• JunkenMetel posted an update in the group Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate 3 years, 9 months ago

    Haven’t been here in a while, but congratulations to everyone on your rankings and badges!

    Also, welcome and thanks to all the Uncaged members — I really love the Uncaged features, and am so happy to have a tangible way to support ABN.

    Finally, thanks so much @Mumsie42 and @Sunshine for the links to the Timeline and the Club Underdog lists. The Timeline in particular is really helpful for me — I can quickly check whether a member has already been nominated and/or awarded a badge just by doing a quick text search on their member name. I know, I could always check their member profile, but this way just seems more efficient.

    It’s really fun to see the Club Underdog list; I love getting anywhere on the Underdog list when I play a challenge…even though I never win, and even if I’m only on there for a little while. It’s just fun and rewarding to improve my score and see my name up there. Even us underdogs can have our day (or three minutes, at least)!