Bad Piggies Sandbox S-M Little Pig Adventure Walkthrough

Welcome to our guide for Bad Piggies Sandbox Level S-M, also called “Little Pig Adventure”. The goal here is to obtain all forty boxes (count them: 4-0!) scattered around the massive level. A HUGE thanks to @mighty-red-1 for taking the time to record this video and providing the numbered image below. The numbers in the image correlate to the order in which they are obtained in the video.

Bad Piggies Little Pig Adventure Sandbox S-M Numbered Guide

If you get really stuck, please leave a comment below, and include the box number for easy reference.

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    I’m currently trying to get to those fans right next to the bridge at the bottom of the left side with all the snow. Doing it without breaking it = so hard!

    MVNLA2 says:

    Does the gear box alway come from the same star box? Or is it just the first box you get? For me it was the first box on the ground to the right of the start.
    Does anyone know if there are more really good (as good as the gear box) presents in any of the rest of the boxes? So far I’ve just gotten more of components I already have.

    Josm says:

    @mvnla2 i dont remember which box contains the gear box, what i know it was number 10 here :P .

    according to the post ”Collecting star boxes actually unlocks more parts which can be used, including an egg and 6 jack o’ lanterns, which were previously only in the field of dreams.’

    PhoenixTM says:

    it’s the one after u go past the Big Fan

    Dr. Omega says:

    Bad Piggies Nest? Pigs don’t nest!

    Wouldn’t it more likely be the Bad Piggies Sty? or maybe the Bad Pig Sty?

    MVNLA2 says:

    Any chance of a map while you work on the walkthrough?

    We will try, but no promises.

    epicbird says:

    I need a help to get it:

    MVNLA2 says:

    @filipersr — I haven’t gotten there yet, but are you saying that blowing up lots of TNT in the middle of the bridge won’t destroy the bridge and let you fall through the box? You might need to use a grappling hook to keep the piggy in place; maybe even a punching box to detach him from the main vehicle.
    Hmm — I was thinking you could switch vehicles in the middle of a run. Doesn’t seem to work; darn. @admins

    epicbird says:

    I used two gloves in my vehicle to cut the rope. In case I used super glue to help me

    epicbird says:

    Look this video made by MightyRed, it’s very useful

    MVNLA2 says:

    @mighty-red-1 — Thanks for the excellent video! Do you have any more?

    Mighty Red says:

    @mvnla2 I made some videos for the weekend challenges during the 1st half of 2014. I might make some videos in the future.

    Mighty Red says:

    @mvnla2 P.S., this video was recorded on a separate device. I actually got all 40 stars on my primary device before recording.

    John says:

    Can someone put a list on what each box contains, please

    kiss 7 says:

    Well maybe u shold play and see how ur bird does in this game and do u want to go out

    AnthonyM says:

    @mockingbirdinc You might need to apply F=ma (Force = mass • acceleration) to this. If you do break it, make sure you either have something to fly back up or restart.

    MVNLA2 says:

    @BirdLeader — In the video you say that walkthroughs by Pigineering are up. Where are they?

    MVNLA2 says:

    BTW — Thanks for making me feel like I still remember how to play this game. : D

    mikroll79 says:

    That’s it !! 40/40 stars (without powerups). I spent one night (7 hours) non stop on it. For me it’s the hardest sandbox ever. Good luck for all the nesters who have not finish it yet. Enjoy :-)

    Mighty Red says:

    @mikroll79 Is this Sandbox level really that hard? I collected all 40 stars in less than 3 hours, on the same day the update came out.

    MVNLA2 says:

    @mighty-red-1 — Mere mortals are impressed that @mikroll79 has all 40 out of 40!

    mikroll79 says:

    @mighty-red-1 congrats but i play on a tiny phone screen and sometime my phone bug with this update (the game become slow…)
    And for me this sandbox is much harder than the others

    giovanni tiseo says:

    I have completed 39 visible boxes but cannot find the 40th does anyone know where it is?

    mikroll79 says:

    Zoom maximum and look slowly everywhere… near the cliff for exemple.

    Jonathan says:

    I’ve gotten 39 boxes put I can’t find the last

    MVNLA2 says:

    @admins — Any ETA for the walkthroughs?
    @giovanni and @jonathan — Unless the admins made a map and publish it, it’s impossible to say which one you are missing.

    MVNLA2 says:

    @mighty-red-1 — Whoot! Great job! Thanks a lot.

    Mighty Red says:

    @mvnla2 You’re very welcome. I bet you didn’t expect me to be responsible for the creation of this walkthrough.

