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Squawk! Please, DO NOT enter scores using Power-Ups (PUs) or from the Pig Challenge. PUs includes Shockwave, Telebird, Last Chance and Bonus Birds.

LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
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Level 1-10n/an/a166,170n/an/a
Level 1-20n/an/a112,938n/an/a
Level 1-30n/an/a107,321n/an/a
Level 1-40n/an/a136,590n/an/a
Level 1-50n/an/a193,120n/an/a
Level 1-60n/an/a195,386n/an/a
Level 1-70n/an/a154,475n/an/a
Level 1-80n/an/a98,237n/an/a
Level 1-90n/an/a138,109n/an/a
Level 1-100n/an/a131,663n/an/a
Level 1-110n/an/a189,933n/an/a
Level 1-120n/an/a180,091n/an/a
Level 1-130n/an/a180,273n/an/a
Level 1-140n/an/a154,376n/an/a
Level 1-150n/an/a96,385n/an/a
Level 1-160n/an/a162,164n/an/a
Level 1-170n/an/a133,798n/an/a
Level 1-180n/an/a161,568n/an/a