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    The Challenge Needs You!

    I think the best way to keep the Challenge fresh and fun is for the entire Nest community to get involved. How do we do that? Simple! Just let us know right here what levels you want to see added and if they meet our basic guidelines below we’ll make it so.

    To get started simply tell us the levels you want. A list will suffice (e.g. ABSW II Naboo Invasion P3-S1). There is no limit to how many you can request.

    So what are these guidelines you speak of. As I said, super simple:

    1. Levels need to be available on most platforms (we do make exceptions, so you can still submit these)
    2. Ideally it’s not a repeat. Most of you won’t know if a level is a repeat or not, so don’t let this stop you either.

    One last thing. It’s not in place yet, but I would like to recognize on the Challenge page who requested that level. Maybe we could even dream up a badge for those who contribute levels often. ;)

    The level chosen for the challenge will continue to be a surprise.

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  • Profile photo of burpieburpie

    This site just keeps getting better :-)

    My top pick is ABSp S-19. Cosmic Crystals is still an under-explored episode… with S-19 almost everybody can add an easy 10k points to their score. It’ll take some effort, however, to beat 98k for a puppy.

    I’d also like to see what everybody can do with some of my favorite Eggsteroid levels:

    ABSp E-R2: Precision aiming and timing required.
    ABSp E9: A fun level with two cushion shots.

    (I currently hold the highscores for these levels. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a flock of Nesters attacking some other guy’s highscore :-)

    Update: These three levels were selected between March 27th and April 3rd. One puppy was won for E-R2. Lots of improvements but no puppies for S-19 or E-9.

    Profile photo of SeasonsKingSeasonsKing

    Here are my picks:


    Abra-ca-bacon 1-2

    Abra-ca-bacon Bonus Level 1

    Easter Eggs 1-6

    Year Of The Dragon 1-15

    Original (Although I don’t play it, they look fun to play :D)

    Ham Em’ High 14-15

    The Big Setup 11-2

    Surf And Turf Level 4

    Original Free



    Profile photo of AMslimfordyAMslimfordy

    @theangrybird Only the full apps apply.

    Profile photo of Bird LeaderBird Leader

    Thanks @burpie and @theangrybird for kicking this off! The next challenge will be Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystals S-19 Bonus (3/26 @ 7pm PST). The list will continue from there.

    This is a great start! Let’s keep them coming! Don’t forget about ABSW, ABSW II, Rio, and such.

    cc. @amslimfordy

    Profile photo of Bird LeaderBird Leader

    Oh, one more thing. I am not opposed to repeating challenges or making them run for longer than a day. For example, let’s say we feel ABSp S-19 needs a second or third time to really get flingers flinging fingers flinging. :) Just let me know and we’ll do it.

    I think the challenge needs an ‘admin’, much like the badges group has @sunshine, @kartflyer and @mumsie42.

    Profile photo of burpieburpie

    Umm, @birdleader, do you really want to announce levels in advance? If we have a week to try something and sit on a highscore, it’s not really a daily challenge ;-)

    Also, I’d be happy to (help) admin the challenge. It seems I’m permanently logged in anyway.

    Unless my timezone is a problem… as it it, the challenge always ends in the middle of the night for me.

    Profile photo of sunshinesunshine

    @birdleader let me know what you want me to do. I already track the daily challenge to help keep track of Underdog. I take a daily screenshot of starting scores. Bookmark the challenge page etc.

    Profile photo of Bird LeaderBird Leader


    Hrm, yeah, you bring up a good point. I like the idea of players knowing the challenges in advance, but I think you’re right. What if we simply added an ‘Up Next’ bit to the challenge so you could know what level is coming up next (helps one prepare)? Still too much info?


    Wow! Awesome! I had no idea. :) I think you and @burpie could be a huge help.

    Unlike groups, the challenge doesn’t have a built in way to change ones role and give them the ability to see upcoming challenges or add new ones. Maybe that’s what I need to do first. In the interium, just helping those who play the challenge — either here or on the challenge page — would be super helpful.

    Profile photo of sunshinesunshine

    I bookmarked this page, so I can help with making a list of suggested levels. They could be put on a google doc. That we share and work on together. Just a thought. :)
    I’m working on a list right now. One way of seeing if a level has already been used is to look for comment related to daily challenge conversation.

