• JunkenMetel posted an update in the group Other Mobile Games You Love 3 years, 1 month ago

    OK, now I’m on a mission. :)

    I’ve noticed that an astonishing number of my friends play Candy Crush. Of course, in some cases it may be their young children who are playing — but I see plenty of friends popping up who don’t have children.

    I avoided this game for ages, because of the (to me) childish and cheesy design. And then I got challenged by one of my ABN friends, with whom I play the ABF weekly tournament. So, to be polite, I gave it a try.

    The hokey graphics are still kind of annoying, and it’s basically a variation on the line-’em-up game category (like Bejeweled and its thousand variations). But as you move through the levels, they really do get more challenging. And aggravating…because you keep thinking you should be able to win this level, and then you don’t. So of course, you have to try it again…

    The major thing I don’t like is that boosters cost money, (although there are a few ways you can earn them for free), and the game is always trying to get more money out of you so you can win.

    I refuse to give in and buy my way out of a level I’m stuck in. It drives me crazy. But I keep playing the darn thing.

    Anyone else playing this game? What do you think? Are there other games of the same genre that you like better? Do tell…