Angry Birds Unconfirmed Three Star Minimums (Updated for Red Planet)
  • Hi Laurence,
    I think you have a typo for SaT 36 - Leaderboard has it at 121,000.
  • My mistake, sorry! Changed. Darn these clumsy fingers, lol! :)
  • I'm going to make some changes to the top post.
  • Thanks Slim - was going to track down the highest two star scores, just hadn't had time yet! )
  • All set up for FMttM :)
  • uhm... now we have two of these discussions...
    what are we going to do?
  • Merge and stay here... as this is set up nicely.
    You can add Egg level E-6 (on iPad) as having a 25000k 3 star minimum. It is also the max you should be able to get.
  • All right, this is what i've got:

    1: 37k*
    2: 60k*
    3: ? (38=2*)
    4: 82k*(78=2*)
    5: 51k*
    6: 60k*
    7: (too lame to enter)
    8: 63k*
    9: ?
    10: ?
  • All right, this is what i've got:

    1: 36040 = 3*
    2: 63310 = 3*
    3: 43050 = 3*
    4: 85990 =3*
    5: 46050 = 2*
    6: 57640 = 3*
    7: 120250 = 1* (monster level)
    8: 44770 = 1*
    9: 105330 = 2*
    10: 130280 = 3*
  • ya'll are killing me

    1: 37690 = 3*
    2: 61500 = 3*
    3: 43900 = 3*
    4: 82070 =3*
    5: 52990 = 3*
    6: 62660 = 3*
    7: 133950 = 3*
    8: 62060 = 3*
    9: 114900 = 3*
    10: 130900= 3*
  • Nice going all, I'll crack down and try and get some myself now! :)
  • Thanks for the help guys. I've updated my list and will update the leaderboards now.
  • I will also update the top post.
  • I think that's all we're gonna get! 3-1, 3-5 and Egg 6 I don't think are conformable further, but I'll have a play around. I'll leave it like this for a bit so that everyone can see that what we've confirmed (although the leaderboards are up to date) and then set it back to just the unconfirmed ones. :)

    P.S. @AMslimfordy, I notice the leaderboard still lists SaT 34 as unconfirmed :)
  • Thanks, I'll try to run through those soon.
  • Hey guys, let's give 3-1 another try. A user has confirmed that 33k is 2-stars, which only leaves 34,xxx as a question mark!
  • FMM 3-5 50,950 - 3 stars - working on hitting a 49k score.

    Update - the lowest three star score I was able to actually obtain after three hours on this level was 50,410. The highest two bird, two star score I could obtain was 47,880. There is hope for a score in the 48-49k range, as I was able to obtain scores as low as 23,560 with one bird, and one remaining pig, just couldn't close the deal.

    If anyone else wants to join in, my approach for a low one bird score has been to shoot Lazer at about 3:30 on a clock at about the point that the front of the two inner rotating pigs was at about 5:00. bird clips the stationary pig, Hits Mustache head on, circles around the mini gravity to hit both of the twins head on, then slowly wraps around in a figure eight pattern to pass through the very top of the big space turnip without popping it to get the last pig. My close, but no cigar, runs have left the bubble in the turnips wiggling but unpopped. I will be keeping at this, as I find it even more difficult than shooting for high scores. Good luck Everyone!

    Hate it when I get a really good score when I am trying for a low one. Just got 56,650 using the same strategy I am using to try for a 49k one bird score.
  • How can you get anything other than 5000 and the two remaining birds on e6?
  • So .. Why is there a leaderboard for it?
  • Why wouldn't there be? It's an official and universal level.
  • SaT 36
    SaT 38
    SaT 39 Confirmed!
  • Nice going @iamMighty! Once @amslimfordy marks these as confirmed, I'll delete them from the top list :)
  • Thanks @iamMighty and @Laurence. But I have a concern about SaT 38... We originally had it at 107k* is 3-stars.
  • 107K does yield three stars.
  • So does Fuji. So we need to know about 106. I have 2 stars with 105,xxx.
  • Got it. 106 is still 2 stars, so I'll confirm at 107.
  • Are the star breaks always nice round numbers? Does Rovio ever confirm them?
  • Yes, thresholds are always on-the-thousand.
  • Top comment updated :)
  • Thanks for the help everyone. I closed the other post, and I'm updating the top post now with my records.
  • Why is NB "likely not to be confirmed?"
  • 4-9 confirmed! 115k at 2, 116k at 3
  • NB means it is likely that there is not enough points available to gain scores between the highest two star and lowest three star scores. If you look at level 1-1 for example, there is only a certain amount of damage available, and scores in between appear not to be possible :)
  • @laurence I think @mvnla2 is tylrying to ask why you chose the letters "NB" to mean "likely not to be confirmed" :)
  • 5-8: 80k = 2*, 81k = 3*
  • Thanks! I'm updating the top post with scores from the walkthrough pages.
  • Thanks for this guys. I'm way way way too busy right now to adjust things, but I appreciate it.
  • R-1 I got three stars with 100k
  • I got 99k w/ 3stars @burb
  • Posts are live. Lets move them there.
  • 5-20 100k
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