Angry Birds Space Free Released for iOS

Good news for iOS users who are debating whether or not to buy the newest Angry Birds phenomenon: Space. Angry Birds Space Free has just been released for iOS, so you can now try Space before you buy it. While this doesn’t likely apply to our veteran members here on ABN, most of whom have already purchased the full app, we feel it prudent to help our new, Google-directed friends! Contrary to the Free versions of previous apps — which typically featured three levels from each episode — Space Free behaves almost exactly like the PC “Demo” version.

Update: Now available for iPad as “Space Free HD”
v1.2.2 Update: This update was released to address a minor gameplay issue, but many have reported that the app fails to load. Rovio has been informed, so we will likely see another bug fix update in the near future. As far as we can tell, your progress is safe so long as you do not uninstall. Turns out this was an issue with the iOS AppStore, which seems to have been fixed. Please check the AppStore and download the latest versions of all applicable apps.

This release includes:

  • SD or HD: Changed from the original post, there is now both an SD and HD version available!
  • 10 Free Levels: You can play levels 1-1 through 1-10 of Pig Bang to see how you feel about this intergalactic battle. If you need any help, check out our Pig Bang walkthrough videos.
  • Five New Achievements: They are all pretty self-explanatory, but it’s a nice treat to see GameCenter support.
  • Upgrading: If you decide you like the app, you can buy the paid SD version from within the app itself. It costs $0.99 USD, but note that it does not carry over your progress.
  • No Eggsteroid: In the full version, there is a Golden Eggsteroid hidden in Pig Bang 1-9, but it’s not there in the Free version. Sorry, you would need to purchase the full version to get it.

The app has been released as v1.2.1, but we aren’t really sure what that means, and we aren’t sure about how updates will be distributed as well. Note that we aren’t saying there won’t be any updates (the app description says there will). We are just a bit curious about how the levels would actually be released.

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    BBinMiami says:

    Very much needed for people who aren’t sure if ABOS is really worth getting.

    Angryguy says:

    i agree, but since its free they have ads and they sometimes block the screen

    Chris says:

    Somebody told me that if you go to airplane mode, the ads will disappear.

    That’s true, but doing so will also turn off your “Phone” features as well.

    Nobelak555 says:

    Just turn off the wi-fi.

    NEXmuffin says:

    I agree with @nobelak555.If you want the ads to dissapear just turn off the Wi-Fi or the mobile network.I’m on Android and all the AB games are free for Android and have ads so I just turn the Wi-Fi off.Well ABSP has an ad-free premium version,but you get my point,and it is only ABSP,the other AB versions don’t have premium.

    Actually all angry birds have a premium version. However it needs to be purchased on the Amazon appstore. Those versions are not called Premium, but the name will have (Ad-free) next to the name

    NEXmuffin says:

    In the Google Play store ABS has a version that is name Angry Birds Space Premium and there are no ads and has the MSE and I live in a country that has no amazon market.I tried installing it but when I try to download something I can not so I don’t use amazon market.

    NEXmuffin says:

    Good.Sad thing is that I’m not an iOS user.

    Harrystar6 says:

    Good news they’re released a free version!

    But if you already have the full version, there’s no real point to this one. It’s nice but unnecessary.

    PdB says:

    I was hoping for a few unique levels, like you get in ABO Free and Seasons Free.

    Andreas189 says:

    does this mean that rovio is concentrating a bit on the free versions? seasons and rio could need an update (in my opinion rio free is a frivolity cause there were dates of updates in the beginning and those were removed and updating was stopped) :( hope other free versions will be updated cause it is not thaat difficult for rovio (i know they dont really want to do it cause it does not mean any profit for them) but it would be nice of them to update frees, in times when there are less major updates! ;)

    burbman says:

    I would imagine Rovio makes as much or more from each download of the “free” apps than they do from the paid versions in the long run, based on advertising revenue.

    CC Jolly says:

    The best would have been if ROVIO brought out one Angry Birds Free on the market where all versions are summarized. That would probably be the best advertisement to attract new users or members!!! And it would be maybe less costly and would be more attractive, so new users see at a glance which AB is nice to play and they buy the App. Sorry my personal opinion !!!

    wrw01 says:

    I would agree. There appears to be room in Rio and they could add a few of the Piglantis levels from Seasons to promote the underwater format. Its fun to play the free versions even after obtaining the full ones. Just finished Space Free and noticed that it is a bit more challenging to go back and play on the iPhone sized screen after using the iPad for a couple of months.

