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    Jusak says:

    I just registered with Rovio acc and my scores have been transferred to my new samsung galaxy note on original angry birds apps only.
    The scores on all other apps such as angry bird season, rio and space remain zero. How to transfer the scores to these apps too?
    I couldn’t find button for logging in on angry bird season, rio and space.

    Thank you

    alartor says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Rovio Accounts currently works only with AB-original. Supposedly, they will add support for the rest of the AB series in the future…

    Rovio Accounts have not yet been rolled out for other apps. If you want to transfer manually, see our complete guide.

    grinder says:

    i waited for this long time, but in this form not working form me :(

    if i’am wrong correct me:

    when i play offline my progress will be saved on device – it is clear,
    but when i go online and sing up to the Rovio Cloud my progress
    will be saved only on the cloud, not cloud AND device – and when i go offline
    i lost every progress made when i’am online and logged in…

    it not make sense for me, prefect situation would be when saves will
    be stored in cloud and device at the same time, and i would choose what
    sunc i need from device to the cloud or vice versa

    what do you think ?

    We are working with Rovio to improve the Cloud system. One idea we have pitched is two buttons: “Upload from device to Cloud” and “Download from Cloud to device”.

    grinder says:

    thank You for info and fast reply,
    two separately buttons ? it sounds very good for me :)

    Montblanc says:

    Seems the best option to me. :) It would give you more control of your cloud data while blowing away the fear to lose your savefile. Also, many games are already using the two-buttons system as described and I feel very comfortable with that.

    kathi17 says:

    Does anyone know how to get your files once you have used cloud backup with Android?

    I’m trying to get mine, but they aren’t on the divice any more since I used it for the first time.

    I used to just be able to go into them with file explorer, and save them to my computer, but as soon as I tried the cloud backup, my progress is no longer on my phone.

    If I have cloud backup off, or no internet connection, then all my progress is gone.

    I can no longer get my latest files.

    Gregoreo says:

    Hi! I’m from Poland and excuse me if my English is too weak, I do my best ;)
    As you already know, offline and online version of AB saves two different achievements’ sets. Is that, for now, any possibility to combine that two “scores” or upload my offline score instead of current online score?
    I am not always able to use Wi-Fi and i’d like to play offline and save my progress online later.

    Not yet, but we’re working with Rovio to make such a feature possible.

    Lion44 says:

    Even though I registered on a MAC to receive AngryBirds newsletter, while trying to register “GO” it will not recognize my email.

    @Lion44 These are separate services. You will have to register separately for Cloud Sync.

    I’m unable to find where to sign in? In AB Star Wars II, it continually tells me, “You are signed in as: Guest”.

    Please read the post

    I did. I’ve yet to see the register or sign in pop up anywhere. The only thing new I’ve seen since the update is the constant notification that I’m signed in as guest. I’ve tried hunting the couple of menu options, but nothing.

    This post is about ABo. The linked post in my last comment is about SW2.

    Oh! I missed that. Thank you!

    Montblanc says:

    I’ve been playing Angry Birds Go on my SGS2 with my Rovio account and now I realized I can play also on my Nexus 7 by downloading it from the Amazon App Shop (it’s still not available for tablets on Google Play).

    I logged in and it asked me if I wanted to push my savegame to the cloud; of course I said no since the cloud already has my current savegame from the SGS2. Though, it didn’t download my savegame to my Nexus 7.

    I played just 2 races while logged in on the tablet, then I deleted all the data and cache and reopened it. When I logged back, I found out it has been syncing my Nexus 7 savegame to a *separate* cloud, since it downloaded the savegame I had before clearing data. I logged out from the Rovio account and it was back to a fresh game with no data.

    What is even odder is the Nexus 7 has been pushing my savefile to the cloud (another one, it seems) even if I said not to.

    The game on the SGS2 didn’t notice anything, and keeps on using my savegame and pushing it to the cloud.

    Why can’t I use the same save file between Play Store and Amazon App Shop?

    Vlako says:

    My son was playing game and after exit game he lost all progress.
    We have cloud account with 0 progress (never asked to upload progress?!), we dont have any backup. Is there any chance to retrive our progress?

    Try signing out of the account. Then backup your progress using our guide.

    Jamie damelos says:

    This only works for my angrybirds starwars games,orig game& race deasons,rio&space ALL are back to zero(although when i look in my gamecenter,i can c my total scores, very frustrating for you spent a lot of time and money building their scores up. Only half the games even have the rovio account option and the other hald nope.the stupid thing is,SOMEHOW i HAD THEM SYNCED until i had to do backups to restart the devices cus my ipad had an issue twice(same issue two diff devices).i have ipad,iphone&ipod.please help find an easier way!

    Is there a list of which games and platforms this feature is currently working on? I see it on my Andriod for ABO and SWII, but nothing else.

    Do we have any idea if/when the other games/platforms will be completed?

    @rubeeinthesky with diamonds: We don’t maintain a formal list, but the R.A. tag is a decent reference.

    So far, it’s only mobile devices and only ABo+SW2. No word on if/when others will receive, but it believe Rovio intends for all apps and all platforms to have it eventually.

    Chris says:

    What about AB Go?

