Angry Birds Star Wars Complete Jetpacks Guide -

Welcome to our complete Angry Birds Star Wars Jetpacks guide! By finding all five jetpacks scattered across the Star Wars galaxy, you can unlock the Boba Fett Missions episode free of charge! (Note: These levels are currently only available for iOS and Android. For more information, please refer to the Cloud City release post.)

Obtaining jetpacks is the same concept as obtaining Golden Eggs, Eggsteroids, and Droids in the Angry Birds franchise: The jetpack is hidden in some level and you must break it with either a bird or with debris.

Note: The links below take you to the respective walkthrough pages. The videos will show you how to obtain the jetpack. Once all five jetpacks are obtained, the Boba Fett Missions episode should be unlocked.

Jetpack #1

Jetpack #1 Tatooine Level 1-23

The first jetpack is at the extreme right side of the level, beyond the main structure. You can reach it using Han’s laser blaster, but you might need to do some prep work beforehand.
Video Walkthrough

Jetpack #2

Jetpack #2 Death Star Level 2-32

The second jetpack in the right side of the level, but impossible to reach directly. You will need to clear a path for Luke to slice it with his lightsaber, but beware of the laser cannons!
Video Walkthrough

Jetpack #3

Jetpack #3 Hoth Level 3-27

The third jetpack is in the extreme bottom-right of the level, and with the layout of the gravitational fields, likely impossible to reach directly. However, lucky for us, lasers are not effected by gravity, so we can reach the jetpack with Han.
Video Walkthrough

Jetpack #4

Jetpack #4 Cloud City Level 4-4

The fourth jetpack is under the slingshot platform. This is the easiest of the lot to obtain, since Han is insanely accurate with his laser blaster.
Video Walkthrough

Jetpack #5

Jetpack #5 Cloud City Level 4-19

The last jetpack is just beyond the main structure on the right side. Options are plentiful here, take your pick. Either cut the chains above the level to drop debris onto the jetpack, or clear a path to reach it directly with a bird, or try to shoot it with Han. Decisions, decisions.
Video Walkthrough

Boba Fett Missions

All Jetpacks Found!

Found all of Boba Fett’s jetpacks? Then you’re ready to take on his missions! The best of luck to you in your quest, young Jedi. Use this link to see all of our walkthroughs for the Boba Fett Missions.
Video Walkthroughs

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The first paragraph has your answer.

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