    If Rovio were to consider such a move, I would strongly advise them NOT to include Piglantis 1-1 in a free update!

    kevin says:

    that is great news for iOS users. I played free versions on my droid before I puchased ad-free versions.

    @amslimfordy Rovio said on their website that there is an HD version of ABSp Free.

    The link they provide goes nowhere at this time. Will have to wait and see if it actually goes live.

    burbman says:

    @amslimfordy – Since this is basically just a demo version of the regular app, will there be a separate leaderboard for the free version, or should users submit their scores on the main leaderboard for Space?

    Since there seems to be no differences, we will not be creating any separate leaderboards or walkthroughs.

    CC Jolly says:

    @Slim. It would be interesting to know: when Users download the Free version and play all 10 Levels of Pig Bang and if they decide to buy the Full Version if the scores transfer from Free to Full Version??

    Inactive says:

    That’s a shame IMO. All other AB Free games have a leaderboard and it seems inconsistent to omit this one, particularly if folks come around here and don’t want to buy the full version but still want to compare scores with the free version.

    I know it is additional work for you guys, but you could always re-use the walkthrough videos.

    It’s a tough decision, but since the levels match up identically with “Full”, they can indeed compare their rankings on those levels to the “masses”.

    However, I do see possible issues down the road with the omission. Basically, I don’t see how “updates” will work at this time. To be completely honest, any method that Rovio chooses for “updates” will seem a bit arbitrary. So, in general, time will tell if we add “Free” LBs/Walkthroughs.

    Chris says:

    I agree with slim. This free version is different from the others. No unique levels and the same level numbers as in original version. So a leaderboard for the free version is not needed.

    Inactive says:

    CC Jolly’s post below (listing his 10 scores) is precisely why it would be useful to have a leaderboard for the free edition. I’m not going to keep harping on this — you guys call the shots here, and if you don’t want to bother with it, then so be it; however, using the full version leaderboard will not show me how I rank against other free players (I’m only interested in the 10 levels, not the full 30 levels available for pig bang), nor will it give me a list of players I am playing against. Additionally, I think it sets a bad precedent of mixing scores — I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to start posting my AB Free, Seasons Free or Rio Free scores on the main leaderboards when the levels are identical, and I don’t think those scores should be mixed with Space, either.

    So… my final 2 cents — I think a separate leaderboard should be created for this App. I’m sure there are other pressing issues for those running the site, but I feel that at least putting this on the to do list has merit.

    @amslimfordy Why don’t you and I chat about this when you have time.

    @BirdLeader will do. I’ll be back online in ~5h. Monday’s are a long day for me in terms of teaching.

    No hurry. Enjoy your time in the classroom ehgumacayting our future leaders.

    they have time to do a free version for iOS, but they do not have for make an update for Mac!!

    Angryguy says:

    an update would take longer than making a free game

    Angryguy says:

    will you make a leaderboard for ABSp free or do you just put in your scores on the full leaderboard?

    Since there seems to be no differences, we will not be creating any separate leaderboards/walkthroughs.

    Kartflyer says:

    @amslimfordy How about a Space Free Achievement Page?

    For now, still no. Not a whole lot there. We are focusing our efforts elsewhere.

    Already got the full game, so I’ll pass on.

    Oobgular says:

    I thought they were phasing out free versions. I don;t think ABSF has been updated in more than a year now. Wasn’t the last episode Easter Eggs?

    danimario9 says:


    CC Jolly says:

    Yes in Free Versions ROVIO is extremely behind :-(

    birdgamer says:

    Wanna download it but my Application Store hangs. :(

    I knew it will release soon!

    CC Jolly says:

    At Moment on RANK #1. Yessss :-)

    danimario9 says:

    Good for you. I was #3 until the number of players boosted up to 14.000/15.000.

    Chris says:

    I am #14 worldwide now.
    @cc-jolly, you are still #4, but you have 9000 points more than me. Where did you get those 9k points???

    CC Jolly says:

    @danimario9 I don’t want to measure with anybody. I am only proud and surprised to be in the Top 10 in Space Free!!