    @chriss True, and Epic and a few other non-classic apps. It sounded like the question was referencing the classic flinging-style apps :)

    canisha says:

    I think I did it wrong. My phone shut off and when I went back into the game it asked if I wanted to play from device which was 0 percent or cloud which was 52 percent . I clicked cloud n poof there was nonthing I had to start over n I have been searching over an hour how to get the option to change. I want my progress n gems back. Heeeelllllpppp

    sal9 says:

    Sorry to hear that!
    I assume you are referring to AB Epic?
    I suggest you contact Rovio directly. They might be able to retrieve your progress from the cloud.

    Try signing out of your account and see if your progress returns.

    Victor Ionescu says:

    This is not available for Windows Phone 8.1. My kid played Angry Birds Epic and I will have to reset the phone. Any idea on how to backup his work?

    You should contact Rovio, but there aren’t many good options for Windows Phone.

    Rogelio chong says:

    Hi I have a big question, I was playing for about a week angry birds epic without creating an account, had some purchase and i reset my phone, so now that I installed the game again I had to start all over again, is there any chances for me to get back my previous guest progress and purchases?

    sal9 says:

    Rogello, if you backed up your iPhone (I’m assuming you have an Apple phone here), you could restore your progress following this tutorial:

    Otherwise, I’m afraid your progress is lost.

    You could contact Rovio at rovio/support for a credit.

    Matt says:

    Is there any word at all about this being available for Seasons and Rio yet? Anything at all?

    Not at this time.

    Wolfwoman says:

    I got a new tablet just before Christmas and I want to get Rio, Space, Star Wars and Seasons off my old tablet and on to my new one, so I’ve only just found out about this ‘new’ cloud system that Rovio is implementing. I can’t believe that this has been going on for almost 2 years now and we still can’t use it to transfer these 4 games to our new devices :-O. It was very simple and easy to get the original Angry Birds off my old tablet and onto my new one, I managed to do it completely on my own without the help of anyone or Google or anything, very user-friendly and intuitive, but I need to get these other 4 onto my new tablet as well. The android guide doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to me and my husband spent 3 hours at the weekend trying to do it for me with no luck :-(. So it would be nice if Rovio could speed this up a bit :-).

    E-Star says:

    @wolfwoman I agree it would be much easier if Rovio implemented the Cloud system on all devices, but I think they are still trying to iron out the details as I have been hearing bugs from time to time. As for transferring from one iDevice to another, maybe this thread How to transfer Angry Birds progress between ios devices will help. I know it looks daunting, but when you master this process you will always be able to make a manual backup of your progress and imo that is still the safest way to make sure you will never lose your entire process. Please feel free to PM me if you need assistance or have questions!

    Wolfwoman says:

    @e-star Thanks :-). Neither of my tablets are Apple but I’ll show that video to my husband to see if he thinks we could use that method on android :-). If not I will definitely take you up on your kind offer of help :-). I did notice the other day that pig days levels are stored in the cloud (playing on my old tablet) so I wondered if I could just get that episode on my new tablet. I downloaded Seasons to my new tablet but unfortunately Pig Days was empty :-(. I don’t understand how it’s stored on the cloud if it doesn’t even connect to my Rovio account :-O. How does it know? :-O.

    E-Star says:

    Ah, my bad, I just assumed that you had iPads, since the Android tutorials didn’t work. I have to warn you though… my door is always open, but my knowledge of the Android side of things is pretty slim to none. I am an Apple girl all the way. But I am always willing to give it a shot or help you look for the answer.

    As for the Cloud and Pig Days, eh yeah I wondered that too, but never asked the question out loud. Maybe they just store the levels (and not the scores) in the “cloud ” and one can only access the Pig Days levels when connected to the internet and therefore a time check can be done using the internet as well??? not sure though…

    Wolfwoman says:

    OK, I’ve not been well today so I’ve not had chance to show hubby that video :-(. I was wondering, though, could I put it onto an SD card and transfer it to my new tablet that way? It sounds too simple, lol ;-).

    Tessa says:

    So… how do I get RID of this cloud save thing? My 4yo son has his own tablet which I use my existing Gmail account with for downloading apps and stuff for him. Now, all of a sudden, all the levels we’ve beat (AB Seasons) separately on our individual tablets are telling me that I have to download them from the clouds and won’t let me reset the game so it can be played from the beginning again.. am I missing something, or have you really turned the game into a single-use thing?

    E-Star says:

    hi Tessa wish I could help out, but I don’t have the cloud for AB seasons on my iPad, didn’t even know they implemented it in seasons, maybe you are talking about a different kind of cloud, maybe a google cloud, where the app + scores are saved… Sorry i am no expert on the devices other than the iDevices from apple, but maybe on of the other @admins can chime in

    Anyway, if you simply want to have a clean game again, you need to delete the .lua files on the device. How to find (and maybe back up) these files is described in the top post.

    Lisa says:

    I have had a Rovio account forever and my son has gotten so far on angry birds go along with me purchacing carts. I put the app on his device due to his breaking and nothing is there anymore. What can be done? I’m so disappointed and he is heartbroken.

    E-Star says:

    Lisa So sorry to hear about this, I myself am not sure what you should do, but it would be helpful to know which device your Son was playing. Maybe there is a manual retrieval possible. Maybe other @admins might be able to help or send Rovio a support request on their home page.

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