Angry Birds Jurassic Pork Level 37-2 Walkthrough

Level 2 – Two and Through for 93940!
Say Hello to our little pink friend. Then toss her to that pile of stones right in front of you, lifting them and depositing a few on the hill on the far right, setting off the TNT and wiping out that side. In the video, we use a high arc landing between the boulder and potion to clear the level, but rumor has it a shot directly at the pick-axe pig will bounce back and have a similar effect.

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Comments (24)

jlz-666 says:

Shot 2 is notoriously difficult on an iPhone so I didn’t even attempt it when I opened the level. Took the much easier option of flinging direct to the wee pig hanging from the cliff. Stella then jumps back and lands with perfect timing to bubble up and pick up both ball and platform

@jlz-666 great tip on the second shot. Much easier than the video’s half vertical shot.

jlz-666 says:

You’re welcome @hallieginsb Was hoping it would help other iPhone users but maybe it’s just an easier shot all round? I can’t pull off the other shot so don’t know what one,if either,is better. Think this one is down to damage no matter what you do. Great score though @hallieginsb!

josephine says:

@jlz-666, thanks for the strategy for the second shot! Gave me a score of 97K.

wrw01 says:

Thanks for the post@jlz-666 which made the second bird obtain additional points and made it easier to complete the level with an above average score.

Brinetex says:

Thank you for the great tip. Worked like a charm.

jlz-666 says:

You’re more than welcome @josephine @wrw01 @bernersenn @reinehr @rush. Anything to make life easier on on an iPhone. Need to ask Santa for an 8 plus and things might get even better lol!

bernersenn says:

@jlz-666 why not going for an iPad? It’s been specially designed for us flingers, at least that’s what I think

jlz-666 says:

I’ve had an iPad for years @bernersenn but was flinging on iPhone before that and you can’t share progress between devices (I’m not on Facebook) so I’m stuck on the phone. To be honest,I’m so used to the small screen I think I’d be useless with big birds!

bernersenn says:

@jlz-666 ok. But.. you could mix up the scores. That’s what I did for years. Battery low: picked my wife’s iPad and continued playing.

jlz-666 says:

….but I’d have to start the episodes from the very beginning on the iPad @bernersenn! I like flinging but Hell noooooo lol!!

bernersenn says:

@jlz-666 in that case the 8 is a nice alternative

JTB says:

@jz-666 wow, bouncing the bird off the wall, that is so much easier than the second shot and I never would have thought of that. Thanks!

rush says:

98080/2 I also want to thank @jlz-666 for sorting out Shot 2. The first shot is also important. I send stella to the first stone on top pushing “the white tower” to right. Letting Stella auto activate . You’re almost guerranted to get the egg. Look for 40K with 3 pigs left and then use the magic shot ad modem jlz-666. Plenty of scores in the range 95-97K

Kathy says:

Thanks to @Jlz-666 for the second shot, i was kind of trying that but happy for the confirmation
and thanks @rush for the aiming and activation tips on the first shot!
At least I’m above average now 🐣

rush says:

You’re welcome. Nice to get a mention twice in one day. Must be a first. Thank you.

jrsquonk says:

102320/2. Thanks to @rush (hail the starman!) for the first shot, and @jlz-666 for the second. I did change the first shot just a bit. I activated Stella just after impact, but before auto-activation. This methodology tended to send more stones to the right, resulting in more damage. Usually one stone or the long bone would take out the top egg. Still, even with the additional stones bouncing around and destroying stuff on the right side, it was still pretty rare to get 140K+. IIRC, I had 141K after the first shot with the 102K fling. I can’t post pics now, but will try later on. I haven’t had much luck with getting pics to post, but the ones I have tried to post in the past are in my album.

jrsquonk says:

Attempt to post image. Hopefully this works!

jrsquonk says:

Hey, that worked. Now for the splash screen. AB372hiscore.jpg

rush says:

Well played. Nice score. The starman says hello.

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