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  • I worked on writing this piece of paper in order to dissect and standardize as much as I could the neverending routine of grabbing snoutlings while playing AngryBirdsEpic (ABE).
    As well as you played the game like me (without being warned from the beginning on how properly balance the slow speed of your mastery goals compared with the quicker growth of birds and pig level), you’ll be facing Mouth Pool almost when it will be too hard to be used to maximize snoutlings outcome as a “simple standard routine”. Actually, I entered he Pool for the first time when opponents and me were @ L52, Spirits’ Evoker could not be outplayed and killed 10 times with standard AI engine and with too few achievents autoplaying it with my two stronger birds (Paladin and Rainbird, actually).

    I gathered here all the data needed to accomplish the goal of playing the pool without autoplaying it with the following team and for more than 2000 snoutlings (if you have enough patience like me) :)

    Rainbird elite L70-M45 with L71-E4 Lightning Set heals for 827
    Skulkers elite L70-M33 with L71-E4 BEEP! Robot Set hit for 496 (using secondary ability)
    McCool L68-M39 hit for 1419

    R2 or R3 undead recharge time
    T = 4 enemies 10 snoutlings
    D = 5 enemies 12 snoutlings
    F = 6 enemies 14 snoutlings
    S = 7 enemies 16 snoutlings
    E = 8 enemies 18 snoutlings
    W = 9 enemies 20 snoutlings
    L = 10 enemies 22 snoutlings
    X = 11 enemies 24 snoutlings

    No ChiliRage use recommended aside from considering as “a last chance” on letting my birds to survive before being overwhelmed.
    Skulkers always hit with his secondary ability while McCool could both attack or use his seconday ability when safe (especially not to kill all the pigs too quickly).
    Rainbird usually heals and purify birds. Minor curses that only underpower birds attacks are usually not purified because they let pigs survive longer for free.

    Example of a tipical “game resolution”

    Wave 1 – Enemies L52 – Spirits’ Evoker [S – 47175 – R3]
    `RageChili used(each/wave): 001
    Count of (hits/wave): 223
    Count of (kills/wave): 000
    Count of (snoutlings/wave): 44T
    Time consumption:
    Total 18 – Average 6 – Count of rounds 3`
    With the previously described team, you can’t kill the monster during the first wave because you don’t have enough fire power or time before he cowardly left the battlefield.
    As well as you heal and purify birds with raindbird while attacking with the other ones, it wil be quite easy to smash him when faced on the last stage, instead.

    Wave 2 – Enemies L52 – Phantom [P – 1415 – R2]
    RageChili used(each/wave): 0000
    Count of (hits/wave): 2233
    Count of (kills/wave): P00P
    Count of (snoutlings/wave): 4646
    Time consumption:
    Total 20 – Average 5 – Count of rounds 4
    This wave has a capped maximized ROI of only 20 snoutlings (no ChiliRage option applied):
    T1: Hit with Skulkers for (4), kill phantom with McCool(2) during this first game round;
    T2: Hit the left alone evoker with both McCool and Skulkers for (4);
    T3: Phantom is back again, now. Hit with Skulkers for (4), hit evoker with McCool (2);
    T4: Hit phantom with Skulkers first and then McCool (4).

    Wave 3 – Enemies L52
    Frankenpork [F – 10378 – R3]
    RageChili used(each/wave): 00000000
    Count of (hits/wave): 12222222
    Count of (kills/wave): F0000000
    Count of (snoutlings/wave): 24444666
    Time consumption:
    Total 36 – Average 4.5 – Count of rounds 8
    I always hit the big boss with McCool before he left because it leaves Frankepork alive for a longer time giving me more snoutlings.

