Amazing Alex Cursed Rides Level 7 Week 3 Walkthrough

Amazing Alex Level 7 for Week 3 (October 29) is called “Cursed Rides”. First, place the Bad Piggy Bank in the top-left corner. Do a few dry runs to make sure it pushes the remote under the shelf, leaving it permanently on. The reason this should be done first is because, once placed, the piggy cannot be moved. It’s a sort of glitch in the logic of the game: The object is behind a menu button, so it cannot be moved. Once that is settled, placed the boxing glove in the bottom-left and scissors next to the 8-ball.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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By Tahir Jamy (@tahirjamy)

Slim, your walkthrough is completely different compared to how I made it (Yes, I made this level :D Feels great to have it got featured in the app). My walkthrough would be:
Place the bad piggy bank in the green bucket (you have to tilt the piggy a bit, so that it gets placed in the bucket). When you press play, the piggy’s weight will cause the bucket to drop down and push the button, activating the remote controlled car. Put the scissors next to the 8-ball, so that the car becomes free from being tied with the rope. Place the boxing glove at the far right, facing the bucket. When the car is activated, it will travel to the right and hit the button on the boxing glove, which will send the balloon to the left. (Meanwhile the piggy bank riding the RC car will break as the car activates the boxing glove). The boxing glove will also break the piggy bank that was in the bucket. The balloon & bucket will travel to the left and collect the 2nd star, also hitting the switch and the football. The football will drop down the trapdoor. Place the wooden plank, tilted right, above the dart. The football will fall on this plank and send the last piggy down the hole.

PS I named it ‘Cursed Rides’ since all the piggy banks in their ‘rides’ died at the end…

By Robbert Simonse

Another solutin is this one. Place the scissors so the 8-ball touches it and the rope will be cut. The car is free to make a ride now. Place the piggy bank on the right side of the bucket (a little bit turned) so that the bucket will be pushed to the left and the piggy bank falls to the right. Use a table to let it fall on the remote control. The balloon flies slowly to the left, pushes the ball, then the lever and catches the star. Place the boxing glove under the trapdoor so when the door will be opened the skateboard will be pushed towards the last star.

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