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We have received so many questions related to Angry Birds 2 that we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ to help provide a one-stop shop for answers. As always, if we missed a question leave a comment below and we’ll get it added. Also, don’t hesitate to head on over the Angry Birds 2 forum to ask question or look for answers. There is a ton of helpful information there. Below the FAQ you’ll also find some helpful videos.

  • Q. Is an internet connection required?
  • Yes, sort of. It’s required only when you launch the game for the first time (officially stated by Rovio). Internet is also required for an initial download after updating to a newer version.
  • What’s the max number of lives you can obtain?
  • Typically, it’s 5, but for some people it could be 10 as a result of testing the game. If you’re lucky, you can increase the lives from 5 to 6 via a special offer.
  • Is the card (bird) order always the same?
  • Nope, it changes every time you start a level.
  • What do Strike, Birdie and Headpop mean?
  • Strike means you completed a room of a level with just one bird, and that grants a bonus of 25K points. Birdie means you completed a room with two birds, and that grants a bonus of 10K points. Headpop is awarded when you hit a pig directly with a bird. Be advised that the bonus points might be lower in the first levels.
  • Do the changing levels have any impact on the score?
  • Supposedly not. Rovio officially stated that you can pretty much achieve the same score regardless of the structure layouts. Personally, the layouts have made significant difference for me.
  • Is my Angry Birds 2 progress saved?
  • It depends. For Android, if you connect to Facebook your progress will be saved there. For iOS players, your progress is saved through Game Center.
  • What is the Arena (video below)?
  • The Angry Birds 2 Arena is a daily tournament in which you compete against 14 other players across the world. Arena levels are endless, with the objective to win bird feathers and advance through the leagues (from Vanilla to Diamond). The higher your score, the higher your rank, and the higher your rank, the more feathers you’ll win. Be advised that an internet connection is required to participate in the Arena. The Arena is unlocked after completing Level 25. A first look video is below.
  • What do the feathers grant?
  • With feathers, you can increase your birds’ ranks (level up). Higher ranking birds are more powerful, causing more destruction, which means you can obtain more points and earn extra cards quicker.
  • What are the red and blue presents found in levels?
  • If you collect a red present, after completing the level you’ll receive either a spell or some bird feathers from that present. If you collect a blue present, after completing the level you’ll be able to send that present to a friend (if you’ve connected the game to Facebook).
  • What does the Golden Pig do?
  • Popping a Golden Pig immediately fills up the Destruct-O-Meter, which earns you an extra card.
  • How to achieve a large number of points?
  • Try to do Strike or at least Birdie shots while also trying to destroy as much material of the structures as you can. It’s not enough to just pop the piggies.
  • Well, there you have it! Now it’s your turn to tell us what we missed by leaving a comment below. If the question is applicable we’ll add it to the FAQ for all to see.

    The following videos were created during the soft-launch of Angry Birds Under Pigstruction; however, most of the information is still applicable.

    First Look at Angry Birds 2 Arena

    Angry Birds 2 Pig Inflater Spell

    Angry Birds 2 First Look

    A HUGE thanks to @mighty-red-1 for compiling this Angry Birds 2 FAQ. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

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    Comments (407)

    By Linda

    What does the flock power .01 signify

    By Stan

    How do I ger Players to join my clan, Kingussie on Spey a Scots Clan but you do not need Scottish Blood to be a clan member.

    By Gürcan

    Why and how on the angry birds friends when there are several players when 2 player has the same score one of them is first and the other one second.

    By Lindsey

    If I choose spells for a round and don’t use them, what happens to them?

    By Marko

    Will there be more level to come, I’m at 1520 on my IPad and there is no more levels after that

    By Susan

    Since yesterday’s update was downloaded I haven’t been able to open the game to play. What happened? I’ve tried everything I can think of to do. Help!

    By Janet Bryant

    How do I claim my gem mail?

    By Linda Hill

    It seems new members can not join our clan. When members leave or were kicked no new members joined. Is there a way to check out why?

