all of them,, that would be a question for @admins ;)
    Nice to see you again
    Nighty Night
  • @TomPuss you would have thought she would have used a ginger tom for a Scottish character
  • @Tompuss Are you serious??? That's Jeremy?? Just got a moment to watch the video! OH My!! my heart is aflutter !!! (is that a word lol) Well it is now Aflutter!! thank you for sharing that!
    Now to look at Star Trek kitties ;)
  • Here it's time @Heyyougetouttamyway. ..I know your watching the late show , its good you got yourself into your bed.. watch for a little while longer but I'm warning you,
    Just because they say it on TV. is not always true ok?
    Nighty night lil' guy and sweet dreams, pats the lil' guy on the head and places a kissed hand on his liitle forehead. g' night ☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
  • @TomPuss was unaware there was a Scottish fold. Don't think I've seen any
  • @TomPuss probably have but not registered. Will pay more attention
  • Another question @TomPuss do the ears go up when they alerted/listening, or fixed
  • Oh @TomPuss just done a Wikipedia on it, very interesting
  • @TomPuss nope jet black till about a year ago and greying fast.
  • @ixan57 Grey very distinguished!
  • Action packed weekend
    That popular that two new pub's require me to do some painting.
    Wales ( @hunnybunny ) versus Scotland (@ixan57) in the six nations rugby tournament tomorrow Saturday at 2.15pm. UK time
    And the BBC are so kindly showing the NFL game live for free on Sunday 11.30pm till 3.50am Monday UK time.
    Not working till 12th of February so there will be a lot of candle burning at both ends going on.
    In fact @kathy could you see your way to keeping @wanderingstar till the 11th of February.
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