Angry Birds Glossary

There is no doubt that Angry Birds has become a cultural phenomenon (heck, there is now even an Angry Birds Land in Finland). This success has spawned tens of thousands of discussions here on AngryBirdsNest, from which a sort of Angry Birds vocabulary has formed. The goal of this glossary is to help players decipher the ever evolving Angry Birds nomenclature. While this will be especially useful for new players, it also a great reference for experienced flingers.

Before we begin lets take a moment to thank those who made this possible. The glossary was born in the forum and was nurtured along by @mvnla2. Compiling such a extensive collection of terms, definitions, and acronyms doesn’t happen over night and was most definitely a team effort. Let’s raise a glass to all those who contributed and pay a special thanks to @Burbman (the brainchild), @mvnla2 @CmdrBond, and @blahalb09.

Did we miss something? Got a question? Leave a comment below.

Table of Contents

  1. Acronyms and Terms
  2. Episode Guide
  3. Cast of Characters

Glossary consists of an alphabetical list, followed by an episode guide and a cast of characters:

Alphabetical List of Acronyms and Terms

  • AB = Angry Birds
  • ABC = AB Classic = ABO; ABO preferred, since ABC also means AB Chrome
  • ABF = Angry Birds Facebook
  • ABFO; R; S: Angry Birds Free Original; Rio; Seasons
  • ABN = AngryBirdsNest
  • ABO = Angry Birds Original
  • ABP= Angry Birds Space; only used as the internal reference on
  • ABR = Angry Birds Rio
  • ABS = Angry Birds Seasons
  • ABSp, ABiS, ABoS (sometimes ABOS) = Angry Birds Space; ABSp preferred
  • ABSW = Angry Birds Star Wars
  • ABV;C;P;FT: Angry Birds Volcano; Chrome; Pistachio; FujiTV
  • B = Birdquake in ABF = power up that causes everything to shake
  • B.Bro (sometimes B.B.) = Big Brother/Terence: the large red (green in space) bird. Please use BB only when no chance of confusion with Bomb Bird or Blue Birds
  • BB = Black Bird – Bomb bird – can be manually detonated or will self detonate after a short delay once it has hit something – great against stone
  • BB: is sometimes used for Blue Bird, BBB preferred (Please use BB for blue bird only if no chance of confusion)
  • BBB = Blue Bird – Splits into 3 smaller birds when activated – great against ice/glass
  • BC = Bird cage (ABR only); see cage.
  • Bloated Bird Technique: Generally refers to firing any bird, but not triggering it. Originally used for the white bird, since it could do a lot of damage without dropping its egg bomb. Can also be used with boomerang bird, although he has more momentum if fired backward and triggered.
  • Bloated Pig (BP) = Pub in Sling Town frequented by weary flingers; see Bloated Pig in forum
  • Blu and Jewel (ABR only): Blu and Jewel tied together; Jewel drags Blu horizontally through the air
  • Blu (ABR only): Blu by himself; flaps wildly when activated
  • Boss Fight – A level in which several hits are typically necessary to accumulate damage and defeat a moving target (either Nigel, King Pig, or Space King). Usually occurs at the last level of an episode
  • Cage = Bird Cage = BC (ABR only): Cages hold birds who have been captured and must be broken to release the birds within.
  • Centripetal Force Achievement: See Lagrangian point
  • Corpse Sprite = Game programmed pic for any bird that has been hit, e.g. green bird with a bent beak.
  • Fanon = fan-created concepts that are NOT part of the official game, but may be believed to be official by many.
  • Froshh = ice bird, sound made by ice bird
  • GB = Boomerang Bird = Green Bird (except in Space) – Starts to spin and reverses direction when activated
  • GB in Space = Terrence, sort of the same as the large red bird in other editions of AB, when triggered, emits a yell (sound wave) that can destroy some things
  • GE = Golden Egg/Eggsteroid
  • GF = Golden Fruit – refers to the different variety of fruits (Pineapple, Banana, Melon, Papaya, Apple or Mango) found in place of Golden Eggs in ABR
  • Globe Bird = orange bird
  • GM = Golden Mooncake in ABS Moon Festival episode
  • HD = high definition version of the game
  • IB = Ice Bird / Froshh in ABSp, freezes everything within a large radius of where it touches; sometimes destroys them as well
  • Koi: Red or gold fish in YotD. Red koi used to summon the MD, and used in place of feathers to denote TD
  • KS = King Sling in ABF = a powerup that makes slingshot extra powerful
  • Lagrangian point(s) = From Wikipedia “The Lagrangian points are the five positions in an orbital configuration where a small object affected only by gravity can theoretically be stationary relative to two larger objects (such as a satellite with respect to the Earth and Moon).” See discussion on centripetal force achievement.
  • LB = Lazer bird = purple bird in ABSp – Obeys normal physics rules until triggered, then becomes a laser, i.e, goes in a straight trajectory to point triggered. FYI “laser” started out as an acronym for light emission by stimulated emission of radiation.
  • L-factor: Means a lot of luck is required for that level
  • LOD / LOtD – level of the day in Bloated Pig in forum
  • Make a Big Piggy – to push reset when you could have had a bigger score
  • MD = Mighty Dragon: replacement for ME in ABS YotD; works somewhat differently
  • ME = Mighty Eagle
  • Nigel (ABR only): A sulfur-crested Cockatoo that is enemy in Rio boss fights
  • OB = Orange/Globe Bird
  • Orange Bird = Globe Bird – Inflates to massive size when activated or after a short delay once it has hit something
  • PAT (Precise Aiming Technique) = Detailed instructions on how to aim to get high score
  • PB (Purple Bird) = LB – Lazer Bird (ABOS)
  • RB = red bird
  • Reverse Shot – To fire the green (boomerang) bird in the opposite direction of the structure to be attacked and then activate him to send him into the structure. This is somewhat difficult to control. In ABoS fire any bird backwards for a slight speed increase.
  • Rovio = Company that creates AB games
  • RRS = Remi Reverse Shot, same as reverse shot; “reverse shot” is a term used in films, and Remi refers to one of the best players from the original “” forum (RIP), username Remi3241.
  • S = Super Seeds in ABF = power up that causes bird to be extra powerful
  • Sardines / Sardine Can: used to summon the ME
  • SD = standard definition version of the game
  • SE = Space Eagle in ABSp: replacement of ME for ABSp; works differently
  • Shoot the Moon – To shoot as vertically as possible, most frequently with a yellow bird, which increases velocity when triggered; sometimes with white bird, which recoils from egg when triggered (conservation of momentum). In the case of the yellow bird, it frequently means to shoot nearly vertically and to trigger immediately. Hard to control, but useful for clearing high objects and/or coming down nearly vertically.
  • Sling Town = Town where Bloated Pig is located; see forum
  • SS = Sling Scope in ABF = powerup that shows beginning of flight path for each bird. In ABSp all birds have this by default
  • TD = Total Destruction: Need total destruction with ME / MD / SE to get a feather or koi
  • Torrents = Unofficial copies of apps, which are not supported by Rovio or ABN.
  • WB = white bird, Drops egg bomb and flies off at a tangent when activated
  • Whine Factor = That mythical but seemingly-real cause-and-effect relationship between “whining” about struggles on a level walkthrough page, resulting in promptly setting a personal record
  • YB = Yellow Bird – Increase velocity when activated – great against wood

