Mighty Eagle Now Available on NOOK Color via Angry Birds Magic

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Angry Birds Magic. Well, today Rovio announced via their Facebook page that NOOK Color, “owners are the lucky people to enjoy Magic Places first! Take your NOOK Color to a Barnes & Noble store near you, and unlock the Mighty Eagle for free.” They also said to keep an eye out more Angry Bird Magic locations and devices in the future.

One question that I believe a lot of people may have is what happens after you leave Barnes & Noble? Can you continue to use the Mighty Eagle or does it only work while you’re physically there? Here is Rovio’s Tweet on the matter, “You can use the Mighty Eagle when in a Barnes and Noble store.” So it looks like you can only use it while you’re physically at the location. Interesting. I would have put my money on it being a permanent unlock.  Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how Angry Birds Magic continues to evolve.

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    By Birdman565 (@birdman565)

    So by connecting to Barnes and nobles WiFi you can get mighty eagle for free…. there has to be a catch….. and only nook! Good for them but android has been waiting on it for a while… hopefully our magic place is revealed soon!

    By Mike

    On the Angry Birds Seasons for iOS look at the pause menu. I think the second ad is about the cartoon.

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    I noticed that, but to me it looked like the cover of the cookbook they announced awhile back.

    By Mike

    Oh, I didn’t know that they announced a cookbook. Sorry :)

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    No need to be sorry. It’s just a guess on my part anyhow.

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    By Ryan

    My rovio news is gone and there no postman pig on season and original

    By Jordan Firari

    I hope this isn’t that special thing that was featured in the Seasons promo

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    By the producer (@the-producer)

    I cannot wait until Android has the Mighty Eagle and the leader boards or whatever it’s called on iOS

    By Symbian 3

    what is this Angry Birds Magic?

    By Joey Hidalgo

    you can only use it in store. i just did this today and it went away as i was driving away

    By Devlin

    I’ve asked Rovio support regarding this, and of course they can’t tell me much more than, “for now this will be the only option for Andriod users”(to use the mighty eagle). And yes – it only works in store. In fact, the home screen will change once you’re in a barnes and noble and connected to their wifi – and of course change back once you leave the store.

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    Thanks for the report. I imagine the ability to accept seamless in-app payments is still the main reason why the Mighty Eagle hasn’t landed on the Android. It would be cool if you could purchase the Mighty Eagle while in the store (i.e. “Play for free or purchase the Mighty Eagle exclusively at Barnes and Noble”). Basically, the Mighty Eagle would be added to the stores inventory and they would handle the transaction. I imagine this is much easier said than done, but it would be neat. :)

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    By Birdman565 (@birdman565)

    So can you actually get mighty eagle feathers by doing this? And does it save permanently? Or do the feathers go away once you leave the store? Thanks.

    By Christine

    So for the mighty eagle feathers, they do stay saved permanetly to your game. But like others have said, you do lose the eagle when you leave the store. I did this today, and I still have the feahters even after I have left the store

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    Good to know. Thanks a bunch for the report!

    By Joe Krolikowski

    It seems to me to be less of a problem than one might think, for several reasons:

    1.The Nook color is already an android based tablet, albeit one functionally limited and locked down by B&N.
    2. B&N could easily act as the U.S. version of the Bad Piggy Bank, to handle Nook, then other android based devices for a small fee, then pay Rovio as they would any other supplier.
    3. The fact that B&N offered ME, even temporarily as a promotional offer, indicates that most, if in fact, not all of the technical isues with regard to android and ME have been ironed out, primarily based on #1 above.

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    By kathi17 (@kathi17)

    I guess for people who live in states without B&N, this means we can’t purchase it when we are out of state and then play it. I hope they change it so we can. We can get Nook color in Walmart, but there are no B&N stores within 6 hours of here. :-(

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    If it’s any consolation you only get to use the Mighty Eagle while in the store. You don’t get an option to purchase it. As soon as you leave the store the Mighty Eagle is no longer accessible.

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    By kathi17 (@kathi17)

    I’m also consoled by the fact that now I have to check Android Market, Amazon Market, App Up, Angry Birds Downloads and Chrome Apps just to look for updates to all of my Angry Birds versions. I really don’t need another place to have to check for updates.

    Thank goodness for Angry Birds Nest so I can make sure I don’t forget and miss something!

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    By wanda (@wanda)

    I second that! This site helps so much!!

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    By CHris

    Ya I tried at the store also…was really cool…but gone soon as you leave….email I got from B&N said for limited time only…wondering if they will make it and instore purchase after that… That would be sweet if they did…was bumb when it went away…was like giving candy to a kid letting them take a lick and then taking it back

    By Chris

    I can’t find the news about Nokia NFC any more. Where is it?

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    By SOMEONE IN THE WORLD (@mike1105)

    is the eagle for android? i have waited for months and months!!

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    Not yet.

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