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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 1,910,740: Ranked 121 out of 1536 w/ 15 scores entered
Level 1-191,630182-13,41084,647+6,983n/a
Level 1-2108,98012-5,65084,876+24,104n/a
Level 1-3106,270383-14,59099,022+7,248n/a
Level 1-4133,320138-12,350123,151+10,169n/a
Level 1-5107,780403-16,540106,041+1,739n/a
Level 1-6171,220418-28,550166,913+4,307n/a
Level 1-7131,14053-18,040122,500+8,640n/a
Level 1-8119,930202-9,490113,599+6,331n/a
Level 1-9116,200420-17,610112,839+3,361n/a
Level 1-10145,980131-11,410129,674+16,306n/a
Level 1-11127,850207-18,560123,594+4,256n/a
Level 1-12114,280274-27,150107,969+6,311n/a
Level 1-13138,280229-9,430130,850+7,430n/a
Level 1-14172,150241-13,380167,054+5,096n/a
Level 1-15125,730135-11,770118,204+7,526n/a