Episode Guide

Angry Birds Original (ABo)

  1. PE: Poached Eggs (11 December, 2009)
  2. MH: Mighty Hoax (11 February, 2010)
  3. DA: Danger Above (23 April, 2010)
  4. TBS: The Big Setup (16 July, 2010)
  5. HEH: Ham ‘Em High (22 December, 2010)
  6. M&D / MaD: Mine And Dine (16 June, 2011)
  7. BDP: Birdday Party (11 December, 2011; ABo’s 2nd Birthday)
  8. BPs: Bad Piggies (9 October, 2012) (NOT to be confused with the separate app of the same name)
  9. RMF: Red’s Mighty Feathers (Egg Defender Levels on 3 July, 2013; Classic Gameplay Levels on 16 September, 2013)
  • S&T / SaT: Surf And Turf (20 March, 2012)
  • GE: Golden Eggs (2 April, 2010) – A set of bonus levels achieved by locating hidden Golden Eggs within other levels, or by 3-starring entire episodes.

Angry Birds Seasons (ABS)

    Seasons 1 Package (formerly Seasons 2011)

    1. ToT: Trick Or Treat (20 October, 2010)
    2. SG: Season’s Greedings (1 December, 2010)
    3. H&K / HaK: Hogs And Kisses (7 February, 2011)
    4. GGGL: Go Green, Get Lucky (10 March, 2011)
    5. EE: Easter Eggs! (18 April, 2011)
    6. SP: Summer Pignic (22 June, 2011)
    7. MF: Moon(cake) Festival (1 September, 2011)
    Seasons 2 Package (formerly Seasons 2012)

    1. HoW: Ham’O’Ween (20 October, 2011; Seasons’ 1st Birthday)
    2. WtH: Wreck The Halls (1 December, 2011)
    3. YotD: Year of The Dragon (19 January, 2012)
    4. CB: Cherry Blossom (3 March, 2012)
    5. PL: Piglantis (14 June, 2012)
    6. BtS: Back to School (16 August, 2012)
    Seasons 3 Package

    1. HH: Haunted Hogs (23 October, 2012)
    2. WW: Winter Wonderham (1 December, 2012)
    3. ACB: Abra-Ca-Bacon (16 May, 2013)

