Angry Birds Epic Volcano Island Dungeon Walkthrough

Angry Birds Epic Volcano Island ImageAngry Birds Epic Volcano Island Dungeon is unlocked after passing Volcano Cliff, between Bamboo Forest and Canyon Land. It is an extremely difficult, 5-wave battle with a twist: You must use one of your friends’ birds in addition to two of your own. Alternatively, you can use Piggy McCool as a default friend, or pay to use one of the Mighty Eagle’s more-elite birds.

We returned back to this level a bit later on, at Level 18. Like most levels near Bamboo Forest, you’ll need to use chain-reaction and harmful-effect birds to have any chance at beating the level. As an interesting twist, however, the third and fourth waves include Ronin, who ignores low-damage attacks! Feed the Rage Chili to Red in order to do any damage to him.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below. Be sure to check out the rest of our Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs here as well as join the conversation in the Epic Forum.

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Rank: Deputized with 160 points
By ATX (@ebtx)

This one was fairly straightforward with Level 18 Samurai Red, Druid Matilda, and McCool. Using the rage chili with Red at the start of subsequent levels gets you past the stronger pigs before you take too much damage, and then you can manage around the ninjas to heal up and refill the chili before advancing to the next stage.

By Sally Schober

My game will only let me take 2 birds into the Dungeon?????

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)

You are suppose to borrow a bird (or pig) from your friends. Try Piggy Mc’Cool.

By Name

I thought this was a somewhat easy battle, as I beat it at level 15. I think it was my extensive hot cakes and apple juice making

Rank: DaBomb with 460 points
By Sonlite (@j2000bigelow)

3* with Cannoneer (Sugar Rush set), Rainbird (Twin Lightning set), and McCool.

By Redeye

Ok, what’s up? I 3-starred this dungeon my first time through. First time, I used Samurai Red, Druid Matilda, and McCool. No problem. I didn’t have to use a single potion.

A week later, I’m level 20 with rank 3/4 hats and I barely made into stage 2 using the same team before getting my tail feathers handed to me on a big goose. All the mobs hit like a brick house and have a big upgrade in hit points. I knew they’re supposed to scale to my level, but that seems like a big scale.

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