    MVNLA2 says:

    @mighty-red-1 — I wasn’t expecting it, but thought you could do it. In fact, I was wishing you would post a complete walkthrough somewhere. Even better that it’s here, where I’ll see it. Was out most of yesterday, so didn’t notice it.

    Mighty Red says:

    @mvnla2 Thanks. Who knows, maybe I’ll be asked to create more walktroughs, which would be so awesome, as I love helping other nesters.

    MVNLA2 says:

    I’m glad you left your epic fails in; it makes you look just slightly human, like the rest of us.

    MVNLA2 says:

    @mighty-red-1 — I now have 39 out of 40. The one remaining is the last one in your video. I have built the same device but it doesn’t work the same on my iPad as on your Android (I assume that’s what was used for the video?).
    I’m also not sure what the pumpkins are supposed to do, since they don’t seem to be in the help book.
    I didn’t use the same devices as you for most of the boxes, but I did use your ice/snow sled and agree that it is great fun.
    @admins One thing that is still missing is a map of all the boxes, numbered in the order of the video. Would be super nice for others (I no longer need it) to have numbers superimposed on Mighty Red video. : ) If you haven’t noticed, i’m pretty good at dreaming up tasks for others to do.

    Mighty Red says:

    @mvnla2 The thing about that last contraption is that you quickly need to activate the propeller, while the contraption is above ground. If it still doesn’t work, you can try replacing some of the metal frames with wooden ones, or using more balloons. The pumpkins are just meant for decoration, like the egg.

    MVNLA2 says:

    @mighty-red-1 — i still don’t understand the pumpkins, unless they are a little like springs and give a little upward shove. Can’t think of any physical reason that the helicopter can lift off if you activate it immediately, but not a second later.

    @mvnla2 I uploaded this video on everyplay to show how I got the last star. Hope it helps

    Colby Geil says:

    I’ve hit the weirdest problem! I’ve found (or at least I’m 99% percent sure, because I double checked on the map showing all of the star locations) ever star on the map and have subsequently looked around to make sure I didn’t miss any, and there are no more star left to be found! But, on my game it shows that I’ve only found 39/40! For the life of me I can’t figure which star I’m missing or if Im not missing any stars, why is it showing that I am?! Can anyone help me?!

    Luke Taylor says:

    Why do I start out with far less parts than the video? I don’t have as many balloons, or any of the large fans, or grappling hooks… Yet they have this in the first step…

    sal9 says:

    Luke You unlock those items by completing the previous episode and sandbox levels.

    warid says:

    please tell me how to unlock my last star which is the 3rd star in your picture

    You can check the walkthrough at the top of this page or my video I have made:

    .... says:

    I try to get the number 8 star box but the two fan pushes back me help me?

    @jagadeesh The easiest way to get it is by going from the other way. I recorded a video here:

    guest says:

    How to get the 3rd star box?

    bob says:

    Is it possible to get the coupeler without buying the field of dreams?

    tomsteele says:

    Does anyone know how to get the Pigfall achievement?

    @tomsteele You need to get a pig too fall down through a cloud. This achievement can not be earned in this sandbox, but can be earned in some of the levels in The Road to El Porkado

    tomsteele says:

    “Pigfall: Fall into a pit in Little Pig Adventure sandbox”

    @tomsteele Oops, sorry, I though you meant Skyfall instead of Pigfall…
    I don’t remember exactly which pit it was but I think it’s the one under the bridge at the bottom right of the level.

    Toinou says:

    Hello every body. I havé collected all the boxes in Little pig adventure but it’s written that i have collected 39 boxes. Dors somebody have the same problem.

    Are you sure you haven’t just missed one box? The same thing happened to me and then I noticed I had missed a star which was hard to see. Could you check the picture at the top showing all the stars and check them one by one on your phone to see if you have them or not? If you do have them all you should contact Rovio Support team about the bug

    Steven spraggind says:

    I’m currently trying to get box #3, it’s not as easy as it looks, does anyone have any ideas to get it?

    That star box is quite hard to get, but have you watched the video in the post? It shows how to get all the stars. Otherwise you can check my video:
    Hope it helps!

    J4ck says:

    How do you actually unlock this sandbox in the first place?

    I believe you need enough coins to unlock it

    Marius says:

    Does anyone know where you get that “plunger gun”? I can’t get #11 without it.

    Have you completed all story levels? I believe you get it in Rise and Swine

    really stuck on bad piggies says:

    Which box contains plunger guns

    Badpiggie says:

    Which box contains the bigger propeller

    YCComeds says:

    I can’t seem to get number 39 on the map

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