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Squawk! Please, DO NOT enter scores using Power-Ups (PUs) or from the Pig Challenge. PUs includes Shockwave, Telebird, Last Chance and Bonus Birds.

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Level 1-160,75035-3,30055,944+4,806n/a
Level 1-2124,1309-3,330113,074+11,056n/a
Level 1-368,82037-1,84062,002+6,818n/a
Level 1-4189,3505-2,720167,433+21,917n/a
Level 1-5117,8303-260102,328+15,502n/a
Level 1-684,8602-67071,447+13,413n/a
Level 1-7101,0407-4,38090,474+10,566n/a
Level 1-869,2703-41060,446+8,824n/a
Level 1-974,61010-8,17060,468+14,142n/a
Level 1-1065,11015-1,74057,776+7,334n/a
Level 1-1176,04030-2,66066,005+10,035n/a
Level 1-1280,05020-6,03071,201+8,849n/a
Level 1-13105,38028-3,78096,639+8,741n/a
Level 1-14148,94017-3,020125,133+23,807n/a
Level 1-15190,0206-5,520156,675+33,345n/a
Level 2-1128,79033-3,050112,901+15,889n/a
Level 2-2102,8007-9,00089,204+13,596n/a
Level 2-389,8809-2,09079,926+9,954n/a