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  • @kathy omg not again
  • That's ok @Ixan57 It came with a pint , worth the page change :D
    are you signed into Seasons with FB? if so maybeyour progress n will be saved. if not do so before uninstalling
    @knichy had a problem once similar. maybe he can help
  • Ah, @ixan57 , less than a day till joy or sorrow. Exploring each new advent level with the Nest community has been so much fun for the last six/seven years. I'm sure OB is well stocked to keep us in our favorite pints for the season!
  • @catsnbirds good to hear from you. @kathy tablet with all the mega progress the one that frozen. My android phone sign in with FB, not even 40% of my progress there. But recognises me. Hence that why I'm hoping getting a update. If it doesn't go to plan will just have to accept data loss and be grateful that I will be starting with some progress saved. What really annoys me is that the coin save challenge progress was a long trogg having to watch there adverts, that I don't have a problem with. That's how a company earns it's revenue to produce a quality product. But it was always a advert that when I encountered problems.
  • woot @ixan57 Mr Bunny loves Murphy’s can’t get here anymore, sadly...
  • @catsnbirds I’m expecting sorrow
  • @ixan57 can you sign in with FBb on the tablet that's Frozen? Or it's just won't even let you get that far?
    Me, yes I've been known to buy new tablets just to fling on lol!!
    I think I'm on my 4th or 5th , but the last one was free with my phone upgrade :)
    I really wish we could use smiley faces in here! @Bernersenn @Sweetp ? how come they work in pm's and in walkthroughs, and in some Forums but not here in the BP?
  • @kathy can't get as far as that. Loads the rovio start up, then a micro flash of seasons then gone. When I go to storage then app's running,it shows as running. Have tried force stop/clear cache no joy.just need to wait and see
  • aww man @Ixan57 :( There
    that's really messed up! have you tried opening it directly from the play store? not that it would probably make a difference. Wouldn't want you to miss out on the Nesters Advent, it'll be fun!
    So wait until tomorrow i guess and see what, if anything, happens!
    although i have no faith in Rovio whatsoever! :(
  • @kathy tried the play store opening also.
  • That time again goodnight @kathy @hunnybunny @catsnbirds @whatshisname. Fingers crossed for tomorrow
  • G'nite @Ixan57 Sweet Dreams .. we'll see what tomorrow brings!
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp???
  • Well It's about that time @Heyyougetouttamyway' Early you bed early to rise makes a small rat healthy and wise.. you want to grow up to be like your Pa right? hop up into your bed ,nighty night lil guy, sweet dreams ☆☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
  • Hello guys,
    Good morning.

    About the avatar: the Nest uses several pictures as your avatar. The main picture comes from gravatar. This isn’t working in some forums. Therefore add the picture to your profile within the Nest as well.

    I did this myself, and it worked.
  • Well @all no update so uninstall and reinstall.
    Was a bit weary @mighty-red-1 had posted that you may not be able to log on via Facebook page anymore.but login ok, so posted him that.
    But all went well with the exception of
    Lost 30,000+ coins
    Had challenge 600 complete. Lost 290 crown eggs
    Apart from that levels scores and feathers seems ok
  • Also ham dunk remember the 2 paid for levels at one time. 2-1 to 2-15 and 3-1 to 3-15.
    There gone on the latest download version.
  • @ixan57 The ham dunk episodes were all moved into one. open it and see if they are there?
    where did @mighty-red-1 post that about FB?
  • @Knichy are you still having troubles with Seasons too?
  • @bernersenn Thanks for the avatar info, worked great!
  • @kathy general discussion. Rovio games and their status. For mighty red
  • @kathy nope ham dunk to 1-15 then 4-15 the rest missed out
  • Hi @catsnbirds and @bernersenn disappointing, what
  • @gumby did you suggest this, I'm away down at #67. Lol
    At our challenge
  • Hey, @ixan57 and @hunnybunny
    A day of sorrow for those of us who love Seasons. At least we can play with the daily challenge. And I am limiting my sorrow to today only, there is too much joy to find to let it go longer!!!
  • Love the new avatar @Ixan57 :D
    So that stinks about the Ham Dunk levels :(
  • @catsnbirds Your right , many things to be joyful for :D
    not letting Rovio get me down!
  • That challenge seems so simple but goodness is it tough. @kathy that's the spirit,nice avatar. Now for some mistletoe and wine
  • c Thanks @Ixan57 :D
    Yes the challenge is tough!! @Estar and @Comex666 video looks so easy but ... well you know lol!!
  • Well goodnight @all. Quiet, guess everyone tided up with the advent challenge.
  • Oh your here @kathy sorry did not see you there. Goodnight princess
  • Hey there @Ixan57 Nighty Night Sweet Dreams..
    @ixan57 no I did not suggest this level, but I did suggest one. Its posted in the forum they made for this.
  • @Gumby Waassssupppp????
  • @ixan57 Wreck the Halls 1-5 I did suggest. Its a tough one.
  • Time for Dreamland @Heyyougetouttamyway .c'mon climb up into your bed, tommorow is another day. *tucks the little guy in snug as a bug in his bed with his snuggly scrap of warm wool from @Mumsie42 duster fabric*nighty nighty night lil guy sweet dreams ☆☆☆
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
  • From @wandering star Ah thanks @whatshisname. I'm sure I'll get the cat sorted out for you.
    (No animals were hurt or mistreated in the making of this post)
  • @gumby i know been on WTH 1-5 for 2hrs now. Original score 104k can't get any thing above 98k. Now
  • @ixan57 - @kathy, @karen68, and I used to be in a private group with others (I can't remember who) that went through Wreck, flinging like mad women. We renamed that episode What The H*** because it was one of the most frustrating and toughest levels we encountered! But with the help of each other's flinging strategies we survived and got to beat the average leaderboard scores in the meantime.

    Ahh, those were the days when flinging was really fun!
  • @all I've posted on wth 1-5 walkthroughs. On the seasons home/start page there is a rovio logo with 12 on it (almost top right of page) click on it and you get all the current games, have checked abo start page and it the same. 12 games no seasons
  • Hello all!
    Ahh @Sweetp yep those were the days!! lol
    @WanderingStar from Heyougettouttamyway thanks about that cat :)
    @ixan57 thanks I'll check that out!
  • Hey, @kathy and @ixan57 , isn't there a warm stable in the back for Wandering Star? Near the aviary?
  • Good Idea @catsnbirds !
    OB call the Carpenters and have them start building right away! and the electrician to install the heating also!
  • @all No joy on today's Challenge. What feeble, unresponsive Birds those are!
    Let's show them how to fly:
    Tornado in the Mach Loop:

    Nighty night xoxo
  • Same here @Tompuss no luck!!
    Great video , thanks!
    Nighty Night Sweet Dreams
  • @catsnbirds @kathy now just remind me, isn't there some sort of connection between a stable around the back and Christmas. Sure it won't be needed for something else. He's got his nice electric blanket at the hitching post where OB installed a power point. That horse is getting spoilt. He now takes himself to the BP without me.
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