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  • Since the update, I don’t know what to spend gems on. I used to buy arena tickets but without infinite spells it’s useless. Going into the arena with 3 cards or less will usually result in a streak breaking loss.

    My cards are mostly epic bronze and silver so the payout from rare chests are pretty pointless. I’ve only bought a legendary chest once and got a disappointing 2000 feathers so I’m not doing that again hoping to get a 10x hat.

    Spending money on ToF is a joke since it’s clearly rigged giving out a pig on lv2 more often than not. It also almost always will give a pig after you pay to continue since they know you will quit after getting to the bonus floor.

    I guess I’ll just spend gems to continue in KPP or the arena when it’s worth it and cancel my daily gems letter. Ravio won’t be getting $10 a month from me anymore lol

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  • desperados

    Max gems the tof can give you is around 6000 per day at the top floor after you buy hundreds of tickets and buy all hats with 25000 pearls there’s no need for gems lol…i can beat 3 king pigs with 120 gems or none and the reward from chests doesn’t worth it…i maxed out everything now i play less just for fun.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Nothing to spend gems on now…

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