• Group logo of AngryBirdsNest: Updates, Announcements, Issues
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    We’ll use this group to notify you of new features, changes, issues, and more. It’s not a great place to request features however.

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  • Group logo of Other Mobile Games You Love
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    We all love Angry Birds, but let’s not kid ourselves, we also play other mobile games (oh, the shame!). What are you favorites? Why? What makes them great?

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  • Group logo of Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate
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    This group was created to replace @Kartflyer and @Sunshine’s forum thread. Here’s what they had to say, ”We thought we would give our friends here at ’The Nest’ a place to nominate and congratulate fellow […]

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  • Group logo of ABN Members’ Map
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    Ever been curious about where your fellow flingers reside? Well, the ABN members map–with sortable table–can help.

    Disclaimer: no personal data is revealed on the map and should NOT be provided. This is […]

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