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    @kelani Thanks so much for your answer. Guess we’ll just have to see what comes out tomorrow, then I’m sure we’ll have more answers. (:

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    If anyone knows what the rio 2 blu ray levels are please let me know.


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    New Rio update out on google play this morning

    Just downloaded it and starting to play it now!

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    ‘For classic we have some real cool stuff planned for the near future. Stay tuned! ‘

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    From a Rovio email:
    If you’re heading to the San Diego Comic-Con, why not drop by our booth in Petco Park to see the world premiere of Angry Birds Stella cinematic trailer and a sneak peek of the gameplay too! There’s loads of other cool stuff too, like Angry Birds Transformers reveals at the Hasbro booth and IDW Comics showcasing their awesome Angry Birds Comics!

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    Just had a new level open in Seasons – moon landing anniversary. Looks like there will be more levels coming over the next few days.

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    Yes, I got an alert that seemed odd, about news Seasons levels. I went to the App Store and there was nothing about an upgrade. I clicked to open Seasons and it took me to the new level(s). One low-gravity to play now, level 2 opens up in three days, 13 more levels after that, and a “Coming Soon” screen too. What a nice surprise!

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    New Angry birds update available now with:
    You voted, we listened! Introducing an all-new bonus episode – FLOCK FAVORITES!

    15 BRAND NEW LEVELS! Based on your favorite episodes including Short Fuse, Red’s Mighty Feathers, Surf and Turf and many more.

    JUICE UP YOUR BIRD! Super Seeds are now Power Potion – transform any bird into a pig-popping giant!

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    That’s great, but ALL MY SHORT FUSE SCORES ARE GONE!!!

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    New angry birds stella video:
    It´s coming out september 4!

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    Okay. So. I was playing Juice Cubes from Rovio Stars today. Big deal, right. I got out of a level and it showed me a “Rovio News” screen. Instead of any Rovio ad, it showed me an ad for Pocket PlayLab’s other game “Lost Cubes”. Currently, Lost Cubes is NOT published by Rovio Stars, it’s published by Pocket Play Lab. Starting this Thursday, it might or it might not be published by Rovio Stars.
    Lost Cubes ad

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    I don’t believe that’s true @jtfliegelman. I’ve seen that ad for a while. PPL is the developer, and Rovio Stars the publisher. I suspect Rovio is just plugging the collaborator as a “hey if you like this app, you might also like…”

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    Angry Birds Space Free v2.0.1 released (Ad-Based Full Expansion)

    – Adds all available episodes, through Beak Impact
    – Unlocks all episodes, including Beak Impact Part II
    – Unlock successive levels by watching a short video advertisement from a Rovio partner
    – Miscellaneous bug fixes

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    Rovio said that Stella will expand to different platforms. Will this mean ABStella for PS4?

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    Even Prince William has a favorite app.

    As president of United for Wildlife, the royal is teaming up with the highly-addictive video game Angry Birds to host a special tournament to raise awareness about the evils of poaching, with a specific focus on the endangered pangolin.

    Called “Roll with the Pangolins,” the challenge adds animated versions of the animals, who are hunted for their meat and scales throughout Asia and Africa, to the popular game.

    “The humble pangolin, a scaly anteater, is one of the most endangered animals on the planet because of poaching,” William, 32, says in a video message. “The pangolin runs the risk of becoming extinct before most people have even heard of them.”

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    @masmith52 “Roll with the Pangolins” is this weeks AB Friends tournament. Here is a video of Prince William, and he actually plays AB!
    Prince William
    @admins — Hope you or @dr-omega are planning to do a news page on the pangolins. I’m one of those people who had no idea what the word pangolin meant until today. Neat mammals, and freeing them in the tournament is fun.

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    In The Story of Bad piggies part 5 (the ruffle video in the BP app) he says that there will be a new game coming soon that is based on BP.
    He also says that there will be updates to BP

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    The Angry Birds Movie is releasing in may 20, 2016. It is some days sooner than the first date ( july 1, 2016).


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    @aryamoitra: This moves the movie to two weeks after Captain America: Civil War and one week before X-Men: Age of Apocalypse and Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. That’s right in the middle of three very big sequels, and I’m afraid they might get trampled. I think they would have been better off moving six weeks later into August.

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    Copied from my news page post:

    The Angry Birds Movie Tie-In Books
    (See here for source):

    Seeing Red
    Red’s quick temper and stubbornness make him a bit of a loner and misfit amongst the other birds of his community. To make matters worse, his anger keeps getting in the way of him holding onto a good job! Though Red wants to make friends and stay employed, unless he learns to control his temper and get along with others, he’s bound to remain the odd bird out.

    Trouble in Bird City
    Someone has knocked over the statue of the legendary Mighty Eagle that stands proudly in the town center— but who could have committed such an un-birdlike crime? One bird reporter is determined to find who’s responsible in this comedic and intriguing detective story, where all beaks point to the most likely suspect: Red! But is the temperamental bird really the culprit, or are there other bird suspects who might be more guilty than Red?

    THIS raises some theory on The Angry Birds Movie. I think, based off of these synopsises, that the Birds, like the Pigs, have a city/community, like the pigs do, but much more stable (The pigs couldn’t have built a statue, but the birds have built one of the Mighty Eagle). Law (See “Trouble in Birds City”) and Jobs are in the city as well. I also think that “Seeing Red” might be encorporated into the film.

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