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  • Hey all,

    Just a quick heads up about a new feature we are slowly rolling out. You can now Like posts, including articles and walkthroughs. “Liking” a post doesn’t send it to Facebook or anything wacko like that, rather it simply saves it so you can quickly access it later.

    Currently, the only place your liked posts will appear is in the sidebar under the “My Likes” tab (to the right of “Rank”). Soon your likes will also appear on your profile. We’ll also find some other creative ways to aggregate this info.

    You can find the ‘Like’ option below the title on individual posts and walkthroughs (see image below for the location).

    AngryBirdsNest Like Post Feature

    If you decide later you no longer like a post or walkthrough, simply click the icon again to un-like it.

    How to un-like a post

    Note, Uncaged members, you will see more of your likes in the “My Likes” tab in the sidebar.


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  • Profile photo of AngryBirdsSpaceMasterAngryBirdsSpaceMaster

    This is a great new feature! I will be using this a lot, especially with daily challenges and other such levels that I might be working on.

    While it may be a bit early to ask for more, I think the ability to like comments would be good too. It wouldn’t appear in the ‘my likes’ tab like walkthroughs, but it would tell the commenter that they’ve left a funny or constructive comment. This could even result in points for the commenter (2 per like or something). It would promote users who write good, helpful comments. Is this a good suggestion?

    Again, thank you for the great new feature. This will be very useful in the future.

    Profile photo of wrw01wrw01

    I really “like” this new feature…sorry I could not help myself

    Profile photo of rostrost

    Interesting! This is something I will probably use a lot, because it will be easier than typing the same search term in the search box over and over.

    Profile photo of SarahNESarahNE

    Liking the new ‘like’ feature………….!

    Profile photo of TetrisMasterTetrisMaster

    I like the idea of it too!

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    @birdleader — I just tried to like the AB SW II Complete Character Guide. When I did that, the heart icon at the top of the page said I had 3 likes, still does, although the heart is no longer colored red. However, when I click on “my likes” at top right, it says I don’t have any and opens gives me a link to this page.

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    @amslimfordy — Do you know what is wrong with my “like” feature? See post above. Thanks!

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    @birdleader — Finally able to get a “like” to show up in “My Likes.” I now have two “likes” that show up on the list. However, when I open one, the number next to the red heart is 5, on the other it is 8. Isn’t that supposed to be the number of liked pages you have, and shouldn’t it be the same on both?

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    @birdleader — Oh yes, why can’t we like topics in the new forum?

    Profile photo of AMslimfordyAMslimfordy

    The count you see is how many people have liked the post.

    Profile photo of JunkenMetelJunkenMetel

    Just noticed the new Like feature…thanks for the link to this discussion. I Like it!

    BTW, thanks for all the great improvements and wonderful responsiveness to member feedback and requests…I’ve always thought ABN was great, and it just keeps getting better!

    Profile photo of karen68karen68

    @birdleader is it possible to “like” threads in the forum? Some of the topics are so active, they fill up the “recent replies” column very quickly. A few hours away from the Nest & it would be easy to miss something in any of the topics I like to follow.
    I realize I could click through to look at the topics, I guess I’m wondering if a lazy shortcut was possible. :)

    Profile photo of AMslimfordyAMslimfordy

    @karen68 At the bottom of the “top post”, you can either subscribe or favorite the thread. I’m not sure what the difference is, but I believe both methods will enable on-site notifications when a new reply has been made in such a thread.

    Profile photo of karen68karen68

    Thanks @amslimfordy.. I tested it out on one of the very active forums, & I didn’t get a notification about a new post here in the number by my name. I did get an e-mail about it though.

    Profile photo of KelaniKelani

    I have 5 walkthroughs ‘Liked’, and just tried to add another. The heart icon appeared, but it didn’t show up in the My Likes column. Unless something’s buggy, I assume this means caged users are capped at 5 topics?

    If so, please consider adding a blurb saying so at the bottom of the list. Might save some future confusion.

    Profile photo of LadyDiLadyDi

    I wish there was a like option on the forums. And yes, I do see favorite and subscribe

    Profile photo of AMslimfordyAMslimfordy

    @ladydi102 Favorite acts exactly as I would expect you’d want.

    Profile photo of LadyDiLadyDi

    @amslimfordy – I am using ‘activity’ for what I thought I wanted ‘like’ for. Thank you

    @amslimfordy, can you explain to me where I can get an overview of my favorites? I’m not sure what I am missing here…

    Profile photo of Bird WatcherBird Watcher

    In the top right of the page (any page exept old forums), where you can see your rank (the deep blue bar), you will see an option named ‘My Likes’. Click on it and you will get a list of your favorites.

    @aryamoitra, @amslimfordy, that’s not working for me. I keep pushing “favorite” on the bottom of topics I like, but it doesn’t show up anywhere…

    @sal9, nothing, only “Sorry, there was no activity found. Please try a different filter.”.

    Filter is set on “everything”.

    Profile photo of Jkl5869Jkl5869

    The’re I thought to give a like on Facebook

    Profile photo of LapakLapak

    i like it

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