    By MagicMaybelle

    It asks me for an Id number but where do I get that

    By Melissa

    I would like to know what the hat sets are and how do you obtain them? I cannot find any information about the hat sets.

    By Melissa

    I figured it out by reading all of your patrons posts.

    By Melissa

    I figured it out by reading all of your patrons posts.

    By Alz

    What do the apples do? I just started getting them.

    By Marc

    How do l use the birds from the red pack if l don’t like the ones showing me?

    By Susan

    Its been about 5 days since I’ve been able to open Angry birds 2. Any idea of when the bugs will be fixed? I miss playing!

    By Will

    What does the red dot on top mean?

    By Dan

    I’m forced to play the same level over and over without option to return to the home page. After completing the level the spell choice is given and if I choose another spell I’m stuck at the same level I just played. It seems like a rip off. I don’t subscribe to Facebook but am an ITunes user which supposedly saves my progress. What’s going on?

    Rank: Flinger with 40 points
    By bob-hemminger (@bob-hemminger)

    The game needs a lot of improvement as when you get to higher levels,it gets harder and almost next to impossible to pass that level. Otherwise,the game is a fun get away

    By numbing cream

    You need to bbe a part oof a contest for one of the highst quality blogs on the internet.
    I will recommend this web site!

    By Allan Payton

    I used an old android tablet for years. I have over 41,000 points and my game name is Allan.
    Recently purchased an I/pad. When setting up I could not resume at the level I had achieved and was messaged that my name was taken.
    Would appreciate help in acquiring my name and points to continue from where I left off.

    I have enjoyed my experience for years with one glaring exception…your iron maiden experience. I thought it was awful.

    Your assistance is appreciated.


    By Greg Wilson

    I bought a card which turned out to be 7900 yellow feathers. The game took my gems but didn’t give me the feathers. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, can it be fixed or are my gems just gone

    By Maureen Harvey

    Since updating my angry birds 2 the spells do t come up to use why ?

    By Michael

    Okay, so I’m getting a little mad at this game. This game not only has one of the most confusing button layouts of all games, and this wouldn’t be a problem. However, the button layout makes it so that you press the SPEND GEMS button right where an “Exit Button” should be so you spend them if you tap frequently. That’s how I lost all mine. Secondly, there are levels in this game that just manage to solve themselves. I play like one part of the level, and it shows me the other half but right when I try to fling the bird, it saysI completed the level. I do not like this at all. I try to play the game and it shuts me out of levels?

    By Lisa Rocha

    What do the numbers mean on each bird ?

    Rank: Flinger with 50 points
    By Feathers Mcfly (@feathers-mcfly)

    That’s the birds power. Higher power, higher scores. There’s lots of ways to increase the power. Mainly feathers

    By Bryan galt

    I don’t know if anyone here has taken the time to do the math, but this game could easily rack up a bill in the multi thousands of dollars in order to get all the required power-ups. It’s sad that the game designer isn’t thinking about the long term player satisfaction over the shirt term bottom line.

    By Diane Churchill

    Why did you put those icons on the right hand bottom of the screen?
    When you need to shoot in that area you can’t see what you’re doing
    Please fix this
    Thank you

    By e yeetpants

    How do you put the game into a windowed mode?

    By Theodore Chavis

    The magic duck spell still doesn’t work!

    By Elizabeth Pratt

    Why aren’t bonus birds available anymore with out buying them

    By David Wright

    I have problems with birds laving the slingshot before I release them, Otis usually the very bird that is needed to finish that screen,, is it just me?

    By David Wright

    My problem is with game manipulation, the last 4 times that I used Matilda when I tapped the screen she didn’t drop her egg, when playing a set the very bird that is most appropriate to solve the set will prematurely fire hen my thumb is still on the slingshot which wastes the bird and often causes me to lose or would cause me to have to spend gems. I enjoy the game but I don’t enjoy playing another player plus a crooked game!

    By Jeff

    How do I change bird line up. I always get the same group of birds. I just want to change the batch of birds that are available in random order. Please help

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