Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament Level 1 Week 42 – September 30th 2013

Walkthrough video and strategy for Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament Level #1 (Day 1, released on September 30th, Week 42 which began on September 30th, 2013). Our non power-up strategy is to fling the Blues slightly over the first tower, and split very early. Each split-bird should land on one of the towers clearing the level. The score in the video below is 90,510.

Our Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament walkthroughs show you how to obtain 3 stars, most of the time without the aid of Power-Ups (we do make exceptions). If you have a different strategy feel free to leave a comment below; however, don't just post your score via the comments. Tournament walkthroughs are added weekly as new levels come out, so be sure to check the walkthrough page.

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Comments (16)

By DeanyZ1

One bird, no P/u’s, PC platform. Aim first pilot at the aerials on the second tower, split immediately. All 3 split birds hit 3 towers. 89,130

By DeanyZ1

Aerials on first tower, sorry.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9020 points
By Steinbird (@steinbird)Score: 90,210

Thank you, got it on the first try with your strat.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7455 points
By sasilik (@sasilik)Score: 91,870

Yep, one bird and split early. Got also 89K something.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5595 points
By Nitro (@nitro)Score: 94,190

I’ve tried higher and lower to get the ‘sweet spot’
Finally managed to get it just right a couple times, ending up with a score of 94,190

By DeanyZ1

Yep, 94,420 on the ‘sweet spot’.

Rank: Hardened with 660 points
By diechrischi (@diechrischi)

Aimed a little bit lower on the upper part of the highest Stone, got 92k

Rank: Hardened with 660 points
By diechrischi (@diechrischi)

of the second tower

Rank: Champion with 3785 points
By budgie (@budgie)

Thanks this strat got me 93770 no PU’s

Rank: Fling King with 4110 points
By iBird (@ibird)

This strategy worked for me as well, 91k!

Rank: Sling God with 56630 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)Score: 91,090

Could not do in one shot on Facebook!! No P/U’s

1st Bird, to the 3rd tower, split just before hitting. Falling debirs takes out middle structure/tower.
2nd bird to first tower. 83.1K!!!

Rank: Sling God with 56630 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)Score: 91,090

Retried this, and got 91,090. Split just before 1st tower, and took them all out.

Rank: Fling King with 4460 points
By DonkeyHoatie (@donkeyhoatie)Score: 92,130
Rank: Pig Leader with 11985 points
By thevs (@thevs)Score: 97,400

High arc and split immediately – 97400 points. Used TD and BD.

Here is a picture

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9020 points
By Steinbird (@steinbird)Score: 90,210

Had something interesting happen. First bird aimed at the middle horizontal glass, first tower, split just before impact. Second bird at top left-hand glass, middle tower, again, split just before impact, should clear 2nd tower. Then, WAIT. After about a minute, right tower just collapses, finishing job. It all depends on a small piece of debris from the second tower hitting the 3rd tower. Have done this 4 times now. Can’t make it happen every time, but it is generally reproducible. But DeanyZ1’s method seems most reproducible.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6675 points
By TheBirdBrain (@thebirdbrain)

No need to restart if you don’t manage the 1 bird clear. You can still reach a 3 star score with 2 birds. I can confirm that 81k got me 3 stars. Left tower was left standing from first shot so I used the second blues to destroy it. Luckily a lot of debris ended up falling down the cliff.

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