Angry Birds Heikki Austin Walkthrough

To achieve a decent score in the Angry Birds Heikki Austin (level 11) requires the use of a power-up, which we’re using as our second bird. Launch Black Bird towards the lower left car. Initiate the power-up then launch Terence towards the helmet pig sitting in the top right car, popping the ballons on his way. The suspended cars should drop and detonate the tnt below. Now use the last two Black Birds to clear the debris on the ground for extra points. The score in the video is 123,250.

If you net a highscore I’d love to hear your strategy.

Note, to obtain the power-up you need a code, which is available by "Liking" Heikki's Facebook page. If you're not a Facebook user we recommend checking the comments on our main article, as there is a lot of useful info there. Back to the main Angry Birds Heikki walkthrough page.

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Comments (3)

Rank: Pig Leader with 11875 points
By Vortex (@vortex)

Does anyone has problem with loading? I’m stuck at 45%. This happens only with heikki and the chinese coca cola versions of angry birds.

Rank: Pig Leader with 11875 points
By Vortex (@vortex)

It doesn’t matter which browser i’m using I’m always stuck on 45 or 85%.

Rank: Shooter with 895 points
By ollipolli (@ollipolli)

I am using Chrome and works fine for me.

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