    Wave 4 – Enemies L52
    Poltergeist [P – 3145 – R3] + Zombie [Z – 2988 – R3] + Phantom [H – 1415 – R2]
    RageChili used(each/wave): 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    Count of (hits/wave): 2222211221222221221222221222212222122212221222222
    Count of (kills/wave): PHZ000PZ00ZPH000PZ0PH0H0ZP0H0ZH00P0ZH00PZ00200000
    Count of (snoutlings/wave): 4688822882668882684686664666648866468826882888TTT
    Time consumption:
    Total 280 – Average 6.1 – Count of rounds 49
    If I can choose, I hit Phantom first and then the other pigs, because of its shorter recovery time. During the first three rounds, I force McCool to hit only the big boss in order to let the other survive for a longer time. For the same reasons I did not purify Skulkers nor McCool from the Poltergeist curses (less damages each hit, pigs survive for a longer time).

    Wave 5 – Enemies L52
    Zombie Knight [K – 6762 – R3] + Banshee [B – 5504 – R2] + Zombie [z – 5032 – R3] (+ any summoned Phantom [H – 1415 – R2])
    RageChili used(each/wave): 10000000000000001000100000100000000010010000000000000000000
    Count of (hits/wave): 22222222322222323222222232232222222322322222222222222222222
    Count of (kills/wave): 804212308050K0007234H5H25070600K11121146HHHHH00HHHK00000000
    Total 772 – Average 13.1 – Count of rounds 59
    During this wave, key role is played by the Banshee. I let her summon as many as I can manage minor Phantom pigs on battlefield, being ready with Rainbird to wipe the board before being overwhelmed. I think that at this combination of level/mastery the total number of enemies should not go over ten. If you are able to stabilize and balance heals with hits you can proceed to alternatively wipe/rise enemies for a very long time before getting bored like me in the example.

    Wave 6 – L52
    Mummy [2516 R3] + Mummy [2516 R3] + Mummy [2516 R3] + Will-o-the-Wisp [1887 R2]
    Mummies recover time is slower than will-o-the-wips’ one. If I can choose, I kill the latter first
    RageChiliUsed: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    Number of hits: 222222222222222212222222221222222222222222222222211222222212222122222222221222212222122222222222222222
    Number of kills: 2M0000020MW0MWM0MMMW0W0MWMM20W00W0MWMW00W0M0M000MWMM0W00W00W0W1012110101110111011010111000021000101000
    Number of snoutlings: 6T88T448888868864888888666406TT668688TT66484TTTT646T6TT8TT484888888888868T688886T88868TTT648TTT868TDDD
    Total 786 – Average 7.7 – Count of rounds 102

    Wave 7 – L52
    vudu [9210 R3] + vudu [9210 R3]
    it can be iterated forever if zombie vodoo targets are different and the split damages on two birds because two turns heals can cover more than zombie single hit.
    RageChiliUsed: 00000000000000000000000000000
    Number of hits: 22222222222222222222222222222
    Number of kills: 00010000000000010000000000000
    Number of snoutlings: 64446666666644466666666666888
    Total ## – Average ## – Count of rounds ##

    Wave 8 – L52
    ship imp [1415 R2] + banshee [5504 R2] + will-o-the-wisp [1887 R2] + ship imp [1415 R2] + phantom [1415 R2]
    RageChiliUsed: 00000000000000000000000000000000000000
    Number of hits: 22222222222223222222222222222222222222
    Number of kills: 10127112221131111101111110021140100000
    Total 590 – Average 15.5 – Count of rounds 38

    Wave 9 – L52
    Frankenpork [10378 R3] + zombie knight [6562 R3]
    Number of hits:
    Number of kills:
    Number of snoutlings:
    Total – Average – Count
    Aside from frankepork’s mastery, nothing interesting there.

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    Lots of data here but no real conclusion, Probably the only limiting factor in game play with Epic is time, so I try to evaluate different grinding levels with the following benchmarks:

    How many snoutlings per minute of game play are you achieving? Mastery/Minute? How much attention needs to be devoted to the game (% awareness)?

    Obviously different levels will benefit different players based on the XP and Mastery level of team, classes selected, etc.

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