    @Chris It was clear to me that it will not last long but i was on Rank 1 (June 21). Here are my Scores take a look where you can get more score! In some Levels i got higher Scores than in AB Space Full Version :-(

    ABSP Pig BangFree:

    1) 28.490
    2) 46.480
    3) 27.770
    4) 73.870
    5) 29.510
    6) 32.030
    7) 46.100
    8) 57.900
    9) 41.260
    10) 43.900

    I hope it will help you a little bit ;-)

    CC Jolly says:


    Now only 1000 points :-)

    Chris says:

    No, you are still 2000 points ahead. Which is absolutely okay for me. :-) I’m happy to be in the top ten.

    Caleb says:

    I knew eventually that they’d make the free version of this. Didn’t I say so about it earlier in the year @AMslimfordy ??

    If I recall correctly, yes you did. But notice I didn’t say “no” then. I just said I didn’t want to speculate :)

    What a disappointment. Hoping for new harder levels at the end.
    Oh well.

    heathen says:

    I have long since bought the paid edition for iOS, but how/why in the world can you do a FREE edition, have an in app purchase to update it to the full version, and NOT save one’s progress since the levels are the same…?

    Who is making these decisions? Rovio needs to stop concentrating so much on trying to be an entertainment company and realize that they have actual customers as their foundation.

    Luckily, we know how to transfer and it would likely work just fine.

    Wow! I was wondering if this would ever come out! And with new achievements. Looks like the same levels to me.

    Great tryout game! By the way, Angry Birds Heikki is also out!

    danimario9 says:

    I wonder if there will be a new update for Angry Birds Rio.

    Laurence says:

    Nice, I’m definitely a completionist, so I’m glad they did release it! A pity there’s still no update for seasons or rio yet…………….

    Inactive says:

    Agreed, particularly with Rio Free’s “coming soon” statement. Annoys me to no end.

    Ok so, I got the new update for Space Free but everytime I click the game to try and check it, it keeps shutting me out. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem??

    I’ve talked to Rovio already. They’ll take a look.

    Thanks Slim.

    Chris says:

    Oh no. A bug fix update with a new bug.

    Chris says:

    v1.2.2 is again in the app store, even if you updated it already yesterday.

    I wonder why they only fixed a “minor issue”, but the main issue (disturbing ads that appear all the time on the screen) was not fixed.

    I think my rate (2 stars out of 5) for this game was too high.

    The app is free because it is supported by ads.

    Chris says:

    No, the app is free because a lot of people wanna try a game first before they pay a dollar for it.

    Inactive says:

    But I do not think that is the way the industry works. I don’t think I have ever run across a free version of any game that did not have ads (although, to be honest, I am not a huge gamer, so my list of downloaded free games is fairly limited).

    But (as Chaos said), even “Free” apps must generate money for the host company. I have played plenty of iOS apps and I believe every “Free” app I have played had either in-level ads or between-level ads. Some even have video ads with audio, which can make users uneasy if they are running on 3G. The point is, it costs any company money to produce a “Free” app, so they need to break even somehow, so they use embedded ads.

    Chris says:

    The you are playing the wrong games, Slim. Good free games, e.g. Cut the Rope Free or Cut the Rope Experiments Free don’t have any single ad.

    Free games should be so good that people playing the free game buy also the full version. So the dollar payed for the full version should be enough to cover the expenses of the free version.

    And to be honest, nothing had to be produced here. The game already existed. They only had to lock some planets and to add a “buy Angry Birds” button to the existing game, and that’s it.

    Lamia says:

    @amslimfordy i just downloaded both ipad iphone version of ABS as they are free for a week. It’s in the itunes program in my laptop now. So maybe after july/august, i’m buying ipad/ipod touch, if i just sync it from itunes to device, it’ll work perfectly,right?

    Should be fine.

    Lamia says:

    @amslimfordy So, when is the promotion ending? 11th?

    Don’t know precisely how Apple does it.

    Ratanak says:

    When will it release for pc?

    iamMighty says:

    ABoS Free is only available for iOS devices.

    Lamia says:

    @amslimfordy i was just going through AB facebook page, seeing posts those were posted when i was absent. I saw that Rovio posted a photo in fb about DZ. Do you think there’s going to be another DZ ep in space?

    DocTonyNYC says:

    It looks more like an ad for Danger Zone–reminding people that it exists if they dont have it.

    My guess is that there will probably be other episodes for pay, but they probably will be called something different (not “Danger Zone”).

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