Angry Birds Rio (ABR)

  1. SD: Smugglers’ Den (22 March, 2011)
  2. JE: Jungle Escape (22 March, 2011)
  3. BV: Beach Volley (12 May, 2011)
  4. CU: Carnival Upheaval (8 June, 2011)
  5. AC: Airfield Chase (18 August, 2011)
  6. SP: Smugglers’ Plane (22 November, 2011)
  7. MM: Market Mayhem (11 March, 2013)
  • GB: Golden Beachball (1 August, 2011 and 25 July, 2013) – Originally a bonus set of levels that required unlocking; later made standard
  • TR: Trophy Room (15 March, 2012) – A set of 12 bonus levels awarded for passing all levels in each episode (6) and 15-fruiting each episode (6).

Angry Birds Space (ABSp)

  1. PB: Pig Bang (22 March, 2012; Rio’s 1st Birthday)
  2. CC: Cold Cuts (22 March, 2012)
  3. FMM / FMttM: Fry Me to the Moon (25 April, 2012)
  4. UT: Utopia (31 May, 2012)
  5. RP: Red Planet (23 August, 2012)
  6. PD: Pig Dipper (10 January, 2013)
  7. CC: Cosmic Crystals (13 September, 2013)
  • DZ: Danger Zone (22 March, 2012) – Currently only available to iOS (iPhone/iPad), PC, and Android devices
  • GE: Golden Eggsteroids – Similar to Golden Eggs in ABO/S

Angry Birds Star Wars (ABSW)

  1. Tat: Tatooine (8 November, 2012)
  2. DS: Death Star (8 November, 2012)
  3. Hoth: Hoth (29 November, 2012)
  4. CC: Cloud City (28 March, 2013)
  5. MoE: Moon of Endor (12 September, 2013)
  • PotJ: Path of the Jedi (8 November, 2012) – Currently only available to iOS (iPhone/iPad), PC, and Android devices
  • Bonus: Includes Golden Droid levels (similar to Golden Eggs in ABO/S and Eggsteroids in ABSp) and “Star” Bonus Levels
  • BFM: Boba Fett Missions (28 March, 2013) – Currently only available to iOS and Android devices

Angry Birds Star Wars II (ABSW2)

  1. NI: Naboo Invasion (19 September, 2013)
  2. ET: Escape to Tatooine (19 September, 2013)
  • RC: Reward Chapter (19 September, 2013)

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Birds and their Allies (with preferred abbreviations)

  • Red Bird (RB): His real name is, surprisingly, “Red”. He is the original Angry Bird and is fairly weak. He can best be used on visible tips of long horizontal supports to help collapse & topple tall structures by targeting the top third. He has no power to activate.
  • Blue Birds (BBB): Their family name is “The Blues”, and individually are named Blue Jay, Blue Jake, and Blue Jim. They split into 3 smaller blue birds when activated and accelerate slightly. Momentum when split is greater than before split. Great against ice/glass, so-so for thin wood, not good against stone. Only use abbreviation BB when no chance of confusion.
  • Yellow Bird (YB): His real name is “Chuck”. He increases in velocity when activated. Great against wood, not good for ice and stone. He can be used for “shoot the moon” shots.
  • Black/Bomb Bird (BB): His real name is “Bomb”. He can be manually detonated or will self-detonate after a short delay once he has hit something. Great against stone, not so good for wood and ice. He is best used by breaking through stone to get him into a surrounded position then detonating. While BB is preferred, be weary of potential confusion with other abbreviations.
  • White Bird (WB): Her real name is “Matilda”. She drops an egg bomb and flies off at a tangent when activated. Good against wood, ice, stone; best if both bomb and recoil create damage. She was the original bird used in “Bloated Bird Technique”. She can also be used for “shoot the moon,” but not used as often as Yellow. She was the first female bird in the flock.
  • Boomerang Bird (GB): (aka “Green Bird”, except in Space) His real name is “Hal”. He spins in flight and reverses direction when activated. He can be used for reverse shots and, less commonly, the Bloated Bird Technique. Best against wood and ice, but not so good against stone. He travels further than any other bird on initial trajectory. Only use abbreviation BB when no chance of confusion.
  • Big Brother Bird (B.Bro): His real name is “Terence” (the first named bird in the flock). He is the large red bird (green in space) and is good against wood, ice, and stone. A horizontal shot creates more damage than a vertical impact. He can be activated to yell/roar in AB:Space, but has no other ability to active. Only use abbreviation BB when no chance of confusion.
  • Mighty Eagle (ME)
  • Nigel: (ABR only; See pigs and other enemies, below)
  • Blu and Jewel: (ABR only) Blu and Jewel tied together. Jewel drags Blu horizontally through the air.
  • Blu: (ABR only) Blu by himself. Flaps and flails wildly when activated.
  • Luiz: Big dog in Rio (only playable in Beach Volley 6-15)
  • Mighty Dragon (MD): (ABS, YotD only)
  • Orange Bird (OB): His real name is “Bubbles”, but is sometimes called the “Globe Bird”. He inflates to massive size when activated or after a short delay once it has hit something. Good against wood and ice. He can cause stone to fly and create damage if wedged in. Shooting him into a position where he is surrounded on all sides will lead to the most damage. If triggered immediately prior to hitting a structure, can launch the entire structure forward to destroy other structures with flying debris.
  • Lazer Bird (LB): (aka “Purple Bird”; ABSp only) The AB:Space-variant of the Yellow Bird. He obeys normal physics until triggered, then becomes a laser. i.e, goes in a straight trajectory to point triggered until he contacts another object. At that point, he obeys normal physics again.
  • Space Eagle (SE): (ABSp only) Summoned by throwing sardine can to desired spot. Appears out of wormhole and destroys all in vicinity.
  • Ice Bird (IB): (aka “Froshh”; ABSp only) Freezes everything within a large radius of where it touches. Sometimes destroys blocks as well.
  • Space Egg: (aka “Antenna Egg”; ABSp only) Creates a small, temporary black hole. The low pressure pulls blocks strongly in that direction.
  • Pink Bird (PB): (ABS only for time being) Her real name is “Stella”. When activated manually or after a short delay once it has hit something, places all nearby objects into bubbles in a small radius. Bubbles then float if not held down and pop a short while later, causing contents to fall back to the surface.


