Angry Birds On A 15 Storey Building At SXSW

I wish I could have seen this in person. They projected Angry Birds onto a huge building to announce that, “New Angry Birds Levels are Coming Soon to the Nokia Ovi Store”. I think this is pretty cool and quite creative.

Thanks to @malarkey for posting this to the forum.

They also announced a new game called, “Hungry Angry Birds”, which I presume is for Xbox Kinect.

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    By Pavel

    Hungry Angry Birds??? I think its gonna be kind a bad idea or a bad joke. In my opinion, on this video it looked likes like #^$%.

    By cams

    What is the first video?
    An update for Angry Birds? A new game other than Rio?

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    It’s a promo for new levels coming to Nokia.

    By cams

    So it has nothing to do with iPhone users?

    By Pavel

    New 15 levels to High em High?

    By Squeaky

    I will rate the videos 1-5. I think the first video was good and the part where the person screamed “mighty eagle!” was kind of funny, so the first video got a 4. I didn’t really like the second video because it just didn’t catch my attention. I would say the second video is a 2.

    By Samantha

    I think it’s really awesome that they did that (first video) and that the second one looks weird I mean the original game was the birds saving their eggs and now their just getting fat and greedy(like pigs)!

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    By Angry Nerds (@easyeagle17)

    I like the clip. Did they use a white screen like the ones you see in school?

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