    @birdleader @burpie @amslimfordy

    Profile photo of karen68karen68

    @birdleader I have always liked the way the challenge isn’t known until it changes. Kind of a surprise I look forward to. And I agree with @burpie, knowing what it is in advance takes away from the “daily” fun of trying to beat the top score within an allotted period of time. Makes the Underdog badge more worthwhile & meaningful too.
    I plan to come up with a few suggestions for levels when I have time to look later.
    I’d also be happy to help out Burpie & @sunshine in any way.

    Profile photo of sunshinesunshine

    @birdleader I agree with @burpie and @karen68 about it being a surprise and the value of an Underdog!! After all @karen68 holds the record on Underdogs 17!!!!!!! :D
    Karen would be a very valuable Admin. She’s my secret birdy that whispers in my ear when I miss an Underdog. Plus she is an extremely loyal daily challenge player!!! ;)

    Profile photo of sunshinesunshine

    Major typo!!!!!!! @karen68 has 17!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Bird LeaderBird Leader

    @karen68 Thanks for the feedback. What if we simply did something like, “Up Next: A level from Angry Birds Space.”? That way you have a general idea, but don’t know the specific level until it’s chosen.

    Look forward to seeing your choices!

    Profile photo of burpieburpie

    That works for me, but don’t get more specific.

    Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise…. Our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency….

    Let me know if I can help.

    Profile photo of rubeeintheskyrubeeinthesky

    I agree that the challenge shouldn’t be known beforehand. I don’t see an problem with @karen68‘s suggestion of giving a general idea.

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    I only play the challenge when I am below average, so here is the list of levels where I am still below average:
    Cake 7 level 6
    S&T 35
    S&T 44
    S&T 42
    SG 1-1
    SG 1-19
    SP 1-27
    SP 1-30
    WtH 1-4
    WtH 1-25
    PL 1-12
    WW 1-24
    ABR — Well, I never tried to get above average in ABR, so there are too many levels to list
    ABS — Wow! I am still above average on all levels.
    ABSW — Gaah! When did this happen?
    ABSW 2
    ` b3-3
    Well, there are a lot of levels in ABSW2

    Profile photo of wrw01wrw01

    Ok this is one badge I have not earned which I could. It seems my time is being taken with working through an entire game (AB Seasons) and improving my scores for each level. I have tried a few times to obtain the Underdog but could not put it together for success. But given that…there is always hope for the future and will spend a bit more effort and energy in this achievement. I only bring this to the table to qualify my contribution to the post.

    There are six ABs games. Set a schedule up that for each day of the week something like:
    Monday=AB Seasons
    Tuesday=AB Rio
    Wednesday=AB Space
    Thursday=AB Star Wars
    Friday=AB Star Wars II
    Saturday=A surprise from one of the 5 AB Free Games of the versions mentioned above, except for ABSWII which to my knowledge has not been released on the free side. If Rovio adds another major game, the free games could be dropped and that new one be placed in on Saturday.

    Then for each day a pattern would be established in each game for the 52 weeks of the year to pick a level for each day, lets say Monday. But this pattern would only be known by the staff. For example in ABO there are 11 chapters and it would start with the last level in the odd chapters for the first 52 weeks and go backwards throughout the year or start with last then go to first and work the pattern into the middle levels. The next year the even chapters are selected. On Tuesday a different pattern would be selected for the Rio games. We as players would only know that on the six days of the week we could count on playing a level in that specific game. This way you could program out which level could be played for the next five years and have that load the game into the “Challenge” on an automated format. Just some thoughts to consider.

    As far a levels to consider for the immediate I offer:
    Space=Fry Me to the Moon levels
    Rio=Golden Beach Ball and High Dive levels
    Seasons=Moon Festival levels
    Space=Danger Zone levels (drove me up the wall but fun and challenging to play)
    Star Wars II=any level in the entire game because these have so many options with all the telepods that the scores can vary given ones ability and which pod they select. This game is a hoot because of the telepods, alias power ups, that are legal and supported.
    If the GO game can be included. I am hooked and love to drive, fast.