  • Small Pig (Piglet): The smallest and weakest pig in the game.
  • Medium Pig: Bigger than a Small Pig and smaller than a Helmet Pig. The second smallest and second weakest pig in the game.
  • Helmet Pig (Soldier Pig, Major Pig): Bigger than a Medium Pig and smaller than a Large Pig. Wears a stone helmet. Despite being smaller than a Large Pig, it is stronger due to his helmet. Still a bit weaker than the Moustache Pig.
  • Large Pig: Bigger than a Helmet Pig and smaller than a Moustache Pig. It is the third weakest Pig in the game.
  • Moustache Pig: Bigger than a Large Pig and smaller than a King Pig with a brown moustache and either white or brown eyebrows. They are the second largest and second strongest pig in the game.
  • King Pig: In the original trilogy, it is the largest and strongest of the pigs. Called the “Space King” in ABSp, the only app where his size and strength is surpassed.
  • Fat Pig (Mega Pork): (ABSp only) The largest and strongest pig ever created. Approximately four times the size of King Pig, with spots on him similar to Big Brother Bird.
  • Astronaut Pig: (ABSp only) A large pig in a space suit, which is very bouncy and rather strong. If caught in a confined area, the bounciness of the suit trumps its strength quickly.
  • Female Pig: A medium pig with a bow.

Other Enemies

  • Marmoset: (ABR only) Ranges from small to large, with gray fur and the ability to fall and land without popping.
  • Mauro: (ABR only) Larger than a Large Marmoset, with brown fur and a paper-clip in his hair. One of the bosses in ABR.
  • Nigel (Cocks Nigel Cockatoo): (ABR only) A sulfur-crested Cockatoo. One of the bosses in ABR.

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I mention it because, while it is available, I’ve noticed some idiosyncrasies such as Powerup not being available in Level 30 of AB Space.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for your time.

Mike Wiggins

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It was very useful! Thank you!

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I don’t understand how to work the red bird with feathers in Red’s Mighty Feathers. The walkthrough shows a slight pause then the bird shoots forward (23-7). However, every time I try it, the birds shoots backwards. I have tried to find more info on this website but no luck so far. Could someone help?

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Hi Michelle. Red will “redirect” wherever you tap on-screen. He’s going backwards for you because you are tapping back near the slingshot.

By Michelle

Thanks so much! That should make things a bit easier.

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@Suzbpos Eggs are retrieved from defeating Castles.

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It says that Big Brother Bird does not have any abilities, but in space he can pop nearby pigs when you tap on him

By Gita Nayar

What does “dive 20 times”mean in Angry Birds Space..thank u

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It means that you need to send your birds underwater. You’ll find those levels in the Pig Dipper episode.

By Gita Nayar

Thank you

By Gita Nayar

Am playing the latest Angry Bird Friends Tournament(Carnival)..however,in mid game,the game just freezes and goes back to main icon..also happening with Power Practice..Is anyone else experiencing this?it happens when birds hit TNT or there is loud explosion..

By Gita Nayar

While playing Angry Birds The Mighty League,when I click on the picture for video so that I can get the 10 minutes of aim,the game freezes..I have lost about 30 tickets this way..what can be done

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