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Poached Eggs 1-100n/a32,824n/an/a
Poached Eggs 1-200n/a43,861n/an/a
Poached Eggs 1-300n/a52,457n/an/a
Poached Eggs 1-400n/a34,491n/an/a
Poached Eggs 1-500n/a68,712n/an/a
Mighty Hoax 4-100n/a62,089n/an/a
Mighty Hoax 4-200n/a82,286n/an/a
Mighty Hoax 4-300n/a52,616n/an/a
Mighty Hoax 4-400n/a70,118n/an/a
Mighty Hoax 4-500n/a100,725n/an/a
Level 6-100n/a55,147n/an/a
Level 6-200n/a113,685n/an/a
Level 6-300n/a96,060n/an/a
Level 6-400n/a90,197n/an/a
Level 6-500n/a70,224n/an/a
Level 7-100n/a109,276n/an/a
Level 7-200n/a86,518n/an/a
Level 7-300n/a71,398n/an/a
Level 7-400n/a95,591n/an/a
Level 7-500n/a92,158n/an/a
Level 9-100n/a80,132n/an/a
Level 9-200n/a68,003n/an/a
Level 9-300n/a93,369n/an/a
Level 9-400n/a54,858n/an/a
Level 9-500n/a39,412n/an/a
Level 12-100n/a81,820n/an/a
Level 12-200n/a51,223n/an/a
Level 12-300n/a76,857n/an/a
Level 12-400n/a86,484n/an/a
Level 12-500n/a84,405n/an/a
Level 15-100n/a89,583n/an/a
Level 15-200n/a71,165n/an/a
Level 15-300n/a73,473n/an/a
Level 15-400n/a96,271n/an/a
Level 15-500n/a133,704n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 100n/a83,617n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 200n/a109,481n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 300n/a91,873n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 400n/a132,280n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 500n/a100,846n/an/a
Level 21-100n/a127,205n/an/a
Level 21-200n/a95,283n/an/a
Level 21-300n/a103,730n/an/a
Level 21-400n/a91,614n/an/a
Level 21-500n/a133,276n/an/a
Level 24-100n/a59,772n/an/a
Level 24-200n/a95,309n/an/a
Level 24-300n/a123,936n/an/a
Level 24-400n/a97,157n/an/a
Level 24-500n/a92,287n/an/a
Level 26-100n/a48,805n/an/a
Level 26-200n/a101,539n/an/a
Level 26-300n/a80,758n/an/a
Level 26-400n/a59,051n/an/a
Level 26-500n/a60,969n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 100n/a99,872n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 200n/a54,211n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 300n/a104,260n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 400n/a84,132n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 500n/a114,155n/an/a