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    @wrw01 — Interesting idea, but how long do you think it would take all the puzzle lovers on ABN to figure out the pattern? Of course, @amslimfordy could probably be able to define patterns that would be a real challenge for the rest of us. Or maybe a random nubmer, with a check against already selected levels?

    Profile photo of AMslimfordyAMslimfordy

    No Challenges from “Free” apps — only the 6 full versions.

    Profile photo of karen68karen68

    I’ve got a few suggestions for challenge levels.

    TorT 1-6, 2-1
    GGGL 1-15, 1-18 (2-3)
    EE 1-15
    Mooncake 2-3
    HamoWeen 1-11, 2-3
    WTH 1-7
    YOTD 1-7
    CB 1-8
    Piglantis 1-13
    ACB 2-9

    AB Original
    PE 1-18, 3-12
    MH 4-5, 5-20
    DA 7-13
    BIg Setup 9-9, 10-3
    HEH 14-7
    M&D 16-4, 16-13
    Bad Piggies 22-9

    SD 27 (2-12)
    JE 7 (3-7)
    BV 25 (6-10)
    CU 15 (7-15)
    AC 28 (10-13)
    SP 11 (11-11)
    GB 25
    MM 18 (14-3)

    I haven’t had time to look at Space or SW yet.
    Letting folks know what game the next one comes from is fine, they have usually followed a pattern that way up til now anyway.

    Profile photo of SweetPSweetP

    I haven’t played in the daily Challenge very much, but have been trying more often lately. However I rarely see any of the Trophy Rooms, Star Bonus, Golden Eggs, SW Bonus, levels included. But, it could be I don’t see them because there’s only a few per episode.

    As for challenge levels, I’ll have to take a look and come up with a list a bit later.

    I agree with @karen68 and @burpie that it’s the thrill of the surprise that gets the adrenaline pumping! I’d also like to help with @karen68 and @burpie admin the challenge.

    @birdleader you have a good point about allowing a challenge to run a bit longer than just 24 hrs. I think if we could monitor the number of new scores entered within a timeframe, it would give us an idea how long the challenge should run. As you mentioned, a slower start should be kept open longer. I think 48 hrs should be sufficient, unless a “surge” of new scores are entered in the 46th hour, then extend it another 4-6 hrs. Just an idea to keep the excitement fresh. A “news flash” type comment would probably be a good idea if the Challenge is to run longer than the normal 24 hrs and beyond to let our Nesters when they can expect the next one to be announced.

    Ok, that’s my two-cents worth…

    Profile photo of burpieburpie

    I think a published list/ algorithm for the next few games is a great idea (without revealing the specific level). Personally, I’d like to know when to be alert for a new AB Space challenge!

    I’m not so happy with the idea of allowing longer than 24 hours. If a level isn’t popular in the first 24 hours, adding another few hours won’t trigger a sudden burst of enthusiasm… just move on to the next level.

    Profile photo of karen68karen68

    Hi @burpie, @sweetp. I’m not sure I agree with running the Challenge longer than 24 hrs either. It adds to the experience to at least improve scores within a set time frame, at least for me. And I don’t know how complicated it would be to have a flexible running time which could vary from day to day. Sometimes the improved list is shorter because the level chosen is tough to improve on :)
    I’ve never seen a Golden Egg as a Challenge, although many of them are nothing more than flinging 1 bird to set things in morion. But definately some of them would work as a Challenge.

    Profile photo of MG516MG516

    @burpie. Love the Monty Python quote. One of my favorite bits. Cheers!

    Profile photo of Hunnybunny...Hunnybunny…

    Love the daily challenge, it’s what I play the most, and sometimes have to fling through numerous levels just to get there, on an episode I’d never tried before, which makes it all the more fun. And that’s how I got my solitary puppy on a Rio level.
    I would never want to know in advance. It’s a surprise!
    My suggestions:
    Space S-19 again, what a challenge, thanks @burpie
    My nemesis Seasons TorT 2-12 hateful level, although I might get really upset seeing the great flingers thrash through the blocks and piggies. But that’s what’s it’s all about.
    Seasons TorT 2-15 it’s my favourite level of all time, it’s been the daily challenge before, but what the heck, it’s a great level

    Having said all that, it’s the place to meet new flinging friends, and isn’t that what this site is all about


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